Dramacow Dayton HyperNova / Earl Shultz / Cade Dorian Paradoxa / Earl David Shultz / th3bl8ckm8sQu3r8d3 - Autist Psycho Tranny Who Screams at and Beats Family on YouTube; Steals Money from them for Queer Boutique; Believes that he's Engaged to Christina Ricci

When will Earl finally get kicked out?

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"Get some cunt in your life there, dipshit."

I don't think this has been posted yet. The most recent post is from 2014 which provides an early inside look to the beginnings of his delusions of grandeur.

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Where are those good old fashioned values?
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new video leaked from ROTC, earl spends his thanksgiving throwing a pity party for himself in the bathroom while the rest of his family enjoys a nice meal. i'm sure they'd all feel thankful for that.

I'm sure they all breathed a huge sigh of relief when the dinner was over and they hadn't seen him.

Amazing that out of everything I've seen on this site, it's this guy's nightmarish skin that's disturbed me the most.
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He really sounds a lot like Tom Green in Freddy Got Fingered when he argues with his parents, not the topic or anything like the actual cadence of his voice, and it's really entertaining me imagining that it's actually Tom Green doing an IRL trolling bit
Yes, but i would get shoved for $100.


It's been a while.

Have any more videos surfaced about Earl's "transphobic brother" "beating" him? Maybe over Christmas dinner?

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It's been a while.

Have any more videos surfaced about Earl's "transphobic brother" "beating" him? Maybe over Christmas dinner?
Not to the best of my knowledge unfortunately. There has been an unfortunate drought of Earl content. Most that’s happened is he’s changed his faggy name on Instagram again


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Hypernova's flip outs are some of the most legendary I have watched on YouTube. The amount of cringe I feel when he is screaming in his elderly fathers face about not making EVEN MINIMUM WAGE to do basic chores around the house is way too real. He always is whining and crying that he doesn't get enough recognition for all of the hard work he is being made to do. Like Chris when he was crying about having to pull dandy lions and lift up a dog house that weighed tons. Hypernova also whipping the wineglass at his brothers head at Christmas is insane also, none of them can channel their rage even remotely. I don't understand why people don't acknowledge the severe amounts of mental illness that come into play with this whole tranny phenomenon to begin with. Dayton needs some psychiatric help, before he hurts someone else or himself in the process. How he just melts down and flips out on the spot is insane. I suspect that Dayton has some closeted drinking issues, also likes the xanny bars a little too much.


I hate Revenge of the Cis and their fans for killing all the potential of this amazing cow and making him go private with all his posts.

The only versions that publicly exist for some of his best content now are ones where Royce and Mersh pause it every 5 seconds to make obvious "jokes".
Not sure if Horrorcow Documentaries has anything to do with RotC or anything like that, but they did a really lengthy, but well put together documentary on Earl.(Probably been posted in this thread already).
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Not sure if Horrorcow Documentaries has anything to do with RotC or anything like that, but they did a really lengthy, but well put together documentary on Earl.(Probably been posted in this thread already).
Yeah, but any of the individual videos uploaded since then were uploaded privately, with them only leaking to ROTC, who only upload videos of them riffing on them without uploading the raw videos anywhere.

Umaru Doma

I hate coming back to this thread after several months with the new(?) highlight feature and finding out my post about trying to prevent our friend Cadyton from becoming an hero has become one of them. Still, this makes me reflect-

I doubt Hypernova would do it. Even if you actually want to die, it's infinitely easier to just go on. You wanted to die yesterday, you want to die today, you will want to die tomorrow, and killing yourself wont actually take that away, it'll just make you face all the scary death shit you evolved to avoid. Maybe Daytona Ricci will be drafted in the War, who fuckin knows.

I doubt we'll see a homeless saga for the exact same reasons we (hopefully) wont be facing suicide. Cade was acting this way yesterday, Dayton acted this way today, fucking Jack will act this way tomorrow, and it's easier to just cope and adapt than it is to make big changes like "disowning your child."

So, some further speculation:

1. Nothing will change.
2. Things MIGHT get extreme when the parents die
3. Honestly? I think Sherman's apparently ER-worthy alcoholism (*hermitic alcoholism) will kill him before Dayton.
4. Dayton will go bankrupt on a work-from-home scheme or MLM when the boutique doesn't take off, probably lularoe
(4.5. ebux wont work, but a tugboat might)
5. Someone will introduce Dayton to anime girls and/or guro as "hey no it's just a neat horror thing I uh, I swear" and maybe we will stop stalking Christina Ricci (highly doubtful)
6. Maybe Dayton will be forced by Actual Poverty to embrace the cow name and try to profit off trolls, but given the tiny tiny size of that following compared to Chris, this will fail.
7. If Dayton is reading this, I honestly hope that.. idk, SOMETHING better happens in the future. I don't want to see the scamp behind YOUR EVIL HATRED HEART turn up dead in a ditch, but I have no idea what source of income is possible here (even if tugboat, do you HONESTLY THINK Dayton would buy food with it)

END OF POST EDIT: I'm actually really curious, so, do you guys pronounce Cade like kAYd, Kaydee, or Caddie?
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