Do I have a tin ear? - Or does this new #1 Billboard charting hit in NK sound like it takes a lot of inspiration from the 'Star Blazers' theme?

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compare the Star Blazers opening theme (I understand this was called 'Space Battleship Yamato' in the Jap translation)


See you next fall...
It's called "sampling" and apparently it's perfectly legal.

Not that anyone can touch Best Korea in court.
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رنج آمریکایی ها
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Could be homage tbh. There seems to be similar elemebts at least. Was Star Blazers made first?
Star Blazers was late 70s.. this is a much more recent piece. I was a little confused as the lyrics didn't manage the song I was familiar with, 'Tansume' (heartily recommend checking out Italian electronic artist Tourdeforce's adaption of this)- but this is a sort of poppy version of the original Korean People's Army marching song 'Without a Break' that this was based on. There's an entertaining video of various versions of this that have been broadcast on KCTV here (sadly imperialist running dog Susan Wojicki has had KCTV's main channel deleted). It's kind of like one of those Hezbollah action vids, if Hezbollah had MiG-23's and missile boats.

I still can't quite place the tune they used for the adapted version, though it does sounds very reminiscent of the anime opening.
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