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Mar 9, 2019
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Oh, boy. Kickvic has been a little rowdy lately! While my previous doxing spree on ISWV was satisfying and lulzy, I most certainly haven't forgotten about the other side.

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Tyler J Adam / DestroyTyler / adamfsh6 / Wizardo The Bimbo / Ty Ty Holler
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Kickvic's recent rowdiness has lead me to... well, more options to discover when it comes to amusing, yet painfully stupid speds to research. Tyler here has been one of the more outspoken ones as of late, it seems he's always been around and somehow slipped under the radar, but no longer. While I have been exploring Twitter here and there to find more suitable candidates since the Weeb Wars battleground has been slightly more lively due to the recent convention controversy with Vic Mignogna, it was our very own quacking Kiwi, @PorkeyDuck that discovered him in his initial posts last Saturday. Porkey made two posts on him. One post showcasing Tyler's Twitter Warrior retardation with going at Vic Supporters, saying the accusations were proven true, and when asked for such proof, Tyler hurls insults. The second post Porkey made covered him crying about whitey using the nigga word, and his older tweets showing him dropping said n-bombs.

Porkey's initial posts can be seen
here and here. I'll post all that Porkey had archived in spoilers to avoid redundancy for those already aware of this guy, and to keep all of his stupidity compiled on one thread.

Just to show he's a hypocrite before you explore the nigga tweets:
View attachment 2010306

My Personal Favorite:
View attachment 2010288

As you can see, Tyler here has gone off the rails to full on call Vic a pedophile and a rapist. He treats the TCPA hearing failure as a solid confirmation of Vic's guilt with all the accusations. At this point, you should know this goofy looking manlet is full of shit and not to be taken seriously. As for the nigga tweets, I can hear some people now: "Gee, these are old tweets, why are they brought up?" People on the BelieveWahman side of things, like Kickvic and those like them, are not against pulling up old news to cancel someone. So it's only fitting Tyler's dirty laundry gets aired. See, the nigga tweets is just the tip of this autistic iceberg. Allow me to enlighten my fellow kiwis on just what else he's shat out over the years on his Twitter account.

A recent tweet shows Tyler is very sensitive to the subject of... rape!
View attachment 2010309

View attachment 2010316

I'm not sure what happened between now and the passing years, but Tyler wasn't at all sensitive about the subject. Quite the opposite, in fact.

View attachment 2010319View attachment 2010322

View attachment 2010325View attachment 2010327

View attachment 2010328View attachment 2010329

View attachment 2010331

Tyler has quite the Tweeting history! Has he apologized for his recent actions here? Maybe all that virtue signaling and brownie points on Twitter he's trying to rake in will save him. However, I'm not done yet. See, the rape shit alone here isn't all I have in regards to Tyler being a creepy mother fucker. See, Tyler likes porn. I mean, he REALLY likes porn. Because holy shit, has he tweeted about it. So much so, that he tried to break into the porn business!

View attachment 2010340

And no, this was not a joke:
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View attachment 2010342View attachment 2010343

View attachment 2010344View attachment 2010345

View attachment 2010347View attachment 2010348

View attachment 2010349View attachment 2010350

View attachment 2010352View attachment 2010353

View attachment 2010356View attachment 2010358

There's so much porn tweeting. I got most of the lulzy shit, I only have so much time in a day to archive. Here's more if you're not convinced he's a creepy, porn obsessed shit stain.
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I'm sure ladies everywhere will love to let this stunning and brave manlet record them getting freaky on his casting couch. Who could say no to this?

View attachment 2010368

His Instagram had some real treats. See, Tyler here wasn't afraid to show off that he got an anime tattoo on his leg.

View attachment 2010370

For someone that's sensitive to rape and doesn't like anime fans and whitey around women, he sure didn't mind sticking a Brazzers meme on underage kids on his Instagram either.

View attachment 2010372

All of his photos were taken from his Instagram. In case he tries to say it's not him, let's do some comparisons.

Instagram Pic featured above:
View attachment 2010383

Tweets showing off his manlet self:
View attachment 2010390View attachment 2010391

He took a picture with a wrestler that looked ever so thrilled to deal with Tyler. Same picture is on his Instagram and Twitter:
View attachment 2010393View attachment 2010396

The idiot has also confirmed his own name on Twitter, as well as his birthdate when showing off his covid testing.

View attachment 2010397View attachment 2010403

View attachment 2010406View attachment 2010407

With all the factors above, it wasn't hard, like, at all to locate good ol Tyler. Like so many of my other write ups, the sperging and stupidity on display had me deem him a worthy specimen to research, and to show off to the world. A Kickvic dox was well overdue, and I'd hate for them to think that they were being left alone just because I went on my own doxing spree on ISWV. Don't worry, gaiz. I loves me some KV too.

Name: Tyler J Adam
DOB: 1 August 1991 (29 Years Old)
79 Strawberry Hill Rd.
Bristol, CT 06010

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View attachment 2010414
View attachment 2010415

An overly woke, #believewahmen dox was well overdue for this thread. Tyler here decided to ride that white horse to save the oppressed womenz in anime on Twitter. Unfortunately, he forgot his safety helmet and his autistic shit flinging is wild and unrestrained. He cried about Vic doing dirty things in the 2000's and even the 90's. If Vic's alleged past is that important, then Tyler's own history can be shown off. The distinct difference here? I just proved that Tyler was - and still most likely is, a creepy late term abortion. Maybe it's because he was born a near midget and has that downy face. Tyler likes to scream rapist and pedo, but he won't prove any of it. Good luck convincing anyone someone else is dangerous with your internet history, Tyler Adam. You've earned your place here, and those archived tweets will immortalize your name and your actions.

Credit to @PorkeyDuck for discovering this shithead and archiving the initial Vic hate and nigga tweets.
Credit to @Coach Kreeton Of All That for helping me get the killshot on the dox info and for making the banner art.
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Another one for the record!


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Mar 9, 2019
Lonnie Ray Henderson II / Untitled Nerd Network / TheRealUNN / TheTwilightGMR / Vvardenfellspy

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Social Media:
Full Name: Lonnie Ray Henderson II
Birthdate: November 24, 1983
Address: 5700 Roper St Apt F4, Chattanooga, TN 37412
View attachment 2030775
Also owns property in Georgia: 38 Selman Ave, Summerville, GA 30747
View attachment 2030776
First brought to our attention by @Son of Sparda 84, this self-admitted "Proud Soy Boy" has a "mission of social justice and equality in the nerd community." As such, it is no surprise that he is KickVic:
View attachment 2030681
View attachment 2030686
And, of course, him vowing to facilitate the removal of Vic Mignogna from Metrotham Con:
Now that his involvement in Weeb Wars has been established, let's look into his background!

Political Ambitions
Lonnie here shares something in common with T. Greg Doucette: they're failed politicians.
He originally lived in La Fayette, Georgia, and ran for Walker County Commissioner in 2015:
However, he met stiff competition:
And lost:
Womp Womp.

Legal Troubles
Now, Lonnie has had a couple of legal issues in his past.
First, he was involved in a Civil Judgement in 2006 that had an amount of $1,514.00 attached to it:
View attachment 2030724
Unfortunately, I do not have the court documents to go into details about the case. Perhaps someone with that kind of access can provide this bit of information?
Lonnie also had a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in 2006, too. It was discharged in 2010:
View attachment 2030730
View attachment 2030734

Known Associates

Amber Marie McNabb / alibragirl22 / amberlicious999
View attachment 2030759
This is Lonnie's cohost on his YouTube channel.
Social Media:
Facebook: (archive:
Did I mention that Lonnie's polyamorous? It would explain why Amber and Lonnie are living together:

View attachment 2030771
Amber's had her own share of legal troubles:
View attachment 2030780

Alex Waters / WatersOnAir
View attachment 2030787

"Public Figure" and local DJ
Social Media:
Twitter: (archive:
Facebook: (archive:
SoundCloud: (archive:
Bio from WVHT-FM Hot 100:

What's he like on Twitter?

Clockwork Calamity

View attachment 2030807
Cosplayer with no grace.
Social Media:
Twitter: (archive:
Facebook: (archive:
Patreon: (archive:
Model Mayhem: (archive:

OnlyFans: (archive:
Absolutely HARAM:

That pretty much wraps it up.

Special thanks to @Coach Kreeton Of All That and @The Holmes.


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Mar 9, 2019
Michael Dios/Scorching-Whirlwind/Falcouge/captcomm2020/falcougefanclub/immortalvk
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Alleged Instagram (Old)


DeviantArt (Deavtivated)

DOB: 06/26/1986
View attachment 2077672
View attachment 2078345
This was given to me and he was sent gummy dicks
View attachment 2077091
View attachment 2077095

This autistic crybully machild caught my attention after seeing this tweet but he claims he doesn't own an Instagram account. Done a bit of digging and then thats when I started autistically archived his shit. The more I dig the more shit I found. That's when I started asking for info because of how much of a lolcow he is.

View attachment 2076785View attachment 2076824

Old instagram
View attachment 2076832
What I was able to get before it got removed

This is the new instagram that he says is not his. He might be telling the truth or it could be an attempt to make him look innocent.
He made a tweet about it hours after made this post
View attachment 2078045
Attention Aquired
Update: added 2 more archives
He made rants about being kicked out of a discord for using an emoji. Thats only a small part of why he got banned
View attachment 2076982View attachment 2077000
View attachment 2077009

View attachment 2077437
View attachment 2077438
View attachment 2077439

Here is CrazySean. A kickvic retard who whiteknights that crybully
View attachment 2077443
View attachment 2077446
View attachment 2077451
View attachment 2077454
View attachment 2077455
View attachment 2077459
View attachment 2077460

View attachment 2077463View attachment 2077466
View attachment 2077468
View attachment 2077469
View attachment 2077470
View attachment 2077471
View attachment 2077474
View attachment 2076985

View attachment 2076986View attachment 2076988View attachment 2076989

View attachment 2076977
View attachment 2077002View attachment 2077006View attachment 2077007

I was told that Fr0sty knows that manchild for a few months
View attachment 2077492
View attachment 2077493View attachment 2077494
View attachment 2077496
View attachment 2077497
View attachment 2077498
View attachment 2077499
View attachment 2077500View attachment 2077502

View attachment 2077501
View attachment 2077503

Now here is Lilly Gardevoir
View attachment 2077510
View attachment 2077511
View attachment 2077512
View attachment 2077514
View attachment 2077517
View attachment 2077519

This is one of the reasons why I'm making this
View attachment 2077520
View attachment 2077522View attachment 2077523
View attachment 2077524View attachment 2077526
View attachment 2077527
View attachment 2077528
View attachment 2077530
View attachment 2077531
View attachment 2077532View attachment 2077534
View attachment 2077538
View attachment 2077541

View attachment 2077542
Maybe its because you people are pieces of shits
View attachment 2077485
View attachment 2077487
He claimed he doesn't know Lilly but is some post from his instagram says otherwise.
And I haven't seen this lilly garda made any tweets about Vic on twitter
View attachment 2076942View attachment 2076962
View attachment 2076968
Was giving this screenshot. Was told that person doesn't know why that retard sent the DM.
View attachment 2076946

View attachment 2078004
View attachment 2078005View attachment 2078011View attachment 2078014
View attachment 2078017
View attachment 2078018View attachment 2078019
View attachment 2078021View attachment 2078023
View attachment 2077609

I've been told guy who is friend with him is a pedo. Was also told that Falcouge defends him.

Something I was given. Will add more

I will add more later because I need a fucking break. I don't want to risk having to make it and organizing all these screenshots and archives over again. My mind feels fatigued making it
View attachment 2077631

This guy is a fan of a capcom game called Power Stones and ships two characters name Falcon and Rouge.
He gets very spergy when someone ships Falcon and Ayame, a 16 year old ninja, and calls anyone who likes that ship a pedophile



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Mar 9, 2019
I'm sure Emmet and the rest of the band of merry faggots will still give Andy his ass pats despite acting like a complete piece of shit over and over. It can be mind blowing how they want to cry about Vic and everyone else but these people are JUST FINE! One of them caught my attention, thanks to Porkey always bringing us the finest of retards to behold. That would be Michael, AKA LordofAnime. At first, I wasn't going to do a full on dox of this dipshit, as my usual victims have harder sperging with a side of degeneracy. But my ongoing investigation of this massive fuckwit encouraged me otherwise.

Michael here isn't as insane as my recent bout of doxes, he's much more tamer admittedly. However, Michael here is a tragic tale of Trump Derangement Syndrome combined with delusional stupidity that is heightened by powerful faggotry. Much of said faggotry has already been seen in his quest to cry out daily about Vic man bad.

View attachment 2115229

Lol, just trust him, bros. He's totally a sane, rational individual who doesn't make shit up to push a narrative. Well, I can't outright prove he's lying but I can show off just enough of his shit tier takes that he's either really fucking stupid and delusional or a liar. Personally I think it's both. Porkey and others have shown off a good bit of his heroic attempts to convince everyone that Vic is the dirty sexual harassment monster that people claim him to be, so I want to showcase what else has come out of his autistic dick holster to further prove why he should be further ridiculed. Like his attempt to suck off Emmet saying he got chased around in a Trek convention because he was wearing a Trek shirt.

View attachment 2115617

C'mon, ladies... homos, film producers. You know you'd chase this handsome guy around if he was wearing a nice, tight trek uniform. Just look into those alluring eyes.
View attachment 2115627

Maybe it's that seductive, powerful gaze of his that has him living with chicks. Because he'll tell you, he knows all about living with them and their habits.

View attachment 2115578

Lol, what kind of fucking women are you shacking up with that just pop their tampons out in the shower? I guess I shouldn't be surprised, he looks like a dough boy cuck that would probably clean up after them without question. Which should come to no surprise to anyone that Michael here has a very bad case of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

View attachment 2115598

This is a tiny fraction, and I archived around 5 of them. His Twitter account is dedicated to screaming "Trump Bad" and I don't have time for that. I'll post my favorite one here and drop a few more in a spoiler below.

View attachment 2115597

Trump totally raped a 13 year old, gaiz. He's gonna grab your daughters pussies next!

What's really shitty about Michael here? He has a nice, full serving of Anitfa cock that he always keeps in his mouth. He has gone out of his way to convince people on social media that Antifa totally doesn't exist and all of those fires and shit burning down totes isn't joggers or Antifa, but those gosh darn alt righters.

View attachment 2115637View attachment 2115638

View attachment 2115639View attachment 2115640

Initially I wasn't going to dox this guy. Compared to my previous subjects, he's fairly tame. Michael here is the embodiment of the NPC meme, believing what bullshit is shoveled into his retarded fat mouth and spouting out whatever bullshit to keep the narrative going. But that's not why I decided to dox him. The Antifa bullshit was a good motivator, anyone who believes they "don't exist" should be sterilized. Personally, I think Michael knows and he's just running interference. I was just going to make a regular post about his bullshit, but then I found this:

View attachment 2115656

I'm sure most of you will remember the lawyer couple here that got meme'd to hell and back because they had the nerve to brandish weapons against a bunch of asshole 'protestors' who broke into a gated community. As you can see, Michael was one of many who blew their load to 'expose' this pair who had the audacity to defend their fucking homes, dropping their names and workplace on Twitter.

View attachment 2115665

I hope the irony isn't lost on you, 'sweet cheeks'. I suppose I'm not technically doxing you either then, because here's all of your very public information.

Michael Gaspersic
Born: 2/13/1983 (38 years old)
Address: 13236 Windbrooke Ln Saint Louis, MO 63146
View attachment 2115701

Idiot didn't make it difficult. The pictures are indeed him, his FourSquare profile has a link directly to his Facebook, and his FourSquare profile ties him to Saint Louis, matching the information here. So those pictures are indeed his. He further verified his age and location on Twitter.

View attachment 2115712View attachment 2115711

View attachment 2115709View attachment 2115710

View attachment 2115720

He's also a Bernie fag. Taken off his Facebook.

View attachment 2115722

This walking vagina claims he lives with four women, but looking at his appearance and the way he acts, I'm going to assume he wouldn't know what a vagina was if it landed right on his fucking nose. Or maybe he'll meet that one chick that'll step on his dick to get him off, because I have a strong indicator that he's the beta no matter what the relationship.

View attachment 2115731

Wait. I got it.

View attachment 2115627View attachment 2115735

Nailed it.


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Mar 9, 2019
PhantomRoxas has severely annoyed me by crab dancing on Twitter every time the Farms has a hiccup due to the DDOS attacks, so I'm gonna dox his faggoty little ass for some laughs.

View attachment 2447865
Power Word: Patrick Robitsch / Patrick Charles Robitsch
Age: 28 (Jul 1993)
Dox: 1122 Whipple Ave #18 Redwood City, CA 94062 (Current Address)
Mother: Ria James
Ria James dox (Archive)
Ria James' Twitter archive (Dutch Oven Diva!)

Here is Patrick himself confirming it:
View attachment 2447861
Link to the article where this comment was found.

View attachment 2447868

LinkedIn (Doesn't archive)
Medium Spergery (Archive)
Facebook (Archive)
Pinterest (Archive)
Tumblr (Archive)
DeviantArt (Archive)
Gay RP profile (Archive)
Sperging about Peter Parker on CBR forum (Archive)

Horseface McBrokenteeth works at a suspicious amount of jobs concerning children and is in regular contact with his fat sow of a mother. Here's a few more pictures of Mrs. Dutch Oven and what is presumably her other hideously ugly soyboy son.

Also for some reason he likes to post his degrees on Facebook

Note: As I mentioned previously, I don't post a lot in or follow the Weeb Wars stuff. Patrick kept cropping up in the Twitter Meltdown thread and I didn't know if he was worth a full thread, so I'm putting it here. Anyone who believes he's worth a full thread is welcome to contact me (I'm available to do the writing, but I need someone more familiar with Weeb Wars for guidance).

View attachment 2448008

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