DebonaireToast / Mandi Cook - Crazed Feminist

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ED page with her included:

Known for leading a white knight group on littlebigplanet in 2011-2013 called the Greenskeepers, Had an entire dislike option removed and a block option put in place with countless petitions. She always complains about inequality and Donald Trump every day, also harassed a mod/dev in charge of the littlebigplanet community on Twitter a couple years ago.

And guess what pops up when you look DebonaireToast on Google?

Yep, you guessed it, Literally Nora Reed everywhere on search images. Also Izzy too.
When you look at who she follows on twitter, probably half of all rat kings here included. She follows Zoe Quinn and Brianna Wu, talks to Izzy and NoraReed on occasions. She isn't LGBTQ but she sure talks to and is mentioned by many of them.


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Since this isn't a Rat King and more of a Drama Cow, I think it should be moved to Lolcows and a small fix to the OP.