Careercow Donald J Trump - 45th President of the USA, Epstein bro, serial liar, cheat and the Chris-Chan of Presidents

Does Donny have a chance in 2024?

  • Absolutely, tremendously. Sleepy Joe is already losing and ballots are Chinese

    Votes: 174 22.0%
  • I am trusting the plan with every fiber of my being. I hurt with how hard I trust the plan.

    Votes: 70 8.8%
  • У меня аутизм, пожалуйста, смейся надо мной

    Votes: 218 27.5%
  • Slow down CornPop, Joe's already got the oval office chair just right. He's staying.

    Votes: 134 16.9%
  • JEB!

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Oct 4, 2016
It's long overdue time for this thread. Anyone who wants to pretend that Trump is not an LOLcow just has to look at his twitter. I have been going back and forth on where to start with this thread. We're not going to go into how he was sued multiple times for housing discrimination or that he still believes the Central Park 5 should be executed after they have definitively been cleared. We won't even go into how many times he's declared bankruptcy or what a deadbeat he is for not paying his workers. We'll skip past his creepiness around young girls, from the time he ran Miss Universe, to his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, to the fucked up creepy way he talks about his daughter. We won't even touch on how he chimped so hard on being called small handed that he sent Spy Magazine proof his hands weren't small for years after they alleged it. Also, we'll skip that he's such a desperate fag that he planted a story with the Enquirer to get Salma Hayek to sleep with him, and guess what it didn't work. No, we will skip all this and focus on the epic chimp outs he is having and has had on Twitter:


If you all stop counting votes, I WIN!


We've got boomer posting

Of course, his cow status doesn't start here. He's been chimping on Twitter for years. From his inexplicable obsession with Robert Pattinson:


To how much headspace he rented to Obama for free:



And then there's this classic, which if anyone else posted would be laughed off the internet, yet for some reason we took seriously enough to elect him:

Link to twitter:

I don't think he uses much of anything else, but I am sure once he's banned from Twitter he'll find something.

As Joe seems like he's taking the Presidency, I expect the future chimp outs to be epic. I'll add more to this OP, and I am happy to take suggestions for more! This is a guy with such an unbelievable LOLcow history, how do you even begin?

ETA: I'm going to link to notable posts with his cow antics:

Trump tries to build a golf course on marshland, then tries to turn it into a national park right next to a national park
Trump makes 9/11 about himself
Trump cannot let go of an article calling his hands small for 30 yrs
Trump is obsessed with Rosie O'Donnell
Trump is not wrong about being wrong about the Central Park 5
Trump went to the Jenny McCarthy med school on vaccines and autism
Trump is way too obsessed with Robert Pattinson
Trump claims windmills cause cancer
Trump's people have a press conference at the Four Seasons....landscaping
Trump, the billionaire, has to masquerade as his own publicist and does it poorly
Trump tries to sell steaks. It doesn't go well.
Trump starts a University. It doesn't go well.

Some videos:
Trump making comments about a 10 yr old girl:

It's fun to stay at the:

The romance of the century:




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Feb 3, 2013
Stealing from @Piga Dgrifm, but this cracked me up

View attachment 1710702

"This does not even deserve the Make America Great Again introduction... BECAUSE THIS IS DEAD SERIOUS. The mail in votes they did a FEW WEEKS AGO of this election, everyone in the counting centers... MY SUPPORTERS AND DONERS ARE ANGRY AT ME! THEY'RE BLAMING IT AT ME! IT'S NOT MY FAULT, THE MEDIA SHOULD ADMIT IT, IT'S NOT MY FAULT; I WANT EVERYTHING A-BOUT THOSE VOTES OUT! OF! THE! RACE! I'll send in the lawsuits! I'll send in the Supreme Court! I'll send in EVERYTHING IN MY POWER! So, yeah, please get everything out of the race... Now, NOW, NOW, NOW, NOW, NOOOOOOOOWWWWWW! Curse the blue states, peace to everyone else."

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