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Not quite sure if she qualifies as a death fat but a woman from my job is super morbidly obese without a doubt. Believe she is 5'1" maybe 5'2" and confided to me that she weighed 300lb before going on a diet recently and dropping 30lb. She has some of the grossest food combos I've ever heard of the grossest being that she puts cool whip on her chicken patty sandwiches. I feel like she's told me how she came about doing this, but I was so grossed out that I wiped it from my memory. She's a nice woman though, and I hope she can continue to lose weight and keep it off.


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Not quite sure if she qualifies as a death fat but a woman from my job is super morbidly obese without a doubt. Believe she is 5'1" maybe 5'2" and confided to me that she weighed 300lb before going on a diet recently and dropping 30lb. She has some of the grossest food combos I've ever heard of the grossest being that she puts cool whip on her chicken patty sandwiches. I feel like she's told me how she came about doing this, but I was so grossed out that I wiped it from my memory. She's a nice woman though, and I hope she can continue to lose weight and keep it off.
Morbid and super morbid obese are by definition deathfats. They are so fat their risk of dying has shot up with fat being a primary or secondary causem

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The only deathfat I can think of was this dude I worked with a few years back. He must've been 300-350lbs at 5'10, which is not enormous, but that is pretty fucking large for European standards. Amberlynn level deathfats would be something to behold, what marvel she is for all the wrong reasons! Anyways, back to my old colleague. The guy was pretty nice, but sick often and his diet was absolutely shocking. I always started early so I could leave early and miss the rush hour traffic, but he would always be there before me. I think his hours were like 7-3 or something. When I would arrive at my desk at 7:30, he would always have already polished off a full sugar red bull and have a can of full sugar coke open. Usually there would be some sort of cheese-mayo sandwich and a chocolate bar too. I do not understand people who drink soda for breakfast, it's fucking weird and gross. For lunch he would always go to the cafeteria and opt for the shittest, most calorie dense food option with of course a side of chips. This place had vegan options, salad bars, sushi etc but no - stale chips and whatever else the deep-fried option was. He would also have some cookies and crisps throughout the day. I guess, whilst at work, he probably consumed a 2-2500kcals easy. His teeth were totally rotten, brown and stumpy but he did smell pretty fresh. He was a smoker so he did smell of cigarettes but he didn't stink of BO at all, despite being always sweaty and having a very laboured breath (I am sure smoking made that better). As mentioned earlier, he was sick very often and understandably so. He does have a young girl and I only dread to think what they feed her or that she potentially will be without a father in the next 5-10 years (the guy was mid 30s). I don't understand how you can not try and be healthier if you have children to take care off, but I guess being a deathfat makes you selfish to begin with. Most people would hate the thought of being a burden on society, family and friends

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i've met a few memorable deathfats in my life

the first was my headteacher at junior school (ages 7-11 for non-britfags). she was probably an easy 400lbs, and often shocked the kids by her size (i imagine most of us had never seen anyone that size in person before, the had particularly huge boobs as well). we never used to really see her eat. one day two guys in the oldest year in the school are on 'phone duty' in her office; looking back i have no idea why it was a thing, basically a couple of oldest year kids would spend one lunchtime a week answering the phone if it rang. her office had a big wide window that looked out onto one corner of the playground. these guys found multiple multipack chocolate wrappers in her bin, and then a receipt on the side for roughly £10 worth of chocolate, which they held up at the window for the kids outside to gawp and laugh at. all evidence points to it being consumed in one day as the caretaker emptied all of the bins daily in the morning, and later my mum was employed as the school secretary and when the headteacher was 'stressed', she'd send my mum up to the shop to buy bags of chocolate bars.

another is my colleague, but he's only really deathfat in size and not by nature. as far as i know, he's been big for most of his life as he used to frequent the gay bear scene. he stayed consistently the same size before covid lockdown, and when we reopened the first time he had gained a significant amount of weight, even at his size. he's very open with his life and how his weight impacts it - he can't bend to cut his toenails so they cause him pain, can't wipe his ass so he has to put a towel on the arm of his sofa and rub against it, and my favourite, him and his friends broke a bed during an orgy in las vegas. he never complains about physical problems due to his weight, worked 8+ hour shifts in the kitchen with no complaint, and never has phoned in sick in the 4 years he's been there. lockdown has basically worsened his loneliness and with little to distract him he just eats. when pubs are open he has his order which we all call 3 and 3 - 3 pints of storngbow and 3 double vodka cokes, and he can easily drinks 4x these rounds, but in lockdown he doesn't drink atall. from talking to him and when he drunken overshares, i think his weight has been slowly spiralling upwards since he walked into his late boyfriend hanging from the ceiling, and lockdown has just been a catalyst for the extra pounds. we're all worried about him because he's a really nice bloke, but he doesn't lack the self-awareness to help himself.

deathfat customers. one stands out, and i fucking sigh everytime he wobbles in because it's always on my shift and i always end up serving him. same order everytime - the most calorific burger we have on our menu + 12 onion rings, and a pint of coke. everytime he complains about the onion rings being burnt after having eaten at least half of them, and then one time our app was messing up and he was CONVINCED he's paid for 3 pints of full sugar coke (no ice), and after trying to explain that the payment will bounce i gave up and just gave him 3 pints of coke. deathfats, and even normal fats, complaining about food in restaurants is my pet peeve because clearly, they don't give a fuck what they shovel in their mouth. one smallfat with ears like dumbo went on a massive bitchfest about how her halloumi fries were greasy (deep fried cheese = pure grease) like she wasn't a tub of lard herself.

So have you, non-healthcare person, encountered someone in the deathfat category?

I have, twice.

Once at the local grocery store. I came out, rounded the corner, and came face to sweaty, pale face with someone who was larger than anyone I'd seen before. Absolute unit, sprawled across a metal bench, looking never-seen-the-sun sickly, wearing all black tarps, and fortuitously shaded as it was hot as balls that day. I tried not to gawp but goddamn 600 easy.

Later that same summer I stopped by the local hardware store and parked in the only open spot. As I pulled into the spot I couldn't help but see a gargantuan leg hanging out an open rear passenger door of the car in the next spot. I got an eyeful of a woman, probably, who was staring into what seemed like a teensy cell phone. She looked at me and I couldn't help but notice the 'fat' facial features, like the fat forehead. I scurried into the store, bought my doodad, and came back out to find the same scene seen. The door blocked most of her from that angle but the foot was misshapen and darkly colored. Crazy shit.

So how about you?
Yup. Used to have one as a roomie. Big motherfuck had tits like Dolly Parton and a gut that looked like a beach ball. He was one of those NEETs that ate microwave crap and pizza all day. Never left his room. He was a whiny little bitch, too. Complained about everything.
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I've seen them in medical settings, but also outside of it... Out of the three I've known personally: one died suddenly from cardiac arrest when no one else was home, one lost a decent amount of weight on their own, and the last one lost weight through surgery. The surgical weight loss one got ultra slutty and alcoholic after losing weight, and her husband left. I looked into it and divorce is an expected outcome after WLS, and alcoholism/substance abuse rates are sky high. Many death fats would be a burden on society even if they lost the weight, because they are psychologically fucked up enough to get so fat in the first place.
You hear a lot about deathfats destroying their tastebuds to the point where only the most cloying of flavors register, but holy shit, that is extreme.
:story: cool whip on a chicken sandwhich is like the deathfat version of freebasing


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I've only encountered one real deathfat in my life.

I used to catch the bus almost daily, it was in the small suburb the bus always had the same people catching it. One of those people was a man probably in 30s, looked kinda like boogie in the face and was 600lbs+. He had a massive lymphoedema lump on his inner thigh and I mean MASSIVE. I would guess it was around 180-200lb on its own. He would have to hold it up as it would drag on the ground and it made him have walk in split stance. Surprisingly, he didn't use any mobility aids. He always looked he was in severe pain and dead in his eyes. I felt sorry for him, seem like a good guy, I hope he's doing well now and hopefully not dead.

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Deathfat sighting in the grocery store yesterday. Started off in the produce section, and of course we are social distancing, so if someone is in the way we no longer just say "excuse me" and reach around them if they block the way for too long. So, blocking access to about 6 kinds of vegetables was a huge lard ass on a store scooter. I think it was female but cannot be certain due to the massive rolls of fat, the unisex tarp clothing and the short haircut that might have been done with a Flowbee. The charging cord and plug were dragging behind on the ground. So the husband and I were standing our (more than) 6 feet away waiting for this hamplanet to stop manhandling every cucumber and fucking move. And then Mr. aint-got-no-filter says to me, not in a whisper, "Is that like a Scootypuff?" Me: "Hush!" (followed by hand signal for "yes.") Too late, the planet turns its massive blob of a head and looks at us. I stare into space impassively and it looks away again and returns to palpating all the cucumbers. A full 5 minutes later it decides to finally move, and the scooter motor cries out with a loud whine, sounding like it will break at any moment. Once it finally made its painfully slow way out of the chilled produce room we cracked up.

Of course, that wasn't all. While I was selecting a chicken, we hear the scooter motor whine up behind us and when I look, it's turning down the aisle with the cookies and crackers, power cord still trailing on the ground behind it.

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Mediocre PL here, but I've worked in grocery stores for the past 5 years as I'm still in college. My area isn't exactly the most unhealthy (for american standards), but two cases spring to mind immediately.

Two years ago, around September, I was cashing out my last customer for the day, when my friend punched into take over my register. Lone and behold, entering my line, are three trailer trash 400+ pounds planets. Like they were 2017 levels of Slatons. They smelled so horrible. My friend and I just stared at each other for a good 30 seconds, with dread in our eyes, pleading for them to go to a different lane. They did not. They each had about a cart full of the most revolting and unhealthy foods imaginable. Grunting and wheezing when putting their items on the belt. How they didn't need scooters is beyond me. But these fat fucks spent over $1000 in just this order. The food stamp system being abusable as it is, they used 4 EBT cards, which is fraud if I'm correct. So after they cash out their order, one of the "females" goes up to my friend, and says "Hey hun, bet you've never ridden anyone like me before". I shit you not, he vomits in his mouth at this statement. Needless to say, he did not accept their kind offer of sex.

We don't have as many deathfats in Western Europe, nor do they tend to be as big as the US ones (at least those you can see outside anyways). With that being said, I do have a couple of examples :

Growing up, my governess (mix of nanny & educator that bourgeois kids have) was quite fat, like 150-160kg, perhaps more? She never had any issues walking with us kids or following us, never complained, and her fatness was mostly due to some huge thyroid problems she got when menopause hit. She used to work as a chef, and made delicious three-tier layered cakes for special occasions, as well as meals from all over the world every single day. She was very kind, never raised her voice, and generally was a great person. She even insisted that we walk everywhere instead of taking cabs (which my parents wanted us to).
The only time I've seen her be affected by her weight was when some of my sister's friends came around, started flat out mocking her like rude little brats, and brought her to the point of tears.

Recently, I've found out that my parents had "bought her out" from another rich Russian family in Switzerland, where she had been working as a governess before us. That family had taken away her passport, and generally treated her like shit while denying pay, saying "we feed you and clothe you", for any perceived wrong. And the children she was supposed to take care of randomly hit her because "haha funny fat bounces".
I remember visiting one of the girls since we were school friends to compare Soviet Winnie the Pooh with the "Western version", and see her just elbow that poor lady to move. As it turned out, when my parents were invited over for dinner, that governess slipped them a note begging for help.

As an aside, that particular family turned out to be really fucked. The father was molesting his daughters, albeit "lightly", and beating not only his domestic staff, but his wife too. 2000s oligarchs with Putin's blessings were wild. Aside from bailing out their governess, my parents couldn't really do anything else, given the status of the dude.

Now by contrast, another "death fat" I've known, by European standards anyways, was a cashier at my parents' local supermarket. She had to be like 150kg of flesh, and was one of the most disagreeable people working in retail I've ever met.
She kept bitching at me for helping my mom do groceries during the first confinement, as in "why are you outside with her, think of the virus", and kept telling my mom to pack her groceries up faster every single time.

With the new sanitary rules, the shop had put up plastic barriers everywhere, even at the spot where the cashier slides your groceries, so only one person can stretch their arms and grab the products to put them in the trolley. And that landwhale of a cashier kept screeching "pack faster, clients are waiting. Faster I said, don't you speak French?!" (my mom does know French conversationally, but forgets words when she gets nervous). And when I kept telling her that yes, we're doing the best we can with these conditions, she kept yelling at me to "tell your mother she's slow". (And before you think it took us ages, no, it was like 2 minutes tops every time. My mom only buys one trolley of groceries per week, you know the ones elderly ladies walk with.)

She also kept screeching loudly at my mom when she pointed out that some of the "deals" didn't go through, like the "take one, -50% on the second" types. That was mostly because she had to get up from her seat and go check the sales in question, which she probably didn't want to do given her weight. Once, she kept insisting that I go and bring her the proof of sales, "and do it fast because clients are waiting".

We found ourselves dealing with her for one month of confinement since she was always on duty in the morning when my mother shopped to get fresh fish, and the last time that happened, that cashier just made my mother cry by telling her to go back to Russia, saying "you aren't poor enough for deals", and yelling about how slow she was.

So I called the manager, but my mom refused to write a complaint, saying that this cashier had probably her reasons to be jaded and angry at the world. Either way, we never saw her again after that.
I went to university with a death fat and his gf who lived together in this building where people who worked on the front desk of the CCTV room would live for a year, they got paid the bare minimum and lived on campus.

At the time I was also pretty fat but after moving away from deathfat mother ended up hitting 84kg in my first year of uni (but thats besides the point, however probably sums up why I hate deathfats).

The two who lived in this building were 18 and weighed approx. 150kg each (i would use britbong units of measurement but I'll stick with kg). I ended up befriending the guy as he was in 2 of my classes in my STEM degree.

The first day he invited me over, I walked in and the smell was horrendous. The smell of people who have taken shits in the toilet, dumped dirty clothes on the floor and never tried cleaning this (there were literally shit particles in the toilet when I went to take a piss). As well as this, there were boxes of dominoes pizza stacked in the windowsill and I remember you couldn't actually see the road outside due to the set of boxes stacked up, was very surreal.

I can't remember how we got to the topic of conversation but basically he told me as the university only provided a single bed, due to their respective sizes, they had to have sex whilst lying on the floor and they also had to alternate sleeping on the floor on an air mattress. From that day I felt so off put I sort of kept my distance and didn't really go over again.

The girlfriend steadily gained weight too and when we left uni she was easily approaching the 165kg mark which is pretty rare for the UK, haven't seen many fatter people than that.

My mother went to teachers' college with a deathfat back in the 1950s. I saw pictures of this woman in her yearbook and she had to have been 400 lbs, which was pretty unheard of back then. Anyway, she couldn't get a teaching job because of her size for years (until anti-discrimination laws kicked in). My mother said she went to her house/apartment once and said there was actually a bowl of candy in the bathroom. Needless to say, she died relatively young (in her 50s, I think).


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One of my childhood friend's dad was a deathfat, he had to have been around 450lbs and no more than 5'9". He died of a heart attack around 3 or 4 years back. He was actually a really cool guy, he was a mechanic and a pretty talented musician. He was also trying to lose loose weight before he died which makes it even more sad, I think he dropped around 20lbs-30lbs before he died. Unfortunately he was in his mid forties and it was too late for him.
I just had an encounter last week. I work in a natural setting, think of my job as Ranger Rick. Nature literally gives no fucks if you are obese, there are places you will not fit. Period.

The lady in question was 600 if she was an ounce and signed up for one of my walks. No way she was going to fit and I had to tell her. I had visions of Marissa, Chantal, et. al. running through my mind. Stepping squarely into that bear trap, I delicately told her I had concerns and that places were going to be very narrow. She was extremely nice about it and understanding. I wished that she could've joined us but it wasn't to be.


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Growing up I had a friend with a family of deathfats. The mother and grandmother weren't bad people, but they spoiled their kids rotten.
The little brother would steal food from his grandma's plate and my friend was a pathologic liar.
The husband had a secret family so he was barely on the picture.

And another was my ex's father. He was really nice and successful, but just by hearing him breathe you knew he was having a thought time just... Existing :(

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I've seen one really morbidly obese woman. Waddled in front of me out of a Woolworths (South Africa), I just hung back for awhile, kind of wondering what she was doing in a clothing shop that doesn't really go over XL...

Other ones I know of was a story my brother told of when he worked at a Pizza place. A humvee stopped in front, 4 morbidly obese family members got out (mama, papa and two kiddos), waddled into the store and while out of breath asked for pretty much every toppiing on 4 seperate large pizzas, and then asked him to bring the pizzas to their humvee.

Overweight is quite common here, but morbidly obese, not so much. :|

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