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Dennis Prager is a conservative talk radio/internet pundit funded by billionaires to produce cringeworthy youtube videos and dumb down political discourse even more than usual. There is now a small cottage industry on youtube dedicated both to dissecting the myriad of problems and mistakes that litter Prager's video content as well as remixing him & his associates into YTPs as a form of mockery.

A couple of these people already have threads discussing them, namely Candace Owens (in lolcows), who has a show on the PragerU site , Jordan Peterson (also lolcows) and Ben Shapiro (multimedia). Another notable one is Dave Rubin

Beginnings & Marriages

Born August 2 1948, Dennis Mark Prager is the son of Hilda & Max Prager, both Orthodox Jews, in NYC. As such, much of his life exists outside the bubble of the internet. However, what is documented about him from this time period is necessary to cover, as it sheds a light on how he got to where he is now.

He graduated from Brooklyn College with a degree in History & Middle Eastern Studies, which he would use to give himself an aura of credibility later on down the line. He also attended Columbia University in New York and later the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom.

While at Leeds he joined up with a group of other Jewish Students and went to the Soviet Union. The treatment of Jews in the Soviet bloc inspired Dennis to at first help Jews leave and come to the USA instead. Soon afterwards he would branch out and started writing books with the help of a high school friend named Joseph Telushkin, a rabbi and author. The two they worked on over the years were, Nine Questions About Judaism and Why the Jews?, a book that conflates criticism of Israel/Zionism with hating Jewish people, Hitler. & his genocide. It also rails against secular Jews as having "lost their way".

In 82, Dennis would begin his career at LA radio station KABC (AM) with a sunday night show on religion.

In 85 he started Prager Perspectives, a newsletter, under the original name of Ultimate Issues

In 86 his first marriage fell apart and he went to counseling over it. He would marry the 2nd time in 1992.

In 94 when the ADL published a report on Anti-Semitism in the Christian Right-Wing at the time, Dennis outright denied it and ever since then he has been on a crusade to prove that only the Left is ever anti-Jewish.

He had three wives, their names are: Susan Reed (current), Francine Stone (2nd), and Janice Goldstein (1st).

Continuing through the 90s, he was a supporter of DOMA (the defense of marriage act) & failed presidential candidate Bob Dole. His stance on The Big Gay(tm) is another thing that has stayed consistent, as seen in this debate with Perez Hilton, where Perez somehow comes out looking less stupid.

In 99, he became syndicated on the radio station KRLA, a conservative talk radio station that also carries Mark Levin, known Ted Cruz shill.

The 00s were very much the same thing as the 90s were, meaning Prager actually got to be somewhat relevant as a political figure. He opposed Keith Ellison for swearing into Congress on a Quran, didn't like Obeme very much, standard fair.

But a big change hit our big lad in 2009.

Prager Knight: The Fake University Rises
“I am convinced that great ideas that are powerfully-presented can change a mind in five minutes.”
Changing minds, Prager says, is essential and will help, from the bottom up, to restore and reform America for the better.
“Most people who call themselves conservatives can’t explain the American value system,” Prager said. “You can’t dictate [and share with others] what you don’t know.”
In the glorious year of our lord, 2009, Prager founded what would become his greatest creation: the non-profit org known as Prager University. It was almost immediately shilled by Glenn Beck's The Blaze.

The goal of the organization was made clear from the start: take 5 short minutes to over-simplify complex issues and educate neocons on what talking points should be used when confronted with disagreement.

PragerU encountered legal issues in 2013, when an Irish photographer sued for using one of his pictures without permission. This copyright problem lead PragerU videos from then on to all be animated, this gave us the format we know and love today.
Radio host Dennis Prager and his business partner Allen Estrin had a big problem on their hands.

It was October, 2013. Several years earlier, the duo—friends for decades—co-founded PragerU, a small digital university for conservatives with a modest audience. Now, a stranger was suing them.

The man... alleged through a Houston lawyer that PragerU had used one of his photographs in an online educational video without his consent.

Estrin, a former Hollywood screenwriter with little experience navigating the intricacies of digital copyright issues, calls the episode “traumatic.”

“We had a visual style that used photographs, and someone really almost out of nowhere sued us for the use of a photo,” Estrin recalls in an interview with The Daily Signal. “As a result of being sued, we did a lot of investigation into [how you can] use photos on the Internet, and the copyright ramifications of photos, and what to do going forward.”

Years after this event happened, PragerU would itself start a lawsuit against YouTube. The reason? Some vids got age restricted under the video sharing site's "controversial content" regulations, something that effects all major political content creators regardless of being left or right, but Prager knew the truth. This was discrimination against conservatives!

The channel uploaded this autofellatio featuring it's lolyer talking about the case.

"Google/YouTube have represented that their platforms and services are intended to effectuate the exercise free speech among the public," write PragerU lawyers in the organization's complaint (PDF), filed Monday. "As applied to PragerU, Google/YouTube use their restricted mode filtering not to protect younger or sensitive viewers from 'inappropriate' video content, but as a political gag mechanism to silence PragerU."...

YouTube's actions are "absurd, arbitrary, capricious, and devoid of any rational basis," the lawsuit states. The lawsuit cites cases like Fashion Valley Mall v. National Labor Relations Board, in which the California Supreme Court allowed protesters to pass out leaflets on mall property, even though they were advocating for boycotts of certain stores.

PragerU has been complaining about YouTube well before filing this lawsuit. In July, the organization published a press release celebrating its one-year "BANniversary," complaining that the number of its videos that were marked as "restricted" had increased from 21 to 26.

Conservatives aren't the only ones who feel that YouTube has censored or demonetized their videos. Earlier this year, a British YouTuber who made videos with a "feminist and queer perspective" complained that her videos were being filtered into a restricted mode and were marked as "potentially inappropriate content."

"We believe they are engaging in an arbitrary and capricious use of their ‘restricted mode’ and ‘demonetization’ to restrict conservative political thought," said PragerU founder Dennis Prager in a statement (PDF) about the lawsuit.

The lawsuit claims that YouTube's policy violates the First Amendment, the California Constitution's right to free speech and California civil rights laws, and the Lanham Act, which bars unfair competition.

The judge dismissed the case because it was just crying to big daddy government that the free market produced a company that decided controversial politics wasn't appropriate for children.
U.S. District Court Judge Lucy Koh wrote in her decision on Monday that PragerU had failed to demonstrate that age restrictions imposed on the company’s videos are a First Amendment violation.

"PragerU’s videos weren’t excluded from Restricted Mode because of politics or ideology, as we demonstrated in our filings,” a YouTube spokesperson said in a statement. “PragerU’s allegations were meritless, both factually and legally, and the court’s ruling vindicates important legal principles that allow us to provide different choices and settings to users."

PragerU filed its lawsuit in October, alleging that Google’s decision to remove some of its videos from YouTube’s restricted mode... was motivated by a prejudice against conservatives.

The list of age-restricted videos included segments like “The most important question about abortion,” “Where are the moderate Muslims?” and “Is Islam a religion of peace?”

A spokesman for PragerU, which posts educational lectures and was founded by conservative radio host and commentator Dennis Prager, did not immediately respond when asked to comment.

In her decision, Koh dismissed the PragerU’s free speech claims, arguing that Google is not subject to the First Amendment because it’s a private company and not a public institution.

“Defendants are private entities who created their own video-sharing social media website and make decisions about whether and how to regulate content that has been uploaded on that website,” Koh wrote.

Examples of PragerU vids
(believes "leftists" have co-opted the term liberal and this is a big issue.

On Leftism being the most powerful threat in the last 100 years

The channel regularly uploads Climate Change denial content such as this one by Richard Lindzen, a literal paid shill who's MIT colleagues corrected him on climate issues.

This particular science denial was one of the types of misinfo that youtube has recently started attaching wikipedia summaries in the vain hope someone will listen.
A spokesman said the following
"Despite claiming to be a public forum and a platform open to all, YouTube is clearly a left-wing organization," Craig Strazzeri, PragerU’s chief marketing officer, said by email. "This is just another mistake in a long line of giant missteps that erodes America’s trust in Big Tech, much like what has already happened with the mainstream news media."
Thus further cementing them as tards, as the vids are available still.

Then there's this

Another odd thing is how he believes Marxism & Environmentalism are "religions" as though that somehow helps argue logically against them.

"The alt-right and the left are the exact same because uhh... racist and they don't like God."
(bonus points for wrongfully crediting Richard Spencer for coining Alt-Right)

Not to mention felon Dinesh D'Souza is Prager approved

"Dems are da real racists"
which bizarrely points out affirmative action was implemented under Nixon, a republican, but is also the real racism.

Then we have this utterly bizarre one that admits God transcends human concepts like gender, but that he has to be called he to... give boys a good role model?

Unironically believes if you have secular values then you can't believe in objective morals.
One of many rants against moral relativism.

I recommend watching this critique
"I've never come across an example. Really? We tell lies?"

Also, PragerU hates net neutrality.

If you weren't satisfied with the smorgasbord of content available on youtube, there are always Prager's other pages, like on twitter and fb.

Or... you could look into his hot takes about rape.
Dennis Prager and Women, Sex, and Rape
Dennis Prager has said that false rape accusations are exactly as bad as rape itself, or even worse.

He doesn't view it as "not rational" for women to deny a husband sex because she's not in the mood for it.
His arguments are very convincing

Speaking of women
Claimed that feminism & women abandoning marriage for careers was responsible for higher depression rates among women, despite studies showing that housewives have higher rates of depression than working women

This is the article he makes these claim claims in

But as the ratwiki said, that's not really true statistically speaking.

He also got mad that the NCAA did the only thing it could potentially do to punish Penn State for the crime of covering up child rapist pedophile Jerry Sandusky, claiming doing so made them "just as morally wrong" before going on a tirade about including minorities and wahmen in history that literally came out of nowhere.
One of the NCAA’s punishments of Penn State was the vacating of all its football team’s wins from 1998 through 2011. It was in 1998 that Penn State coach Joe Paterno and university officials became aware of the accusation that assistant coach Jerry Sandusky had showered with a young boy.
As a result, Penn State’s 112 wins are no longer wins, and Joe Paterno is no longer the coach with the most wins in college-football history. Instead of 409 victories, his record shows 298.

Before explaining why this decision is morally wrong, I should note that I consider what Jerry Sandusky did to be an indescribable evil...

But it is worrisome that there has been virtually no outcry against the terrible wrong committed by the NCAA’s rewriting of history.


But back to Sandusky, and how putting an asterisk next to him and Paterno's records actually puts an asterisk next to the guy who was in second prior to the wins being sullied

Speaking of him going off-topic and fucking weird.
Dennis and Other Shit
One of my favorite thins in this world is his tirade against an ad for doritos that he got published on Townhall.
This is the ad in question:

His analysis gets even more :story: as it progresses





There was also this rant on air freaking out about based Ron Paul for being a "radical lefty"

Or the bizarre claim that cable news uses certain angles when broadcasting the state of the union is to avoid showing "In God We Trust" chiseled about the President

Now, before y'all get uppity and call him a conspiracy theorist, he's not, just to be clear!

Or his railing against the legalization of marijuana. post on The Classic Liberal, via before its news reposting Prager's original rant posted by National Review
best quote ever:
But, if you’ll forgive the ultimate political incorrectness, young people would do much better in life if they smoked tobacco rather than weed.

Continuing on we have the amazing leaps when Dennis defended Ann Coulter from criticism.

In this he says its no big deal that she believes Jews should just convert to Christianity or go to hell. Surprisingly little comments on the time she angrily ranted about republicans pandering to Jews

And before anyone thinks to whiteknight Dennis, know that he hates you, and wants to destroy internet anonymity because it allows people to be "irresponsible, obscene, and angry" and that it's destructive and anonymous posting should be banned outright to solve the problems.
There is not one good reason for any website, left or right, or non-political, to allow people to avoid identifying themselves. Anyone interested in serious political discourse, or in merely lowering the hate levels in our country, should welcome the banning of anonymous postings.

Despite having videos up complaining about liberals calling conservatives stupid and evil, he wrote an entire article where liberals are stupid and evil was the entire point

My all time favorite Israel conflict related quote was put on this earth thanks to my man.
Dennis Prager said:
Of course, not all anti-Zionists hate all Jews. But as I wrote at the beginning, if you seek to destroy Italy, you don’t have to hate every Italian to be anti-Italian. If you seek to destroy the only Jewish state on Earth, you don’t have to hate every Jew to be an anti-Semite.

And now, for the next important chapter in the saga of Mr. Prager.
No Safe Spaces with Adam Corolla
No Safe Spaces is a documentary film that began filming in the year 2017. It is directed by Justin Folk. It's headliners are Dennis Prager and Adam Corolla. This proves that the "safe space" meme has officially jumped the shark and died. The movie was originally set to come out fall 2018, but Dennis & co are fuckin cucks pushed it back so it's gonna drop instead this October 25th, 2019. And it looks pretty epic, imo.


It has an all star cast. Joining w/ Prager and Corolla are: Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson, Dave Rubin, Tim Allen, Cornel West, Van Jones (from CNN), and a handful of others.

You may think that a film this epic is Prager's magnum opus, you would be wrong . His REAL magnum opus is this tweet & letter complaining about receiving a pg-13 rating and using this to make himself look victimized by the MPAA.

This tweet, of course, leads to an article:

This passive-aggression :story: "people won't trust you if you don't rate my movie the way I want " reminds me of CWC and the "scale of respect" comments.
“But when it comes to Firsty, we would ask that you reconsider and allow the scene to remain and still achieve a PG rating so that we can reach the widest possible audience. A PG-13 rating would not reinforce people’s faith in MPAA’s ratings,”

Film Info-
Youtube (archive)
Site (archive)
wikipedia (archive)
imbd page (archive)

In Conclusion

PragerU uploads content weekly, and due to the source every so often it's guaranteed to be hardline cringe, if not simple misinformation. Dennis himself writes columns rather often as well as continuing to host his radio/podcast programs. So a steady flow of content for a thread like this will exist until the end of Prager's life at minimum. He may present boring and milquetoast most of the time in his content, but when you scrounge around you can find some real gems. His content is flashy but vapid, the man himself has more than a few odd hang-ups about women and sexuality, and neocons are the kind of people that are really capable of producing the cringe that unites the right, the left, and the center in laughing (or groaning) at them in particular.

This has been Feline Darkmage, cyberbully, marine-trained teen, and KF thread author for Prager University. Signing out.

Internet Presence
PragerU Youtube (archive)
PragerU International (YT) (archive)
@DennisPrager Twitter (old)
@PragerU Twitter (archive)
Dennis Prager (website) (archive)
PragerU (website) (archive)
PragerU facebook (archive)
Pragertopia podcast (archive)

Other Links
RationalWiki on Dennis Prager (archive)
r/PragerUrine - mock subreddit (archive)
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Dec 12, 2018
I don't know, the content should speak for itself. If you have to link meme subreddits (and PragerUrine and ToiletPaperUSA can be just as eye-rolling sometimes), RationalWiki (lol) and YouTube dunks to illustrate your point, it just feels like arguing politics.

There's some good stuff here, but it feels like making a thread on Tucker Carlson rather than a deranged online lunatic.
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Aug 17, 2018
I find his over analysis on a Doritos ad from years ago quite entertaining moreso than the actual ad in question. He cries about liberals being oversensitive, yet exhibits contempt when even the slightest inconvenience breeds discussion on him or his content. Love his defense on African Americans at the end when the same liberals he critiques would rip that ad to shreds because "women are sexualized to sell X" or "Black is depicted as sassy."

Sep 12, 2019
wheres the lolcow content though? half the OP just reads as "dude republicans lmaooooo"

although to be fair, the "no safe spaces" thing has potential to generate lots of lulz. probably not from whatever content they put out directly because with the guys involved that's just going to be super boring multi-hour "debates" where they circlejerk about the free market, individualism and 'mug enlightenment values', but with people like shapiro and peterson taking part, it's gonna attract a really cringy and spergy kekistan style audience which will in tern generate lots of milk


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Nov 14, 2018
All I know about this channel is that the breadtube types love treat this as it represents all modern conservatives. I'm going to be honest, I don't care for prager U they seem to be pretty cringy themselves but they seem to be low hanging fruit for leftys.
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Dec 12, 2018
All I know about this channel is that the breadtube types love treat this as it represents all modern conservatives. I'm going to be honest, I don't care for prager U they seem to be pretty cringy themselves but the seem to be low hanging fruit for leftys.
I used to watch their videos just to laugh at them a couple years ago. I remember one had old Benny crying that Friends somehow popularized having children out of wedlock or something dumb like that. This might make for a good multimedia thread to make fun of any dumb videos they put out.
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Aug 17, 2018

PragerU made a video of why and how the government is making its citizens fat. Never mind that healthier food is more expensive than junk food, or that many Americans don't exercise as much as they should or that fast food is encouraged through subliminal messaging through consumerism and capitalism. No, it's the government's fault you're making bad choices. Blame somebody other than yourself.

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Dec 10, 2018
I like the thoroughness of the OP but have to question the potential of Prager as a cow unto himself. With a guy like Jordan Peterson, he's this borderline between mainstream and internet weirdness and that makes him a really solid cow, because he's a "public intellectual" with interviews and also a cult following even among otherwise normal guys like Louis Rossman, so you've got him being a bit of a weirdo in normal settings as well as his more autistic fans white knighting his basic bitch presentation of Jung to the masses.

With Prager you get this sense of detachment. He makes videos but does he ever respond to criticism in an off the cuff manner? Furthermore, does he really exist outside the Jewish neocon bubble? A lot of these guys exist within their own circles, with PragerU criticism really being the only outside interaction and then that circles back to Prager being a "dignified" neocon commentator and not some sweaty manchild chimping out because someone made fun of him online. In all likelihood he just records his 5 minute basic commentary and has it published by some kind of assistant or intern after the graphics person does the little animation.


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Feb 2, 2019
Ha ha, you've missed the best unintentional satire video that Prager made.

They called the Israeli army the most moral and most ethical force.

Not the most ethical one in the world today; but the most ethical one in the entirity of history.
(because we all know that shooting and killing unarmed protesters is very ethical and all ethical armies have multiple massacres to their name)

I also like this one, where at 30 seconds you can see the dupers delight in the eyes of the speaker:

BTW why does the title say married 3 times? I'm pretty sure the guy was married 6 times.
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Oct 29, 2017
nigger where's the funny in this?
He's a milktoast conservative funded by Israel, literally everyone knows. So what exactly is even lolcow worthy in there? All I see is you're mad at his politics and that's not funny.
This same logic could probably be applied to a bunch of lolcows that have threads, especially the feminist/"SJW" ones.


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Dec 19, 2018
PragerU is garbage content to anyone at least leaning left like me, but a lolcow? No. It's moderate conservative media made for moderate conservatives. You might as well just make a thread on the entire Republican party while you're at it.
It's funny too, when I saw the notification I said "Oh god finally." But reading through the OP just cemented the fact that this ain't cow material.


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May 2, 2019
A guest speaker explains why America can't fill potholes. It's the fault of those damn money grubbing environmentalists and labor unions.

PragerU made a video of why and how the government is making its citizens fat. Never mind that healthier food is more expensive than junk food, or that many Americans don't exercise as much as they should or that fast food is encouraged through subliminal messaging through consumerism and capitalism. No, it's the government's fault you're making bad choices. Blame somebody other than yourself.
Conveniently leaves out that the 90s food pyramid was the result of intense lobbying by grain industry people.


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Aug 9, 2014
Their intelligent design vids and science videos in general are some of the most laughable piles of crap I’ve ever seen, but I think this might be better suited to multimedia. Prager himself is just too dull to support a lolcow thread, and I’m saying that as someone who doesn’t even like the guy - he’s a colossal windbag with stupid opinions, but I’m not sure that alone is enough to go on. Critiquing some of the dumber videos could be fun I guess.

Good effort on the OP though, very thorough.


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Apr 20, 2018
Their intelligent design vids and science videos in general are some of the most laughable piles of crap I’ve ever seen, but I think this might be better suited to multimedia. Prager himself is just too dull to support a lolcow thread, and I’m saying that as someone who doesn’t even like the guy - he’s a colossal windbag with stupid opinions, but I’m not sure that alone is enough to go on. Critiquing some of the dumber videos could be fun I guess.

Good effort on the OP though, very thorough.
Can't agree with this more. Yeah, this guy says a lot of retarded shit that anyone who can rub two brain cells together can see its wrong and some of the shit he says is funny however, most online "political pundits" these days are just as much of a joke. Now if he ever reaches the level of TYT spergery then that'll be a different story.