• ”i love how babbies grunt when they poop its super cute idk y”

Disable any dairy-related word filters in the Food subforum."Recipe calls for half a cup of tard-WHAT?"

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Jarilo182, Aug 5, 2018.

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  1. I guess it makes it funnier to some people, but the wordfilter for m/i/l/k makes it tough to read in context on that particular board.

    Jarilo182 BIRDPOSTER

  2. I can't do it on a per board basis
  3. lol just type melk

    Zeitgeist All good things.
    True & Honest Fan

  4. If it really bugs you try using an uppercase I.
  5. We should just nuke all of them site wide. None of them are funny in the slightest and are mostly just annoying.

    Ruin Mercenary Slut
    True & Honest Fan

  6. If none of the above solutions are to your taste, "cow juice" or "udder water" may suffice.


  7. CWCissey

    CWCissey Charming Man
    True & Honest Fan

  8. What's so hard about typing milk?

    True & Honest Fan

  9. lol newfags can't type milk
    hood LOLCOW

    hood LOLCOW The Masketta Vet
    Supervisor True & Honest Fan

  10. But I like drinking tard cum as a healthy alternative.
    Cuddly Pirate

    True & Honest Fan

  11. If you aren't starting off your day with a tall glass of tard cum and a big plate of BIG, BLACK DICK, then i don't know what you're doing with your life
    Joey Caruso

    Joey Caruso The Coathanger In Your Man's Vagina

  12. I honestly didn't know what tard cum was replacing until recently.

    LagoonaBlue Harriet Louise Connor (No bully; have Autism)
    Person of Interest

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