Deathfat fights -


I love meatballs. BUT I DIDNT FUCKING SAY THAT!!!
Would trailer trash tammy count? Its a parody, but shed fuck some shit up.


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Y’all are forgetting there is a male deathfat. Nicocado Avocado. Sure, he used to be a twink but now he's a fat guy and mean as a snake too. He only weighs 330 compared to 500 or 600, and was born with the all-important testosterone.

He might cry more than the gorls but would take them in a fight. Especially if he was told that if he lost the fight, he’d have to give up mukbangs. I doubt he would participate without incentive.

Sammy would have the only shot at him. She's certainly been in street fights. She might believe it could hurt her non-existent baby though. The rest? Once punch and they are down. Then the victim videos would fly.

How would they even fight? A. They're all protected through the fat, the only real danger zone is the head if hit. B. If they try to punch with their arms, the fat on the biceps and shoulder will squeeze together and act like a brake to the punching force.


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Winner: Nikocado Avocado
Runner-up: Charlie Gold
Not sure where everyone else would place.


If that's fair, I'd go with pre-WLS Wings. Guy could somewhat move, obviously these fights would be like the MMA super duper heavyweights who just try to rest their fat on the other and let them tire themselves out, but you know, testosterone and comparable agility would clinch it. Post WLS one lucky punch to the gut could be all it takes, so probably not.

Counting outrageous, wrestling-like displays of poor sportsmanship, Wings has several guns, so if a win's a win, it wouldn't be a contest. Pre or post WLS in that case.

Bonus: I don't think ALR would do very well. Seems like she'd cry at the first sign of pain. Becky maybe could do alright. Dana's fridge like shape would give her an edge in smothering other deathfats. Honorable mention to Jim Sterling who is kind of a deathfat and is also trooning out, and would place ridiculously low on this contest in spite of having done some wrestling, for what that's worth.

This is fun and I resent Sperg Sumo isn't an actual thing. Merry Christmas.


I love meatballs. BUT I DIDNT FUCKING SAY THAT!!!
Been watching sagi. Ive decided if she were drunk or on coke she would win. Sober tho- she wouldnt have the same confidence. Or like the passion. She seems defeated lately. Chantal still has fire in her eyes. So does jen and amy r. Even amber sometimes. Sagi tho. And simply sara. Theyve given up. Idk.

Eta. Besides spelling, tammy also seems defeated now. More than simply sara.

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