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Dec 6, 2018
Holy fuck, look at that hump behind her neck!


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Apr 2, 2019
I was intrigued by the "not intended for kids" warning right at the open, but then remembered that it's likely just for COPPA protection.

Is that gonna fly though, if it only appears for a fraction of a second? It flashed so fast, it would fit better as subliminal messaging in the middle of the video. Literal blink-and-youll-miss-it shit.

Edit: Holy fuck that Sleigh Bells remix is LOUD. She uses it again as a mini soundtrack to her waddling out into the rain and back (sped up, of course) at about 7 minutes in. Probably the highlight of the video.
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Jan 24, 2018
this bitch is trying to deafen her viewers by playing that god awful xmas song at 4x the volume of anything else in the video

edit: heads up to anyone actually watching this shit she does it again halfway thru when she walks outside
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Mar 20, 2019
Yep, I knew it, she was never sick at all.

The shaking was her giving herself a panic attack from worrying about dying at any moment 'cause she sometimes has moments of lucidity and realizes how much she has in common with a rotting fruit gradually decaying in the sun. And she induced the fever by covering herself in heating blankets. Brilliant.

So the ER told her to "stop being such a fat r.etard and kindly fuck off", after all

Hamberlard Raid

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Nov 25, 2018
  • well made Christmas intro, contains footage of our gorl when she looked vaguely human
  • she is already overwhelmed with vlogeeeen
  • "this kind of lipstick makes my lips look small"
  • made intro with fan, our gorl did the music she is so proud of herself
  • going to Becky's family for thanksgiving, I hope Norma, Jerry, and pedo fucker are there
  • she had a blast at Necky's
  • she is fixing to get a sore throat, she might be allergic to pedo fucker's cat
  • already taking NyQuil
  • besides the health problems, she would be doing great
  • going to call the doctor and vet on Monday (so never)
  • the lipstick is seeping into her foundation
  • Amber did the dishes because Rickie's food was BOMBDIGGITY
  • Becky bought a Christmas tablecloth (all by herself omg), that can be her next dress
  • she films herself walking to the mailbox in the rain
  • dumb bitch walked in the rainy cold while sick
  • another shitty journal she bought (one list a day)
  • makeen lunch:
    • onion
    • baked potato
    • frozen veggie mix
    • chicken
    • salsa
    • hot sauce
  • she is microwaving everything except for the chicken
  • she is learning how to "truly cook steamed broccoli"
  • "I am not trolling, I swear" as she slides chicken inside of the baked potato
  • next step, dump half of a jar of salsa and hot sauce on top of it
  • Anglelynn back at it again
  • going to do comment of the day regardless of vlogmas, here we go:
    • ham and chicken, where is the turkey? very sad about it because it is very last minute
    • welcome to haydur nation, please sign here and here is your badge "cute" she responds
    • ALR is forcing Becky to donate to the homeless and decorate for Christmas, it is very odd that you guys are haydeen on it, Becky can do whatever she wants (obvious narc rage)
    • walking helps with weight loss, you know: recently, she started crying after walking for nine minutes and Rickie had to comfort her (welcome to shit that never happened lant)
    • "Let's touch every single object in Walmart while Becky is having an out of body experience in the background" Becky was patiently waiting y'all, you are reading into it too much, EVERYONE TOUCHES THINGS IN THE STORE YOU GUYS , I AM TOTALLY NORMAL REEEEEEEEEEEEEE
    • walmart is the only store you go to, everything else is too far away haydurrr
    • "Girl I love watching your videos"
  • official review: complete garbage start to Vlogmas

Is she talking about her taint?


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Jul 11, 2017
"Hard to reach places I would love to explore"....Ummm....her ass? Her pussy? Thumby's ass and pussy? NOOOOOO!

How long before Big Al gives up on vlogmas this year? I'll give her 13 days...

I Beavis and Butthead laughed at that page she picked. Sometimes the jokes just write themselves. Would probably also make a good meme template.

Vlogmas 2019 will last till about the 15th. The videos will get shorter and shorter and she will skip days towards the end.

also RIP headphone users with that intro/waddling song


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Oct 27, 2016
Edit: Holy fuck that Sleigh Bells remix is LOUD. She uses it again as a mini soundtrack to her waddling out into the rain and back (sped up, of course) at about 7 minutes in. Probably the highlight of the video.

I love and I actually miss the free dubstep music she used to edit in with zero finesse or skill while she waddled to a tree or in place or whatever. But this shitty ear rape Christmas music is a close second. She looped it twice in twenty seconds and it was so jarringly stitched together it was actually laughable.

It's such a minor and autistic observation, I know. But it's just amusing how hilariously bad she is at everything she does.