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Jun 7, 2019
Add this Law Twitter guy and favorite legal source of Kotaku and other games journos. Not as active on the Spednought as he was earlier this summer but all Spednoughters are worthy of doxing. Didn't T. Greg/other Law Twitter guy make a spreadsheet of 50+ lawyers who say Vic will lose? Might need that spreadsheet so anyone who feels like it can dox more Twitter lawyers.

@damian @5t3n0g0ph3r

Well. It's time for the ole drill.

Get this loli a DoXeDex.


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Mar 9, 2019
Add this Law Twitter guy and favorite legal source of Kotaku and other games journos. Not as active on the Spednought as he was earlier this summer but all Spednoughters are worthy of doxing. Didn't T. Greg/other Law Twitter guy make a spreadsheet of 50+ lawyers who say Vic will lose? Might need that spreadsheet so anyone who feels like it can dox more Twitter lawyers.

@damian @5t3n0g0ph3r

Well. It's time for the ole drill.

Get this loli a DoXeDex.

I already added the dox to my last post before you posted.

@damian You got quite a bit to work on here:


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Mar 9, 2019
Another one to add for the eventual update:

With no further delay, it's time for DoXeMoN.

John B Coleman / Prince Vegeta / TheFreshPrinceVegetaa / jbz_coleman / jbz94 / JColeman414
View attachment 927433
View attachment 927434View attachment 927435View attachment 927436

What a happy family.
View attachment 927575

His new look is 30% less potato, 50% more pretentious:
View attachment 927440
Mommy loves the new look too:
View attachment 927442

Look at this chad!:
View attachment 927445

View attachment 927446

Ok ok, enough mocking his looks, Let's get to the meat. He is the faggot that gave Dominique Skye the KC pass for her gay op attempt:
View attachment 927466

I assume a pee pee touch was promised but never delivered. He also made this exceptional take on the audio leaks:
Here are some quotes:
"[...] some of the people are basically using this as a tool to further the stand with Vic campaign and if guys following me you know I'm very neutral when it comes to that sort of thing.
I'm waiting for the court proceedings and you know whatever happens in the court proceedings.
We will see what happens." 1:04
Please look above again.

"Here is the news is the ISWV youtubers they're corrupting your minds" 10:28

He's attacking people like Hero Hei in this video.
He also defended Sabat calling people autistic and lied about it, Sabat send this message 3 weeks before he got doxed.
You fat fuck.

His channel is mainly him “voice acting” (larping) Vegeta as a YT reaction channel:

And for some animations:

Some of his most popular video are parody songs:

But he also makes his own songs:
Cosmic poetry:

And gaming commentary:

I am unfamiliar if he is dating Bulma Bunny (he calls her his wife) or whether they’re just larping because of their chosen characters, but they colab quite often:
Considering how much she’s had to deal with Lord Sped, I won’t be digging any deeper into her, but I will be digging a bit deeper in Prince Potato’s YT channel.

It seems like he's using subbots.
@damian said:
I suspect he uses sub bots. I consulted with another Kiwi about it and they said it might be related to his videos showing up on YT Kids. I downloaded the app and searched for his most viewed videos on the 3 age ranges, his videos never appeared. Another one said it could have been picked up by the algorithm, fair. But here is my reasoning, his channel grows by at minimum 450 new subs daily:
View attachment 927498

He got a minimum of 450 new subs every day for the last 30 and his views lately don't even reach 100K.
View attachment 927549

This type of growth is possible but very rare and I have doubts some faggot larping as Vegeta could be this popular naturally:

View attachment 927501

(Minnesota based drunken lawyer for comparison):
View attachment 927502

My strongest case is his patreon numbers, despite having >670K subs, he only has 8 patrons:
View attachment 927503
It just seems artificial to me, but it's just a theory.

Also fucking lol, he practically abandoned his own server with 3K members for a server with 8 people:
View attachment 927509View attachment 927510

John B Coleman
516 Oxberry Rd Holcomb, MS 38940-9581
DOB: May 10 1994
[email protected]
[email protected]

View attachment 927518

(no streetview)

We didn't get the wrong dox btw, our boi is a redneck as evidence by mom's facebook:
View attachment 927519
Still lives with mom and dad if you didn't guess:
View attachment 927524

He also got a boo boo on his flight from California last year:
View attachment 927527
View attachment 927532
JB Coleman:

Prince Vegeta:
Thanks, we know you're talking about us:
I hope you like our gift.

Many thanks to @damian for helping me writing this, and @Tipsy Tea Cup for pin pointing his location.

Charle Waldie / Charlethewal
View attachment 927792View attachment 927791

View attachment 928421

Just in time for this post:
View attachment 927841

407 Merrymount Ct,
Katy, TX 77450, USA
View attachment 927801

Social Media: (
View attachment 927799
View attachment 927797
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Mar 9, 2019


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Mar 9, 2019

View attachment 977673

Goddess_Maxwell is the sock account for Ryumoau_Juno:
View attachment 977675View attachment 977683

How do we know this? Well, he left a few clues:
Both own a red 2DS with a Zelda storage case:
View attachment 977715
View attachment 977718

Both share a Sailor Mercury and Foot fetish:
View attachment 977726

View attachment 977735

View attachment 977741

And finally:
View attachment 977695

While using his sock, he went A-log pretty fast:
View attachment 977753
View attachment 977748
View attachment 977750
View attachment 977746

Replying to himself: /
View attachment 977703

His Sailor Mercury fetish is pretty impressive, such degeneracy:
View attachment 977708

Seriously tho, he seems pretty obsessed with the character:

View attachment 977788
View attachment 977780
View attachment 977778

View attachment 977803 https:/
View attachment 977805

View attachment 977821
View attachment 977823

Why InfoSec is important:
View attachment 977787
View attachment 977795

View attachment 977692

Jermaine Goddard
DOB: 10/19/1987 (32)
View attachment 977762
710 Northgate Dr
Washington NC 27889-9544
View attachment 977819
[email protected]


Twitter (Sock):



Reddit :story::
View attachment 977801




Dicord Tag:
View attachment 977760

Nintendo Friend Code (SW-1427-1403-9518 ):
View attachment 977827

View attachment 977834

View attachment 977799View attachment 977800




View attachment 977790

View attachment 977792

View attachment 977763

Special thanks to @AlexJonesGotMePregnant

First and foremost I wish to give a big and warm thank you to @Coach Kreeton Of All That whom kindly gave, time, energy and effort into reviewing this, and offered helpful advice along the way. Without his help it would have looked far uglier and been a far less clever in the language portion. It was wonderful to co-op with you.

Meet Sharon Grigsby. The one and only, hit-piece “journalist” from the Dallas morning news. Why? An opportunist, she write low-tier grade articles like all current year trenders to generate feels over facts. Well she has shown to be completely biased, incapable of looking up simple facts, check sources, wrongly cited others, and over-all been reluctant or fully un-willing to apply journalistic ethics to all parties involved in any pickle.

View attachment 978824

Name(s): Sharon Faye Grigsby, Sharon Grigsby, Sharon Morton, Sharon F. Morton, Sharon Faye Morton Grigsby, Sharon Grigsby Morton… get the idea.
Age: 62
DOB: 11/19/1956
Working currently: The Dallas Morning News
Home Address: 903 Cordova St Dallas, TX 75223
Work Address: 1954 Commerce Street, Dallas, Texas 75201
Number registered in her name: 214 977-8855
Contact info: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] (her husband's e-mail)

View attachment 978846

DCAD: Residential Data/(archive)

Married to: Clay Morton, 04/29/1955, 64 years old.
29th Jan 1983, Dallas County.
His name's attached to a different addres. However a person with the same surname as him resides there. It is not him, and they are probably renting it out to a family member. Therefore that address is not included in this d0x.

GRIGSBY, SHARON F who was 26 (born ABT 1957) married 29 JAN 1983 in DALLAS COUNTY, TEXAS, U.S.A. a groom named CLAY MORTON who was 27 (born ABT 1956).

Children: Matthew T Morton and Pierce Z Morton.

Press Reader Article
Funny how the article wasn't spell-checked and starts with a typo.

Facebook (nuked/gone)
Medium/(archive)/(archive of her responses)/(archive of her claps given to writers)
View attachment 978751

Her "work" relevant to the Weeb Wars, from these Dallas Morning News articles:

#MeToo Anime Piece/(archive)
Mignogna's Case Dropped Piece/(archive)
Mediation Ordered By Judge Piece/(archive)

It started with these two tweets and the aforementioned first article:
View attachment 978802

Dallas Morning News failed to TAG their own journalist properly. Some other poor woman from Florida ended up spammed, had locked and privated her account. With Dallas Morning News issuing a halfhearted apology that doesn't even come off with the slightest sincerity.

Here's Grigsby's tweet:

View attachment 978801

Nick's tweets are missing from the line of answers down below. Although he was mentioned and quoted in the article, he was never contacted nor interviewed regarding what she used from/about him in the article.

For those who do not know how journalists construct stories, it normally goes like this:

Pick a headline that will draw in the audience; think mild clickbaiting. In this case the hit-words are: Anime, MeToo, Clash, Dallas.
Anime to appeal to that part of the audience. MeToo to draw in SJWs and feminists. Clash to make it sound dramatic and it certainly is. Dallas of course, to draw in the locals.

After a headline is made, a small paragraph in bold letters gets printed with a few sentences. This captures the essence of the story wanted to be push. It's to captivate audiences and sucker them in to reading.

View attachment 978800

It's often here readers will find the angle or slant the author is going to spin the story in. Since I already pointed out the keywords above, and many probably read the article, I'm assuming you know how it goes from this point.

The information you WANT your audience to read is often placed in the beginning of the article. It should be what is most pertinent to the article, but in this day and age, with clear bias, it has become whatever the publication and author wants you to read. Since almost everyone knows that no one bothers to read the whole thing, or seldomly do. Then some more useful information is put at the end of online articles since people will often scroll down for the conclusion or summary. Everything that is something they don't want to draw your attention to is in the middle and towards the end.

This is what she leads with:
View attachment 978799

Of this is completely factually wrong. Vic holds no power in position or status. That glory belongs to Chris Sabat. She also goes straight for some numbers to show that surely he has had some success. Foregoing entirely that voice-actors aren't well-paid by the companies that hire them, and then proceeds to go for the inappropriate behaviour and "unwanted sexual advances." Which, also has been debunked time and time again had she bothered to look or talk to someone who wasn't Team MoRonica.

Afterwards, she follows up these in-directly: he is a sexual assaulter, statements with his fans harassing the victims and doxing them. Sharon if you're reading this, all their information is out in the public. Some even plastered it out over their twitter and Facebook for the world to see. All we do is hoard it. Either way, to continue on that note, she makes no mention of how Mignogna has not partaken in any of that twitter-mudslinging, never engaged either defendant either online. In fact, he has been entirely silent about the matter aside his denial, and attempt at an apology. An apology he didn't know what he apologized for (see his deposition for further info on that). This makes it seem like Vic somehow took part, encouraged or instrumented these things, which he has not done.

So once she has sufficiently smeared his name and fanbase, we scroll our way down.
Everything looks kinda bland, disineteresting. Until she suddenly breaks up the article with a large headline once more and uses the same picture as above.

View attachment 978798

Again, with the title and quick following sentence you see her intent with the article. She makes no mention that the affidavits were debunked, disproved, that one of the people handing in an affidavit has been punished by the law for falsely reporting a crime before. Another, Jennifer Lynn Hunt, has made 18574 versions of her story and none of them hold water. Others are extremely tame, and pretty much goes to extent of ' he felt creepy'. Which is not a crime. She also makes no mention of the otherwise false claims and stories that already have been disproven.

The entire article ends with a terrible photo of our West-Nile boi Lemoine, who looks 20 older than he is in that photo. He too with that dramatic lighting. Suppose they were sticking to a theme. They point out he is part of the team of lawyers representing Marchi and Rial. Which is sort of wrong, and sort of right since they can't have the same team of lawyers.

Further down it uses such hit-phrases as: war against two women
"With everything I’ve been through — the death threats, the hatred, the trying to ruin my career, trying to get me fired because I came out and told the truth,” Rial said. “That is worth it if it saves one woman, one girl from having to deal with this kind of situation again.”

Then sort of happy but strong women ending with sisterhood:
Both women also said they were thankful to be in this together. “We know this is going to be awful and who knows how long it’s going to be this awful,” Rial said. “But as long as we’ve got each other, and we’re standing together strong, let’s get the truth out there.”

Not being the sort to stop at the lack of balanced article, they put it on the front page of their printed newspaper. Whose face did they put on the front page do you ask? Why Vic's of course....Nothing like good ol' due process and innocent until proven guilty eyh!

View attachment 978832
Source Thank you @Imperial Agent

To make things even more interesting, she was followed by quite a few interesting folks. Such as, but not limited to:
View attachment 978830
sourced from @Yuusha-sama

And Greg Douchette
View attachment 978826
Thanks to @3 Cucks None The Richer

Rial and Toye is also on that list, as is Marchi.

So in short, they/she, had quite a few days to put this together. Yet all sources are clearly from the side of the defense. No attempts to explore any other sources from the other side were made, may it be looking for debunked stories, or even just checking basic facts against the claims. There was a blurb somewhere she claimed to have tried to get in touch with Ty Beard, but what would he possibly talk to her about without aboslutely ruining client/attorney priviliege and letting her spin it into something odd? Probably nothing. It is almost like she is incapapable of looking up sources on her own and it was a paid piece.

In the end I suppose that stuff doesn't sell as much as just smashing up a sex-scandal story, like she did with the Baylor sexual assault story scandal. Of course, this takes us to......

How is this relevant you may ask? Well, it was about a sexual assault scandal. You may have heard of it: The Baylor Sexual assault scandal

Her nomination a little odd as her articles almost always cite back to other in-house authors from The Dallas Morning News. A lot, and I mean a lot, appear to be he-said, she-said. Occasionally you’ll stumble over some reliable sources such as the plaintiffs papers, but it is still only one-side of the story. In other words, there is a lack of validity and equal representation of both sides of the case. I will add in I have not delved deeply into this case and therefore do not know the facts as well so I will not make commentary or jdugement on right or wrong. I am merely curious about their prior approach and how it may be utilized in the future for Vic's case.

In: Baylor, Come Clean All 3 links, that are sourced, are from in-house.
Heard Hazing Culture involving gang-rape By Sharon Grigsby Archive
Former student claims gang rape By Tom Steele (Actually has link to lawpapers) Archive
Coach failed to report gang rape allegations By Claire Ballor Archive

In: Baylor's Obstinacy in Full View There is one source linked, which is surprisingly external, the Texas Tribune Archive

In: Baylor Sex Assault Scandal 7 of 9 links leads to in house articles on the subject, the 2 others belong to the Waco Tribune, and 1 of those 2 are gone/taken down. One can only speculate as to why.

What she wasn't nominated for however was her writing on Sam Ukwauchu.

In 2019, Sam Ukwuachu, a young African-American football player who had been accused of sexual assault, had his sentence overturned and he was cleared of all charges. I am no expert on this story, and I am not sure what parts ring true or not. I am merely reporting on what I am seeing. But what was said in the article is as follows:

July 10, 2019: After finding prosecutors used false testimony and violated his due-process rights, the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals reverses the 2015 sexual assault conviction of Sam Ukwuachu and grants him a new trial.

If they went to such an extent to convict someone, one have to question the validity of the remainder of the claims and convictions as well, since the young man was then, well, a little railroaded.

The Dallas Morning News had in 2015 made a story about this, Grigsby being the author:
Sam Ukwuachu's Article/(archive)/(FB archive piece)

Sharon’s article was linked on Facebook has a dead link. It can be found through Google Cache.

It's also worth noting that it had been put underneath the section called ‘opinion’. Because that is exactly what good journalism shouldn’t be. It was for her work on the sexual assault scandal she was nominated for a Pulitzer. Now I'm wondering if this is her second go at it. Perhaps this is why they went to her (they must have, they had their picture taken at their locales). Lemoine already had ties to the station, and knowing her news-history knew she'd be interested in this sort of thing. It's clear what narrative she pushes, and how biased it is. I pity her if it all backlashes against her. All information here was public.

As for karma: They now have an adblocker and paywall.
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Mar 9, 2019

Unmasking the Black Hazard Sped.
View attachment 986822
🏅 Special thanks to the Doxemon Trainer's Club.🏅

Not long ago, this person was spotted on Twitter by local Kiwi, @spirit of e m o s h . Like most KV spergs, they like to come in hot to take advantage of the small window that outrage culture gives them. This person likes to powerlevel and use their supposed position in the convention network as leverage in Twitter conversations. But who is this person that is supposedly in a position with some sort of influence that is suggesting that strangers on the internet file merit-less complaints to an association? Keep reading to unmask the story behind Dominique Skye and Jennifer Lynn Hunt's latest lap dog.

View attachment 986823
View attachment 986824
View attachment 986826

That's a pretty bold assumption. (This isn't me).
View attachment 987171
Let's start with the Followers and Following list. We see the usual suspects but we also see some things that this Spaghetti sped is into.

We can establish a few things.
• KV spergs
• Pro-wrestling
• Kamen Rider
• Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR)

View attachment 986834
View attachment 986835
View attachment 986836
View attachment 986838
View attachment 986839
View attachment 986840
View attachment 986841
View attachment 986842
View attachment 986843
View attachment 986844
Let's take a look at his timeline. We can immediately see his interactions with Dominique Skye and Jennifer Lynn Hunt. You can see him complain about the follower limit and get suspended.
View attachment 986854

Seems to like deflecting the topic of lies.
View attachment 986857
View attachment 986858
View attachment 986860

So which one of your friends has been banned?
View attachment 986862

Somebody has a hate boner for Kiwi Farms.
View attachment 986863

I don't know if he's aware of who MBA is.
View attachment 986865

That's quite the opinion on sock accounts.
View attachment 986866View attachment 986889
Well, the spaghetti sped isn't a lawyer either.
View attachment 986867

Don't worry, the mental gymnastics get better.
View attachment 986869

He goes on a spergout with MBA's "video". Funny thing is that these videos no longer exist.
View attachment 986871
View attachment 986873
View attachment 986875
View attachment 986883View attachment 986872

How does it feel being cucked by someone who got cucked by a cuck?
View attachment 986877

Obviously likes Kamen Rider. Remember, this is his build.
View attachment 986878

Here he is sharing Josh's Kamen Rider video. I wonder why.
View attachment 986881

I wonder what this could be about...
View attachment 986882

That's quite the story.
View attachment 986887

Reconfirming his hobbies.
View attachment 986888

The hypocrisy. I don't take photos of long lines, but here's a photo of a long line.
View attachment 986890
View attachment 986891

View attachment 986892
View attachment 986894

Here comes the powerlevel.
View attachment 986895
View attachment 986896
View attachment 986897
View attachment 986898
View attachment 986899
View attachment 986900
View attachment 986901
View attachment 986902

"Manager of Complaint Handling". How useful.
View attachment 986903

More powerlevelling for leverage... but we've seen this behavior before.
This is how Jennifer Lyin Cunt attacks conventions, by using whatever influence they have as leverage.
View attachment 986904
View attachment 986906

Giving you the run around.
Remember, he said he didn't work conventions. He works at the company who manages the property for the convention. Now he's a former expert on watching depositions and police interviews.
View attachment 986910

A powerlevel without the powerlevel. It continues.
View attachment 986917
View attachment 986918
The usual. He doesn't want his job to be at risk, but that's their favorite game. Attacking your employer.
View attachment 986919

Some powerlevelling for Anime Expo.
View attachment 986922

Are you sure about that?
View attachment 986923
View attachment 986924
We get an idea of who he is, what he does, and what he likes. Let's see what we can find on the internet.

Previously, he posted about his Kamen Rider Cosplay. What we find is that he didn't make the cosplay. The cosplay is commisioned by a pretty rad group from Indonesia called Fireflies Costume. We can see that this is in the same room because the tiles and dummy match up.

View attachment 986929
View attachment 986931View attachment 986932View attachment 986933View attachment 986936View attachment 986938
So we know he didn't make the cosplay, let's find out if he's actively following the page.
View attachment 986951


Looks like we have a match.
View attachment 986955

He's still active.
View attachment 986956

Continuously failing. This looks familiar.
View attachment 986960

Of course.
View attachment 986961

This is important.
View attachment 986964

That is an Anime Expo badge.
View attachment 986968

That's nice and all, but that doesn't show much. There must be more we can dig into. Let's check his Likes.

We found his mom and an old picture of him. October 11th is his birthday.
View attachment 986970
View attachment 986982

His brother.
View attachment 986974

Their dog.
View attachment 986975

Power Rangers and Pro Wrestling.
View attachment 986976
View attachment 986979

Tokusatsu and Marzgurl again.
View attachment 986977

View attachment 986978
Now that we know what his name is, we can dig up other things about him.
Some searching gives us interesting results.

Of course, we've seen his name before.
Thanks Captain.
Link to thread here. :story:

View attachment 986998

Too bad his Twitter account is suspended.
View attachment 987003

But some searching on Google reconfirmed his last identity.
View attachment 987004

Digging through the thread.
View attachment 987008

We've confirmed that this is him.
View attachment 987006

Seems like he mostly went DFE after his suspension, but there's gotta be more pictures of him out there right?

Let's check again.
View attachment 987014

View attachment 987019
View attachment 987020
View attachment 987021
View attachment 987022
View attachment 987023
View attachment 987025
View attachment 987026
View attachment 987027
Shaun used to live with him mom in California before temporarily moving to Tucson, AZ
There is still an active PayPal donation listed on a SWTOR podcast.
View attachment 987033

Of course it was short of the goal.
View attachment 987034

Now let's link the accounts together.
Was in Tucson, AZ, now lives in La Quinta, CA with his mother and sister.

Shaun A Salisbury / Ikari_Sho / Sir Salisbury / Tougakun
View attachment 987074
Age: 40
DOB: October 11th, 1979
Current Address:
54325 Avenida Obregon
La Quinta, CA 92253-3640
View attachment 987058

Previous Address:1718 E Blacklidge Dr
Tucson, AZ 85719-2770
View attachment 987061

Old T-Mobile # for his Twitter account:
(520) 245-1181

His mother seems to have been divorced from his dad. So his story about having an abusive father might have been true.

Marriage Record - November 14, 1977
Timmy J Salisbury, Age 19
Laura M Lee, Age 18
Location: Orange County, California

His dad seems to have moved on and married another woman by the name of Barbara R Salisbury, who now own a house together at:

14362 Dall Ln
Tustin, CA 92780-2215

He has criminal records from Riverside and Orange County in 1996 and 2007 but there isn't much to see because it's Commiefornia.

Offense Date: May 26, 2007
CASE #46493DQ
County: Orange County

CASE #B960149
Charges Filed: 1/9/1996
County: Riverside

He loves to cosplay. Been going to Anime Expo for 15 years.
View attachment 987038
View attachment 987039View attachment 987040
View attachment 987042View attachment 987043

Okay lets get this party started.

Ernesto Jason Liebrecht/Jason Liebrecht/@eliebrecht/Ernest Liebriecht/@EJLiebrecht


born 7/11/1973
[email protected]
Moved into current home on 8/16/2019. Has extremely close relationship with the "ingroup" at funi. Has some TDS and anti Nazi imagery on his insta.

View attachment 996361 <-insta is shit about archives
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Mar 9, 2019
View attachment 1005086

corbenfan84/ Erik Foe(@Efoe2484/@ELF092484) /Erik Foerster1
View attachment 1004677View attachment 1005099View attachment 1005100

This section will be rather short because he deleted his account before I could grab most things.

Erik first came to my attention when @theworstkindofeurofag made this post.
View attachment 1005084

Here's his daily work:
View attachment 1005090

Apparently, Erik can't read.
View attachment 1005091

Erik Foerster and his online persona corbenfan84

Many of you might ask: "How did you find his name?"
I can only say that I used the mightiest tool in my possession.
Twitter advanced search:
View attachment 1005083

After that I checked his name on google and found his furaffinity account corbenfan84.
View attachment 1005088
View attachment 1005089

Connecting the dots
I needed to prove that his twitter handle Erik foe is connected to those accounts,
which was rather easy:
View attachment 1005074
There's more, but for now that should be enough.

View attachment 1004677

Name: Eric L Foerster
DOB: 24. September 1984
Address: 2311 Cornaga Ave, Apt 6M, Far Rockaway, NY 11691-2509
Accounts: (deleted)
proof of existence(tumblr):
Twitter: FB: FurAffinity: YT: Corbenfan84 Twitter: IG: NG: BTVA comments: BTVA profile: Hentai Foundry: Ko-Fi: Reddit Shadbase comments: E-hentai: R34 not archive-able
FigureRealm: Mastodon:

Erik and his degeneracy
Erik is a giant deviant, and to our "pleasure" he's using his username on every hentai website known to man:

Since Erik is a gay shotacon of culture, he's leaving comments to show how these pictures inspire him and what kind of feelings they awake inside of him.
Many of you might not understand these feelings and your workplace or family dinner might not share the same sentiment as him.
So I used my editing skills to present you some of these pictures in a more restricted fashion.(SFW)

Here's an age chart for you, you will need it.

View attachment 1005080View attachment 1005075View attachment 1005078

One problem is that I can't archive rule34 with the waybackmachine or
Because of that I downloaded the URLs in a HTML format and made an entire screencapture of the website.

View attachment 1004431
View attachment 1004430

View attachment 1004443
View attachment 1004434

View attachment 1004442
View attachment 1004441

View attachment 1004448
View attachment 1004444

View attachment 1004460
View attachment 1004457

View attachment 1004465
View attachment 1004462
View attachment 1004467

If he claims that these aren't his accounts and this is just coincidence, then it's really weird that he likes Shadman on YouTube and Twitter.
View attachment 1004472
View attachment 1004473

During the write-up of his dox I found his Discord handle by joining different discord servers of his favorite hentai artists.
View attachment 1004651
View attachment 1004652
View attachment 1004653
View attachment 1004654

Erik's Art
Erik Isn't just a shotacon, he's an artist too!
View attachment 1004898

I think this is the perfect spot for this post.
View attachment 1004926

View attachment 1004947

Who's scaring the kids, Erik, and who should they even fear?
View attachment 1004949
Vielen Dank to @Coach Kreeton Of All That @Tipsy Tea Cup and @Draza
Don't forget:
View attachment 1005034

@damian DOX FOR THE DOX GOD! (And this one is a doozy)

@Yuusha-sama showed me Manjaw's latest autistic screech and I got an idea:
View attachment 1009209

You can pretty much guess where this is going:
View attachment 1009212

There is a 12th account that is hidden, but whatever:

If you think we're doxing 12 people just for liking a tweet, you're wrong. We did the sensible thing and left it up to fate:
View attachment 1009219

View attachment 1009251View attachment 1009249

Jason Zamora / Lunar_Templar
View attachment 1009252View attachment 1009255View attachment 1009254

View attachment 1009296

3 generations of men + Jason:
View attachment 1009298

hur durr TRAPS are a tranphobic slur:
View attachment 1009306

View attachment 1009285

Nick is Nazi because he retweeted Metokur's friend, MisterAntiBully's tweet:
View attachment 1009312

Imagine wasting your life by being a TROON. Imagine how disappointed someones parents must be that their child grew up to be a TROON. Honestly, what happened in these peoples lives to drive them down this path? I just can't understand it:
View attachment 1009258

Some jokes just write themselves:
View attachment 1009253

A tip on infosec, don't post about delivery updates:
View attachment 1009281

And specially don't take pics of your house.
View attachment 1009264

5117 Fay Ave
Louisville, KY 40214
View attachment 1009268View attachment 1009273

Remember to thank Manjaw for giving us the idea! We couldn't have done it without her/him/it::
View attachment 1009260

Big thanks to @Yuusha-sama and @Draza

A dox dedicated to Jennifer Lynn Hunt for being dung and attracting flies like this.
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Jun 13, 2019
Krissy's... Nov 12 tweets. Doesn't seem to be doing too well with Renfamous, but at least people like to wait Krissy on hand and foot in the comments.
DoX talk:


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Mar 9, 2019
Krissy's... Nov 12 tweets. Doesn't seem to be doing too well with Renfamous, but at least people like to wait Krissy on hand and foot in the comments.
DoX talk:



Not *cough* Zack.
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Feb 5, 2018
It's been a LOOOOOOONG time since I've updated the Doxedex, something happened recently that got me motivated to update them again. You'll see what it is soon!


#15 - Karla Hime Ferrall

#16 - Andrew Ryan Parker

@Coach Kreeton Of All That

#3 - Alec Peters

#4 - Mitchell Alan Horton


#17 - Miles Antony Luna


#1 - Ryan Andrew Mottley

#2 - Ernesto Jason Liebrecht

@PrimrosePath (Lost in the Great Kiwi Leak)

#1 - Brett Andrew Weaver


#1 - Brittney Marie Karbowski

@Kari Kamiya

#1 - Allison Catherine Crooks


#2 - John B Coleman

#3 - Erik Foerster

@Much Ado About Nothing

#1 - Sharon Faye Grigsby

@Tipsy Tea Cup

#5 - Shaun A Salisbury

@Save the Loli

#1 - Mark Anthony Methenitis


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Mar 9, 2019
Finally, Legendary Doxemon @MarzGurl has been caught!

View attachment 1015154
A DoXeMoN Trainer's Journal

▶ June 6th, 2019
Trainer @damian shares his knowledge of Marzgurl after the Vic Mignogna lawsuit heats up, resulting in her having her own thread here. Although, well documented, Marzgurl was never caught and added to the DoXeDeX. As a newbie trainer, I set out on my journey to find the missing DoXeDeX entry.

▶ June 7th, 2019
One day after the thread was created, Kiwi @ctalkep shared some information about her whereabouts, but nothing conclusive.
View attachment 1015161

▶ June 8th, 2019
User @ShortRound mentions another possible residence. Still, nothing decisive and no way to confirm as Kiwis gather to speculate.
View attachment 1015166

Taking all of this information, I journey into the internet to try and put together the missing pieces. Oddly enough, it seems like her public information has been scrubbed. It really just seemed like there was an odd hole in her timeline. Everything I could find either confused me more or only led back to her previous residence in Texas. So maybe she still had her residence registered in Texas? That doesn't make any sense but let's back track for a moment.

▶ The Blackout.
Some digging around leads us to her previous address. However, it's inactive and everything else after this is unreliable. Seemed like she was last seen here October 10th, 2017. So she did move, so let's continue the hunt.
View attachment 1015170

▶January 2018
12151 Fremont St
Yucaipa, CA 92399

Our first possible address back from 2017 to 2018. We can confirm this approximate address with a tweet. Marzgurl stated that her dad kicked her out around this time and that she was leaving soon. I can only speculate that this was her dad's house (or a possible relative) because there is another name that shows up at this residence. Montgomery Dicksion. There may be a possibility that this is a storage container place... or... I don't know, let's keep going.
View attachment 1015180
View attachment 1015183
View attachment 1015193
View attachment 1015189

▶April 2018
413 N Market St
Inglewood, CA 90302

There is some lore about this address because this is the address that BHBH probably sent their preservation letter. We can try to connect the dots with more Tweets and Facebook posts. Some public knowledge also shows that somebody by the name of Pamela Clark, who was a possible associate, also lived here. However, Marzgurl claims to have never lived here. I could be wrong about Pamela, even if my speculation was wrong, it doesn't matter.
View attachment 1015196

So why would you redact the address if you've never lived there? I wonder.
View attachment 1015200

Going over more of her social media accounts, she seems to have been mugged around here. After this incident, everything just disappeared...
View attachment 1015202
View attachment 1015203
View attachment 1015204
View attachment 1015206
View attachment 1015207
View attachment 1015208

This idiot just loves to Tweet. You don't live in Inglewood, okay we get it.
View attachment 1015213

So now we're at a dead end. I speculated that she is either lying about being mugged and paid someone to remove her info from the internet or she signed up for some identity theft protection. Either way, speculating about this won't do me any good if she doesn't live there anymore. Let's go back to what we had to work with.

▶October 2018

Digging a little deeper into this address again, we find a few interesting things. Let's start with the paperwork and work our way into connecting the dots.

View attachment 1015219View attachment 1015220

Current owners.
View attachment 1015222View attachment 1015223View attachment 1015224
View attachment 1015225View attachment 1015226View attachment 1015227
View attachment 1015228View attachment 1015229View attachment 1015230
View attachment 1015231View attachment 1015232View attachment 1015233
View attachment 1015234View attachment 1015235View attachment 1015237
View attachment 1015238View attachment 1015239View attachment 1015240
View attachment 1015241

Nice. That doesn't help me much though. Who the heck are these people? Time to ride my bicycle.

▶Exploring the Unknown.

Mark Fujita is writer for Cartoon Network. Things are looking more promising now.
View attachment 1015252

View attachment 1015244

Look at what we have here~
View attachment 1015242

Let's take a look around.
Those powerlines and windows seem to match up.
View attachment 1015258

View attachment 1015253

Roomates. Nice.
View attachment 1015256

Confirmed Torrance.
View attachment 1015249

Let's take a look around inside the house.
View attachment 1015267
View attachment 1015268

Did you spot that?

View attachment 1015269

This room look familiar?
View attachment 1015272
View attachment 1015303

This is the plan for the house and the room she's been streaming from.
Notice the double doors and the window.

View attachment 1015271
View attachment 1015273
View attachment 1015274

And then there's this. Timestamped in the screenshot. They've moved.
View attachment 1015275

Why did they move? I can only speculate that the Fujitas wanted to start a family or renovate the house.
I could be wrong but either way it doesn't matter now.
View attachment 1015276
View attachment 1015289

▶Picking up the pieces.
We're LATE (and gay)... again. For awhile, I tried to to pick up the pieces. From trying to figure out the model of the cars they drove to where Marzgurl supposedly works.

Marzgurl drove a Maroon Chevy Cavalier. Probabably a 1997. I was however able to snag part of the VIN to both vehicles.
View attachment 1015292

Josh drove a Silver Mazda2. Probably 2012.
View attachment 1015293
View attachment 1015296

Even Josh has resorted to taking selfies with a door in the back to hide their whereabouts.
View attachment 1015320

▶Taking Care of Business.

With the recent failure, what else could we use to catch the elusive DoXeMoN? We can try her supposed employer, CaptionMax.
View attachment 1015300

So they've moved from Burbank to Glendale.
View attachment 1015301
View attachment 1015302
View attachment 1015304

That's close to 10 minutes from Burbank to Glendale. That's to confirm their previous location at Torrance.
View attachment 1015306

We're at a dead end again since that doesn't tell us much, except for the fact that she's probably too stupid to find a job somewhere else. She HAS to be around the same area right? There was something I wanted to try.

If you can't beat em, join 'em.

Let's go apartment hunting!
View attachment 1015311

View attachment 1015309

This is a screenshot of the new dump she's supposedly living in.
View attachment 1015312

I spent a few months looking for apartments in the Long Beach area that would match the lifestyle she would go on to live... until I found one that resembled her room.

1 Bed, 1 Bath. Perfect.

View attachment 1015314
View attachment 1015315

Those blinds look like a match.
View attachment 1015319

People usually take selfies in the bathroom. That triple knotched pattern is also a match. Thanks Josh.
View attachment 1015321

Great. So we've got a match, how do we confirm this? California makes voter registration info difficult to access... Or do they?

It's a long shot but we won't know until we try!

View attachment 1015347

:winner:Thanks for reading. Special thanks to the DoXeMoN Trainers Club.:winner:


Jun 9, 2019
It's been a LOOOOOOONG time since I've updated the Doxedex, something happened recently that got me motivated to update them again. You'll see what it is soon!

View attachment 1014430

#15 - Karla Hime Ferrall

#16 - Andrew Ryan Parker

@Coach Kreeton Of All That
View attachment 1014429

#3 - Alec Peters

#4 - Mitchell Alan Horton

View attachment 1014435

#17 - Miles Antony Luna

View attachment 1014428

#1 - Ryan Andrew Mottley

#2 - Ernesto Jason Liebrecht

@PrimrosePath (Lost in the Great Kiwi Leak)
View attachment 1014459

#1 - Brett Andrew Weaver

View attachment 1014432

#1 - Brittney Marie Karbowski

@Kari Kamiya
View attachment 1014431

#1 - Allison Catherine Crooks

View attachment 1014437

#2 - John B Coleman

#3 - Erik Foerster

@Much Ado About Nothing
View attachment 1014490

#1 - Sharon Faye Grigsby

@Tipsy Tea Cup
View attachment 1014436

#5 - Shaun A Salisbury

@Save the Loli
View attachment 1014434

#1 - Mark Anthony Methenitis

What the actual fuck is that. :story:


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Mar 9, 2019

View attachment 1025325
View attachment 1025172
Threadnought Cybertruck ● estockbridge ● Eric Stockbridge

Recently spotted.
View attachment 1025177

This wasn't the first time we've spotted him before.
View attachment 1025178

Let's do some digging.
View attachment 1025179
View attachment 1025180
View attachment 1025181

Nice. Let's go deeper.
View attachment 1025182
View attachment 1025184
View attachment 1025185
View attachment 1025187
View attachment 1025189
View attachment 1025190
View attachment 1025192
View attachment 1025193
View attachment 1025194
View attachment 1025196
View attachment 1025197
View attachment 1025198
View attachment 1025200
View attachment 1025212
View attachment 1025214View attachment 1025203

How embarassing.
- Case # 11-33407
Assets Available - N
Chapter 7
Closed Date -
Court State - TX
Debt Type - Bankruptcy
Discharge Date - 9/12/2011
Entity - M
Filing Date - 5/26/2011
Notice Date - discharged & closed
Objection Date - 9/9/2011
Report Date - 9/13/2011
Schedule - 341 7/11/2011 10:00
Source Type - 1
Court ID - TXN
Division - 3
Judge - Harlin Dewayne Hale
Phone - (214) 753-2000
Debtor Information - Angela Michelle Stockbridge / Eric Benjamin Stockbridge
3624 Longcourt CIR; Mesquite, TX 75150-4365
Attorney - Holly B Guelich
Trustee - Robert Yaquinto

Foreclosure -
3106 Emory Oak Ln, Pearland, TX 77584
Recording Date - 05/17/2011
Document # - 00000F1322 / 00000F1623
Company Code - 5421
FIPS County - Brazoria
Trust or Business - N
Municipal Name - Brazoria
Debtors - Eric B Stockbridge / Angela M Stockbridge
Address - 3106 Emory Oak Ln, Pearland, TX 77584
Original Loan Doc # - 0000019626 / 00000F1671
Original Loan Date - 04/15/2008

But did you catch that?
This faggot always posts pictures of his children and family on Twitter for ass pats, but never pictures of himself because he doesn't want to get doxxed. What a fucking coward.
View attachment 1025215View attachment 1025216View attachment 1025217
View attachment 1025218View attachment 1025219View attachment 1025220
View attachment 1025222View attachment 1025224

In the trash, where you belong.
View attachment 1025225

A fucking coward that hides his face but won't hesitate to post pictures of innocent children for LawTwitter ass-pats.

View attachment 1025228

But wait. There's moar.

View attachment 1025230
View attachment 1025233
View attachment 1025235

Did you see that?
View attachment 1025245

View attachment 1025247

View attachment 1025248
View attachment 1025250
View attachment 1025251
View attachment 1025252

LinkedIn / Archive
View attachment 1025253

Ah, so that's who Anna is.
View attachment 1025254

Sure you could.
View attachment 1025255

Have you looked at yourself?
View attachment 1025256

View attachment 1025257

The hugbox.
View attachment 1025258

Maybe it's just you.
View attachment 1025259

Talk about creepy friends.
View attachment 1025260
View attachment 1025261
View attachment 1025262
View attachment 1025263

How embarassing.

Eviction - Case# CV95101
File Type: CJ
Liability Amount: $350.00
Date Filed: July 27th, 1995
Date Reported: Nov 6th, 1996
Unlawful Detainer: Y

Defendants: Tia Lenamond
1009 Therrell Lane, Terrell, TX 75160
Plaintiff: Gail P Therell

Too late.
View attachment 1025267

Friendly Fire.
View attachment 1025270

Thanks for doxxing yourself.
View attachment 1025271
You mean there's more?
View attachment 1025273
This isn't the first time we've seen him.
View attachment 1025276

Social Media.

I can smell the degeneracy already.
View attachment 1025281View attachment 1025280
View attachment 1025282

Why do you care about Trump so much as a Canadian?

That's pretty gay.

Canada is difficult to doxx. But I'll get you the same way I got Diaper Troon.
View attachment 1025284
View attachment 1025285

View attachment 1025286
View attachment 1025287
View attachment 1025288
View attachment 1025289
View attachment 1025290
View attachment 1025291
View attachment 1025292
View attachment 1025293
View attachment 1025294
View attachment 1025295
View attachment 1025296
View attachment 1025297
View attachment 1025298
View attachment 1025299
View attachment 1025300
View attachment 1025301
View attachment 1025302
View attachment 1025303
View attachment 1025305
View attachment 1025306
View attachment 1025307
View attachment 1025309
View attachment 1025310

Take a tour.

View attachment 1025311
View attachment 1025313


Nice truck.
View attachment 1025314
View attachment 1025316

Cute doggos.
View attachment 1025317
View attachment 1025319

Would be a shame if you were going on a walk with your boyfriend and your dogs.
View attachment 1025320
View attachment 1025321
To Be Continued...
View attachment 1025326

:winner:Special Thanks to the DoXeMoN Trainers Club.:winner:

1. Eric Stockbridge
2. Tia Lenamond Otto/Otto von Bisbark
3. Richard Seviora

View attachment 1025453
OkiyaTsukiko / Matthew Burren / Alex Smith / MattyCephon / AlexCephon / GokuShuzen / Alexgokufrost
View attachment 1025458View attachment 1025459
Everything is archived I will later add the links.
I had not the time to put them in the right order.

You're probably wondering who this guy is.
He's the "girl" who wanted to carve Monica's name on his arm.
View attachment 1025460

Here are a few links to the drama, I won't talk much about the drama in this post because people made enough posts on the farms about it.

View attachment 1025861

A few days after his first appearance on the farms, I pointed out that he was an attention seeking troon.
View attachment 1025462

I made an additional post about him later that day with additional information.
This apparently, piqued the interest of a Twitter user.
After OkiyaTsukiko went private on Twitter,
he contacted @Devilish Bodhisattva on Twitter and told her that he did his own research.
View attachment 1025463
View attachment 1025464

For the "dox" I will call the Twitter user "Nadébin" because he doesn't want to reveal his Twitter handle.

Nadébin found really interesting stuff:
View attachment 1025465

Connecting @OkiyaTsukiko to Matthew Burren

@Devilish Bodhisattva, @Draza, Nadébin and me started working on his dox and connecting his accounts to @OkiyaTsukiko and Matthew Burren.
When we started working on him, he was already in protected mode, but Nadébin already had a few screenshots.
View attachment 1025870View attachment 1025869

They both live in the same area.
View attachment 1025472
View attachment 1025473

If you look at his YouTube, he changed his name from MattyCephon to AlexCephon.
View attachment 1025474

The name change perfectly fits the time frame, since he changed his name around 2015-2016.
(Alex Smith)
View attachment 1025476

He told @Devilish Bodhisattva how old he is.
View attachment 1025884

Both are 26 and trans(MtF).
View attachment 1025856
View attachment 1025855

OkiyaTsukiko has also severe stutter and Asperger's syndrome.
View attachment 1025853

View attachment 1025852

View attachment 1025477
Stutter archives:

Asperger's archives:

The thing is, this isn't the first time someone claims that he's Pedo and Matthew Burren:
View attachment 1025478
This was way back in 2014.

Connection between OkiyaTsukiko and @GokuLegendaryS/@GokuShuzen

He changed his handle @GokuLegendaryS to @GokuShuzen.
View attachment 1025479
His account @GokuShuzen got banned in early February and he created @OkiyaTsukiko.

Nadébin gave us this screenshot of a tweet when OkiyaTsukiko was in protected mode.
View attachment 1025480
Which was deleted after he unlocked his account 2 days ago, and apparently, every mention of "@GokuShuzen" was deleted.
What are you hiding OkiyaTsukiko?

Lol, but he forget to delete "GokuShuzen"
View attachment 1025851

All this could be too much to digest the first time you read it, so to make it easier, I made a table.
View attachment 1025849

And to make it even more clearer:
View attachment 1025848


View attachment 1025845
View attachment 1025846
View attachment 1025847
I think these screenshots show what kind of man we're working with here.

"The sexual offences prevention order banned him from viewing pornography or contacting anyone under 16 years of age."

His FB friendlist:
View attachment 1025502

View attachment 1025506
Looks to me younger than 16.

Or this:
View attachment 1025508
Why does he say he's 17?
To prey minors?

White Knighting

Many people on twitter defended him for being a drama queen and suicide baiting.
And I personally believe they did that because he's ISWV.
Like how stupid can you be to give someone attention just because Monica blocked him.
Even KV called him out, and they were right......
View attachment 1025556
View attachment 1025558
View attachment 1025561
View attachment 1025616

All these people are fucking idiots.
They claim he became ISWV and started to hate Monica after she blocked him.
One little Twitter Search would have shown you that he was lying.
View attachment 1025748
He never liked Monica to begin with.

And he was already ISWV in March.
View attachment 1025758

A wild Chuck appears.
View attachment 1025673

But Come Geek Some takes the cake.
He even defended this pedo in a video, its archived btw ;)
Since they were so eager to defend him without doing their research, they literally protected a child rapist.
How can you be this dumb?

So I did the sensible thing, I created a Twitter account,
which will tag everybody that I found defending him and they will be linked to this dox.

There's so much more:
His Reddit history is such a trash fire, the same goes for his Fanfiction account.
He seems to be hated by the Roleplay community etc.
All this is way too much for one post.

So that should do it for now.
Me or someone else will post additional stuff in the next few days.

At this point I would like to thank everyone who helped to collect all this stuff.

Vielen Dank to @Draza @Devilish Bodhisattva @Much Ado About Nothing and Nadébin.
Special thanks to Nadébin, without him this post would probably not exist.

Really, vielen Dank!

And in A&H practice, here are 2 articles for you guys to comment and quote.
If you don't want to read both, read the second one, that article is from this year.

This article is from October 11. 2019
Isn't it weird that OkiyaTsukiko's PS4 is taken by the police as evidence right now.
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Mar 9, 2019
Another entry for your own dex (which you have yet to post):
View attachment 1027814

View attachment 1027925
View attachment 1027931
View attachment 1027934

View attachment 1027935
View attachment 1027941

View attachment 1027942

View attachment 1027944
View attachment 1027946

Cliff Bower / KorgCrimson / TheCrimsonArmy / KC#1056
View attachment 1028356View attachment 1028360View attachment 1028361

View attachment 1028336

As noted in the lol section above, he made a GFM because he got evicted and was homeless for a couple weeks. He mostly makes videos about the Vic drama and vlog about his homelessness status. His YT was originally made for some dream project he had which he seems to have abandoned 3 videos in, moving onto gaming (3 videos) and finally moving onto the Vic drama which he found his niche in:
View attachment 1028347

I'm not going to bother embedding a couple of his videos here, they're all awful and make YaBoi Zack look like Stanley Kubrick:
View attachment 1028353

He also claims to have Carpal Tunnel:
View attachment 1028364

"It puts the lotion on it's skin or else it gets the hose again"
View attachment 1028288

Grug mad, pedo man make Grug and Grug friends look bad. Grug forgive pedo man, Grug think "she" sorry.
View attachment 1028298

:story: "...behind the backs of both movements." I think we've been pretty open about what goes on here. Either way enjoy these DMs between Korg and IAdaar discussing where our loyalties lie:
View attachment 1028446
View attachment 1028448View attachment 1028449View attachment 1028450View attachment 1028451View attachment 1028452View attachment 1028453View attachment 1028454View attachment 1028455View attachment 1028456

View attachment 1028424

View attachment 1028499


Hello fellow kiwis! Do you guys remember that sped. That one sped who thought it was a great idea of sending a threat to Chupp and to the Tarrant County Courthouse.
[email protected]?
View attachment 1033999
That weeb?


Welcome to another episode of DoXeM0n! Allow me to introduce you to:

View attachment 1033974

Zachary Taylor Jensen/ Zachary Jenson /masterofpirates/thMasterPirates/Mstrofpyrats/MoP

Name: Zachary Taylor Jensen (occasionally there are records of surname being spelled Jenson)
Age: 28
DOB: 06/14/1991
Civil status: Single, very single. Probably not looking.
Proud weeb, and fierce keyboard warrior.

Zachary Taylor Jensen was born into the family of a christian family in Red Wing Minnesota. He has many siblings, and a seemingly solid homelife. Their home is nestled in between what appears to be a parking lot for heavy machinery and a career oppertunity center across the street.

1526 W 3rd StRed Wing, MN 55066 2167
View attachment 1033894
1526 W 3rd StRed Wing, MN 55066 2167

He studied business administration at Winona State University, and has used this email for just about every thing he has ever done!
There he resided right next to the university at:
1223 W Howard St Winona MN 55987-2469
View attachment 1033898
He graduated earlier this year in May, and moved back home to his parents. Because that's the sensible thing to do after you accrued a bunch of debt.
Zach is also ia horrible driver and has a record than no less than 3 different driving infractions. In which he received a fines, and community service for. These are attached below for your reading pleasure. The young man owns a 2008 Dodge Avenger, automatic transmission. Attached information below as well.

AIM is: "Mstrofpyrats"
He also has a snapchat, I been unable to locate it; but he goes by Zach Jensen as illustrated by photo on his facebook. As late of 19th may this year.
View attachment 1033977

What we can garner from the information gathered is that he is into My Little Pony, he is also an avid Chris-chan fan!
As you can tell from the fact that he made an user on the CWC wiki. I also found some of his family's Facebooks and from there I managed to get a few good pictures.
View attachment 1033929
This is from May 10th 2019 when he graduated.

View attachment 1033909 View attachment 1033910
Screenshots from his friendlist. Which is sparse.

So how did this all come about? How did the dots connect.

I just happened to find his name attached to the email during the search, and although the address didn't match, I simply expanded my search and found a house right across the road that belonged to a Jensen family, they had a son who was named Zachary. Later on when I found his court-records I found his full name and DOB.

He was also an avid user of Flash flash revelution and partook in events and competitions, amongst them: Hentai's tourney
He also was into cosplay once upon a time
This is his profile picture, we're not sure it is Kenpachi or Coolio, either way it is cultutal appropriation and a big no no
View attachment 1033960

His Flashflash revulution profile:
Pictures he has there:

Took part in many tournaments, including:

There are also logs of his tourneys in his phohtobucket

Flash flash revulotion

He also made the honour roll in 2008 at Red Wing High School.
So he gotta be a fairly normal upstanding citizen .....

Seems innocent enough right? Nothing too horrible. Who wasn't a bit pervy and weeby as a teen?
Just a guy, with 5 friends, 3 girls, Chris-Chan and My Little Pony. Doesn't scream incel at all does it? No this is a completely healthy member of society. A young man with a few mistakes in his past.

That was I thought as well. As one does however, one digs. In my case, I scrolled down the first page of results and happened upon an old wiki page. Thinking this was another wiki he was a member and user of I decided to check it out, only to find following.
View attachment 1033914

To quote parts directly from this page:

Masterofpirates joined POTD in early 2004, with his account, Magus 45, while looking for a Xenogears FAQ. He eventually got tired with his account and preformed a suicide. In late 2004 he made another account, Masterofpirates (MOP). Master of pirates is a cross between a metallica song (Master of puppets) and pirates (He made his account during the extremely popular Pirates vs Ninjas fad) MasterofPirates was B7 for the famous CP incident. He posted with MstrofPyrats for some time after the incident, but it was banned later on, for linking people to a shock picture. He is currently posting with the account thMasterPirates (Because TheMasterPirate was taken) but he still goes by the name "MoP"
Mop was a member of another social board for most of 2002 and 2003 so he felt right at home, on potd. Some of his favorite posters are: Warald, SF1, MarioGolfMaster, Quily2002, Kure, Temo, Wario Vs Moo Chicken and Ryu.

Paradiso Pirates made a paradiso account in late September of 2005. He has an average of 11 posts a day. Because of his addiction to Guro and Lolicon, some potders have dubbed him "Mini Warald". The CP incident has given him a status as a pedophile

Outside of potd Pirate's AIM is: "Mstrofpyrats". He likes playing literari with other potders, even though he's terrible at it. He also has a lvl 56 Night Elf Druid in WoW (On the Thrall server) MoP actually has a girlfriend (Who is the in fact, the same age as him) and they've been going out for three months.

Zachary Taylor Jensen, got his ass banned from a forum because he linked childporn! But, hey, masterofpirates is a common nickname, it could belong to anyone right? Who doesn't want to be Captain Jack Sparrow? Well, this is where shit hits the fan. I found an old photobucket with the username: Mstrofpyrats
Long and behold! Same guy. A little younger, a little more weeby, but same guy. In fact, there is a picture of him available on facebook with the very same hairstyle.
View attachment 1033924 View attachment 1033930
Photobucket Facebook

So we have now learned that he is truly Mstrofpyrats/masterofpirates from this forum, and yes, he dabbled in childporn. More worrying is the words Lolicon and Guro. To those not in the know of what Guro is. It is basically dismemberment, violence, gore. Blood, missing limbs etc. That's what gets his juices flowing. And this was around 2005 when he was a mere 14-15 years old.

It does get worse you see:
@AnOminous found his Rule34 back when the court document containing this threat was found, and did witness some atrocious Chris-chan drawn porn there. Which would match with Zach's keen and unusual interest in Chris-Chan. However, he should praise himself blessed he stopped there. Because by the time he joined and was active on Rule34, in and around 2010-2013, his perversions had gotten a notch worse. Sure the images he likes are still drawn, but it doesn't make them any less worrying or disguising.

He is very clearly into children. There's some women with breasts there as well, but he does consider them often 'too old'. He is still very much into Goru, and has a special place for Lisa Simpson, the pinkhaired girl from a kid's television show, dora the explorer and bleach.
To just illustrate how bad his fetishes are I am merely going to list them: guro, shota, lolicon, toddlercon, beastiality, gay, futa, gore, rape.

But, how do we know it is him? Well, like the other forum, his powerlevelling is present.
View attachment 1033939

The really terrible news however is a post he made in 2011
View attachment 1033944

Normally with all the hurr hurrs, I'd assume a joke, but due to the level of this guys depravity I can not say for sure it truly is. Because, yes, he does have sisters. Several of them, and they'd match the agespan in this comment. How many Minnesotan residents could there be out there with the nickname masterofpirates, with a fetish for exactly the same as Zach, who also a has a sister fitting the agespan.

Other gems from him includes things like:
View attachment 1033947
View attachment 1033949
View attachment 1033950
View attachment 1033953

So we can say with certainty that this is him.

Other things that was discerned from the commentary that stretched 17 pages, that all were nightmarish I assure you was that:
He's most likely a 4chan user, she also plays skyrim.His email is attached to the nexus mods forums, but there has been no success in finding a username.

All Rule 34 things down below; it's disgusting you're warned. I also noticed that some of the archived stuff has been removed, probably because they are gross and terrible:





Futa =/= gay [futa, rape, beastiality ]


Fap to all childporn [He fetishes lisa from the simpson, and incest]

Give us sophia [ shota zombie rape ]

Lazy Town
"lol who cares. Pedo is just a word"

"Too old" mlp as a person, has boobs, deemed to old for him



The chris-chan connection

Bleach rape zaraki x gin [masterofpirates used to cosplay as zaraki]

More kenpachi gay stuff[ but he's totally not gay you guys]

Goru bleach reference

"I live in minnesota" | picture of wendy getting bukkakked

More this town pink hair girl [loli]

Goru redhead anime woman

More MLP Loli

Kids ...toddlers....what is wrong with this guy

Dora the explorer loli goru

More MLP

The email account is also connected towards: canva, something called xsplit which would hint to him doing streaming of some sort at some point in time, myspace, mindjolt, and nexus mods.

The username seem to have mostly fallen out of use in favour for another around 2013-2014 which was the last one saw of him on the Rule 34 forums. I been unable to find the new one and I can not tell you where he now lurks in the depths of the web. Most likely he has taken on a new nickname that he loves and adores, He is IOSWV; as confirmed by @AnOminous
View attachment 1034048

Since no old account references either. I been unable to find his more recent ones. Most likely he is on twitter still, and most likely he is on 4chan still.

What can be informed is where he lives, and that is still in Red Wing Minnesota with his parents. What is more worrying however is that his sisters have children now and they are toddlers, which is just about the time Zach will start to take an interest in them. I will ask people to not have their child around him. Down below I will place everything I archived in relation to this guy that for some reason didn't make it to the mainbody of the post.


emo midget:
car gif:
big butts:
dancing guy:
Evangelion 1:
Evangelion 2:
Evangelion 3:
Evangelion 4:
Evangelion 5:
Zachary T Jensen Selfie:
goff something:

Flash flash revulotion
graduated this year in may

long hair




Lastly I would like to thank the DoxeMon team who has assisted me along the way. Special thanks to: @Tipsy Tea Cup for the help along the way.
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Even though I posted it as part of the OP:

The credit for discovering John Michael Kelly's current dox should go to @Tipsy Tea Cup.

Also, @damian, DOX FOR THE DOX GOD!!!!!!!!!

View attachment 1053896
Jesse Fisher/JessieBugg (@JessieBuggLoves) /EmpressNero/BissyMMD/Bissy/fisherjesse02/jcgam3rz/NekoBoyMMD

View attachment 1053831View attachment 1053922View attachment 1054547View attachment 1054567

Member of KickVic and self proclaimed troon. This young and upcoming sped blipped on the radar when he engaged in a "civilized" discussion with members of ISWV.

View attachment 1054095View attachment 1054098View attachment 1054100View attachment 1054188

He has since taken the time to try and expose people, some of which are ISWV, that post uncensored hentai on their Twitter profiles while calling them pedophiles.

View attachment 1054191View attachment 1054193View attachment 1054195
View attachment 1054198View attachment 1054199View attachment 1054201
View attachment 1054372

His reason for doing this?

View attachment 1054214

He hates things that "sexually exploit children". Yet it doesn't stop him from retweeting images that "sexually exploit children" in one of his other Twitter profiles however...

View attachment 1054228View attachment 1054245View attachment 1054252

And in case anyone is wondering if that's really him.

View attachment 1054271

But speaking of actual pedophiles...

View attachment 1054278View attachment 1054279View attachment 1054355

The kid was so thirsty for those nudes he even set up a paypal to get funds a day later.

View attachment 1054394

But moving on. Not content with making a fool of himself twice, he goes on to make a post stating that a member of ISWV took things further and threatened to kill him.

View attachment 1054425View attachment 1054427View attachment 1054426

The post got quite a bit of traction to the point that some of the more well known KV stans retweeted it.

View attachment 1054447 View attachment 1054448 View attachment 1054449

The account in question was actually created sometime this month and the only tweets to come out from it were made around the same time as Jessie's post.

View attachment 1054485

It couldn't be gayops, right?

View attachment 1054530

It's not like this is the first time that a literal who tried to do gayops for asspats and recognition, right? It's not like KickVic is known for taking things at face value without first fact checking, right?

View attachment 1054739

Hope it was worth it, kiddo. Time will tell what will come out of this or what this kid will do next...but for now...

View attachment 1054582DoxView attachment 1054581

Did we get 'em?

Sure we did.

View attachment 1053923

Name: Jesse Fisher
Age: 17 years old
Date of Birth: May 24, 2002
Address: USA, Kentucky Boyd County
21003 Bolts Fork Rd, Rush, KY 41168-9083
Email: [email protected]

Jesse Fisher Facebook Profile:
JessieBugg Steam Profile:
JessieBugg YT Channel:
EmpressNero Twitter Profile:
BissyMMD Twitch Profile:
BissyMMD Instagram Profile:
Jessie92472483 Suspended Twitter Profile:
BissyMMD Wolven Territory Profile:
BissyMMD Silentium Servers Profile:
Jcgam3rz Twitch Channel:
Bissy Spotify Profile:
NekoBoyMMD Paypal:
Jessie Fisher Facebook Profile:
Jessie Bugg Steam Profile:
Jessie Bugg YT Channel:
EmpressNero Twitter:
BissyMMD Twitch Profile:
BissyMMD Instagram:
Jessie92472483 Suspended Twitter Profile:*
BissyMMD Wolven Territory Profile:
BissyMMD Silentium Servers:
Jcgam3rz Twitch Channel:
Bissy Spotify Profile:
NekoBoy MMD Paypal:

Family: Jerry Joe Fisher (Father) and Deborah Fisher (Mother)
View attachment 1053928

Angelica Fisher (Sister)
View attachment 1053930View attachment 1054010

Jeremy Fisher (Brother)
View attachment 1053933

Russ Shanafelt (Brother)
View attachment 1054714

Jacob Fisher (Brother)
View attachment 1053935View attachment 1053936View attachment 1053938


This one was probably a long time coming:
I don't like ANN, so I felt the need to expedite this one.

View attachment 1061919
Zac Bertschy / Zachary T Bertschy / Actionzacku

View attachment 1061744
View attachment 1061255View attachment 1061256View attachment 1061742View attachment 1061745

🎂: November 1, 1979
✉: [email protected]
📞: (714) 837-7881
📷: @actionzacku
❤: Jacob Chapman
View attachment 1061862

View attachment 1061253
View attachment 1061738

It must suck dealing with the IRS and being $20K in debt.

Lien – Case # 239431
Filing Date5/13/2009Report Date12/19/2017Filing DescriptionFX - Federal Tax LienJudgement Amount$18,600Debtor Address2008 Deerpark DR, Fullerton, CA 92831

Lien – Case # 2009000510505
Filing Date9/25/2009Report Date10/27/2009Filing TypeSTJudgement Amount$4,190Debtor Address2008 Deerpark DR, Fullerton, CA 92831Plaintiff Law FirmSTATE OF CALIFORNIACourtORANGE COUNTY - RECORDER OF DEEDSCourt IDCAORAC1

Lien – Case # 2009000239431
Filing Date5/13/2009Report Date6/23/2009Filing TypeFTJudgement Amount$18,600Debtor Address2008 Deerpark DR, Fullerton, CA 92831Plaintiff Law FirmINTERNAL REVENUE SERVICECourtORANGE COUNTY - RECORDER OF DEEDSCourt IDCAORAC1

Lien – Case # 510505
Filing Date9/25/2009Filing TypeJFiling DescriptionSX - State Tax LienJudgement Amount$4,190

View attachment 1061868
View attachment 1061871

Shit taste.
View attachment 1061886

Self hating gayb0i.
View attachment 1061896

View attachment 1061895
View attachment 1061898
View attachment 1061899View attachment 1061911

Literally spends most of his time arguing what a "fan" is.

View attachment 1061900

When the tool cites Mike Toole as a good writer.

View attachment 1061901

These people have no personality or redeeming qualities outside of being gay 🏳️‍🌈.
View attachment 1061902

Gay. Fandom. Gay. Fandom. NPC Repeat.
View attachment 1061903

They all used to ride Vic's dick when he was popular.

View attachment 1061904

View attachment 1061905

His personal BLOG.

Of course, it wouldn't be an ANN article if they weren't gay and like huffing each other's farts every chance they get by citing their own sources.

View attachment 1061906

Seems to be notorious on the ANN write up.

Liars gotta stick together.

Seems like we aren't the only ones who have been jerking off him.
ANN staff continues to be the amalgamation of human sewage.

Another weirdo:
Sirs and Madames! Ladies and Gentlemen! Herren undt fraulein! Welcome to another episode of DoxeMon!

Today I am happy to bring you a person who was discovered and pointed out by the one and only @Nontransferable. A fiesty redhead who is practically worthy of her own thread. She claimed Vic creeped on her, at some con, that one time, doing that thing.
View attachment 1062175

Allow me to introduce you to:
View attachment 1062052View attachment 1062129View attachment 1062122View attachment 1062125

Samatha Paige Privette/Sam Privette/Sam Fritz/Adagio.For.The.Sun/foxgloveliest/transseiya/metalventcoq/barbhlland/ofproperform/Fox Malone

Name: Samantha Paige Privette
Age: 26
Date of Birth: 17th April 1993
She's an Aries
Discord: The FBI#4441
Has a "boyfriend"


She resides in Orlando Florida.
2655 Ashville St Orlando FL 32818-9018

View attachment 1062056

Samantha, is a 26 year old woman, boy, wait, let me just get her twitter profile. One moment.
View attachment 1062065

Samantha here is a 26 year old trans demiboy, this is their public but private twitter. He/him, also occasionally them/they. Human shitpost generator. Who resides in Orlando Florida. They are constantly out of money, and feel the need to e-beg in various ways. She does have an actual job, but claims her mother keeps taking her money from her. Somehow. I guess. Not like you get it right in the bank or anything.

Needing money
complaining about mom

They have a Kofi where someone, last, bought her a 'coffee' two months ago

To absolutely no one's surprise she is also a tumblr-user, or as some fine cultured folks on the farms like to call 'em: Tumblrina.
How is she one you may ask? Aside the vague accusations directed towards Vic, where I assume she was 15-16 like her friend. She also claims to be disabled. It is mentioned in many tweets, and she actually claims to sometimes having to use a wheelchair, like her boyfriend sometimes have to.

View attachment 1062097

Of course, she is also a tumblr user and has at least two tumblr accounts: &

This is where one could perhaps garner she was potentially pagan, she refers to this tumblr: foxgloveliest as "Witcblr". From another account where this tumblr is linked to, they use the name Fox Malone as the words that links them.

As pointed out before she also e-begs for moneys. May it be to be able to afford food, shots for her cats, who she has been trying to give away for months now. Unsuccessfully I may add. They're cute. They deserve a good home. Someone please adopt them. Save them!

Anyhow, to earn this money she attempts to sell art and writing. You can find examples of her works here:

Deviant Art

Twitter posts:
View attachment 1062103

When you look into her deviantart you'll see some records of cosplay, but nothing telling of ever going to a convention. In fact, there isn't a mention of vic or a convention at all on their twitter either aside that one tweet. I even looked at her old twitter:
Still nothing. Nada Zilch.

Also found them on etsy, and thought, hey, least this time I am not looking into a perv right?! right!?
I was correct, sort of. I am just happy this one is not a pedo. They do like harnesses, lace collars and gags though.
They also have favourited some bibs for whatever reason, but they resemble scarves so it's not that bad

Gems such as:
View attachment 1062115 View attachment 1062116View attachment 1062118View attachment 1062119View attachment 1062120

The other one, metalventcoq is fairly normie, with liking just normie shit. So yeah, this ain't so bad overall.

They also have a "boyfriend" which she appears to have tried to keep secret from mom. Her terrible terrible mom that offered that he could move in with them so they'd save on expenses. I still have no clue what their disability is. Aside it includes her having to use a wheelchair once in a while. And rant about it on twitter. For reasons of course.
View attachment 1062173
The boyfriend is a FtM, whom obsesses over dinosaurs. "He" is also disabled, although, just like with her I am unsure what this disability truly is.

At the end of looking into her I will say I still do not know or understand what their profile descriptor means or is. I am unsure if she ever moved in with her boyfriend or nah. Still only found one address on her, so that's what I am putting here. On facebook she had the entirety of 2 friends. One which was dead, may they rest in peace, and the other one her super abusive mom.

In the end I found no records of her even attending a convention. I did find some evidence of cosplay on her deviantart. At first I did think perhaps those were taken at a convention but it was continiously just her, or her and one friend and no one else. Which is uncommon for convention photos since they tend to be packed. She has not made a mention of Vic elsewhere before this tweet, and not that I can find since. However if anyone finds anything, do @ me and I will put it in this post.

Between the e-begging, disabilities, attempt at giving away her cats, selling her 'art and writing, I am curious if you all feel she was perhaps clout chasing and looking for some attention from her Vic post, rather than putting in any legit claim. A lil bit o'clout one could say.

View attachment 1076245

Ryan Zane Furlong/Borisof007/boristheblade/urduro/cashrockthunder/cash rock thunder mammal/the italian

View attachment 1076414
View attachment 1076250 View attachment 1076257View attachment 1076261

Another KickVic moralfag for the evergrowing pile. Like all the rest, he's been pretty vocal against Vic throughout 2019.

View attachment 1076294 View attachment 1076300 View attachment 1076301 View attachment 1076304 View attachment 1076308 View attachment 1076309

Even more: (from:borisof007)&src=typed_query

He's even left a little unseemly, now deleted comment for everyones favorite dub elitist, Zero. In a tweet that had nothing to do with Vic no less.

View attachment 1076532 View attachment 1076533

But back to Vic.

What a trooper, right? Standing up to that filthy, disgusting sex pest.

View attachment 1076331

And who could forget how that "sexual predator" treated his ex-fiance. It's a good thing we have good men like Ryan to parrot the same thing constantly to remind us, right?

Well, maybe it would be...if our boy Ryan here didn't have a history of being unfaithful himself.

View attachment 1076338 View attachment 1076339

Quite the deviant this guy. Going to "massage parlors", sleeping with hookers and then leaving his fiance for another woman named Melissa.

But it gets better. Because he cheated on that chick too.

View attachment 1076350 View attachment 1076356 View attachment 1076357 View attachment 1076363
View attachment 1076374 View attachment 1076390

Hell, he even got added to a site for reporting cheaters. Just this year in fact.

View attachment 1076403

This guy just can't keep his dick under control can he?

View attachment 1076409

Sure you do. Does she know about your past? Not cheating on her are you?

View attachment 1076480 View attachment 1076460

That goes both ways, bud. Time for...

View attachment 1076412DoxView attachment 1076412

Did we catch 'em?

Doxemon captured.

View attachment 1076249

Name: Ryan Zane Furlong
Age: 34
DoB: November 17, 1985
Email(s) : [email protected], [email protected]
Address: 29858 Clearbrook Cir Hayward CA 94544

Ryan Zane Furlong Facebook Profile:
Ryan Furlong Linkedin Profile:
Borisof007 Twitter Profile:
Borisof007 Twitch Channel:
Borisof007 Instagram Profile:
Borisof007 Overwatch Player Profile:
Borisof007 Overwatch Forums Profile:
Borisof007 Reddit Profile:
Borisof007 Youtube Channel:
Borisof007 Xim Community Profile:;u=8660
Borisof007 League of Legends Forum Profile:
Borisof007 Hearthpwn Profile:
Borisof007 Tom's Hardware Forum Profile:
Urduro TrueAchievements Profile:

View attachment 1076487

Don't worry. You don't have to be alone.

View attachment 1076492 View attachment 1076558 View attachment 1076561

Name: Alexandria Cully
Age: 33
DoB: June 24, 1986
Address: 29858 Clearbrook Cir Hayward CA 94544

Alexandria Cully Facebook Profile:
Alexandria Cully Startup Jobs Profile:
Alexandria Cully Linkedin Profile:
Urisaurius Twitter Profile:

Special thanks to @Draza and @Yuusha-sama for helping find this cheater.

Happy New Year.
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