Dramacow Dayton HyperNova / Earl Shultz / Cade Dorian Paradoxa / Earl David Shultz / th3bl8ckm8sQu3r8d3 - Autist Psycho Tranny Who Screams at and Beats Family on YouTube; Steals Money from them for Queer Boutique; Believes that he's Engaged to Christina Ricci

When will Earl finally get kicked out?

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I could be at this cow's front door in less than an hour.

If this goes full TempleOS where she?he? faces homelessness despite being a bag of shit, I might be willing to work up a contingency plan to prevent actual suicide (not taking him?her? in mind you, I can't handle the verbal abuse that gets hurled around *by him)

I'm 100% being a softy but dammit I don't want another dead schizo when I'm this close, but I'm also way too optimistic that he'd even accept any help.

*edit from here because I felt like that implied KiwiFarms was somehow hurting me and its not, I meant CadaytonaHyperRicci
this post is actually pretty fucking stupid and I admit it, make fun of me but yeah this is dumb... also Terry was not a bag of shit I was calling Dayton one


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This video is horrifying. Earl stole his mommy's credit card for pizza and then starts acting really violent towards his her.
Earl's mother says that they had to close 4 credit cards because of him.
Earl: steals money from his mother while telling her she's going to die and burn in he'll.
Also Earl: "Why don't you like me?"

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2 new videos
Damn posted before I got to examine them all

First video:
Up to this point we've seen Earl very rarely go after his Dad/Gerry outside of wages and claiming to his mom he beat him once

2:17 he tells his Mom and Dad he wants 140$ a week until he moves out, his mom replied that he hasn't done work in a month. Note his Dad's pension was 870$ a month, Earl is asking for 460$ out of that, over 50%. Later his Dad claims Earl is paid 50% of his paycheck a month.
3:50 Dad asks how much work he does, Earl talks about how washer and dryer=2 hours minimum(at 20$), says he makes "400" a month later on so he does 2 loads (his and Mom's probably) of laundry split into two and a half hours per week
4:26 Earl freaks out over not being paid tips for his laundry services
7:45 Earl claims his mom should pay him because shes an accountant
9:10 Dad dismantals Earl
11:10 Earl confronts his Dad on his previous claims his Dad "Physically beat me" and adds "You have physically wrapped your hands around my body"
11:50 Earl claims his Dad is gaslighting him in being the only family member to support his tranny craziness
13:30 Earl bitches at his Dad for offering 870$ a month to move out and get a job

2nd video:
1:10 Dad had to pay 200$ of insurance for Earl to cancel his license for being a drunk
3:37 Lies about throwing a glass at Sherman to his Dad, claims he "dropped it"
5:20 Admits his Dad treats his very nicely, claims it's only "ethical though"
5:48 Wow...Dad talks about his hypertension and how he has to take pills, Earl mocks him for his petty injury
7:32 Dad says Earl never graduates from high school and Earl says cause muh psoriasis, Dad counters that at 17 when it started it wasn't as bad
8:10 Earl claims his Dad is gaslighting him by doing nice stuff for him but not totally agreeing with him
8:55 Earl demands to know when he's money
9:29 "you realized this isn't going to make things nice and sweet between you and me"

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Earl sneaks into his parent's room to record his brother's cop friend's car because he "illegal parked" and the considers confronting his brother about it infront of his cop friend
In this one it goes from "I'm scared to confront Sherman in front of his cop friend because it would put me in extreme danger" to "It's going to be awful for Sherman when the cop finds out what he's doing to me".
It takes him only a minute to contradict himself.