Debate schizoposter Ashley Hutsell Jankowski on the ethics of being 40 and fat on the Internet - Last time I log on here


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It's been a surprisingly long time since Ashley's last sock, could she be developing self control finally?

Wait no pigs aren't flying outside, guess not
She's mostly been screeching crazily on plebbit at people who have no idea what she's going on about, with near zero engagement.

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between the hangly thread and ash's reddit spergery the mpc nostalgia's been at a high lately. will weev come out of the woodwork too?

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It's nice and roomy inside Ashley's head. I could do without the constant yelling.
Mumbai India is one of the noisiest places on earth. If people can get used to that I'm sure you can too. Besides, the same amount of shit spews from Ashley's mouth as it flows in any India city so it's very similar.


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