Dr. Rachel McKinnon / Dr. Veronica Ivy / Rhys McKinnon / Rachel Veronica McKinnon / Foxy Moxy / SportIsARight - A PUBLIC FIGURE terrified of criticism, chunky biological male who wins women's sports competitions, 3 fake speaking tours and counting

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Let's see what heinous image from 90's American TV have the trannie's knickers in a wad:

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"Lives as a Woman but is really a man".

Accurate. And looking more in that thread I watched a clip from some old talk show, and the lady (Sally) was actually really nice and very respectful to the Trans woman, who had tried to fool a man (and he got mad). Sally even used female pronouns.
And it seems back in the 80's and 90's these trannies actually made an effort to pass more. Now we get balding ogres who slap on a MLP tank top, dye their hair pastel purple who screech at lesbians to accept them.

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Yes, they did make more of an effort and weren't constantly reeee-ing about themselves, they just got on with their lives. This is a major reason that finding out the new troons were nothing like this that was such a headfuck for me.


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Changing your name should be difficult. You're mangling a significant link to your social, financial and criminal history that might be of interest to a lot of people. There should be some regulations on the process.

While there are valid reasons to change your name sometimes, and you should be permitted to do so, it certainly doesn't need to be easy.

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Does anyone know if Lizzo is problematic?
I read somewhere - it was most likely on KF - that changing your name is more difficult a second time. It does raise questions about a person, doesn't it? They changed their name the first time to whatever they wanted, so why do they feel the need to change their name again?
Yep, in New Mexico, there's additional paperwork required if you're changing your name a second time from what is on your birth certificate. In South Carolina, the process is significantly more difficult if you're changing your name for reasons other than marriage or divorce.

[[Side note, I looked into the name change process in New Mexico because I thought that someone had told Rhys that you could petition to do the name change under seal in New Mexico. That's true, you can, but I misremembered what had been said on Twitter. One of Rhys's orbiters in fact told him that you can register an LLC anonymously in New Mexico. This was in response to him bitching about how he can't own property because twansphobia. Rhys responded with something like, "OOH! INTERESTING!" as if he's totally going to do it and then buy property. Lol no way.]]


I found Halcyon Ember's "lewd" Twitter alt.
And to think this poor persecuted true and honest woman, suffering terribly from fibromyalgia, doesn't dare exercise at a public pool because of twansphobia!!!! Women are such bigots for being wary of cretins like this lurking in their changing rooms. :heart-empty:

EDIT: Honestly fuck this disgusting asshole. I always thought he was entertainingly pathetic but harmless: just a jobless, friendless, chronically ill shut-in who spends his days morosely typing woe-is-me tweets. Meanwhile he's blatantly, PUBLICLY just a pervert. He posts near-daily pornographic screencaps of his Final Fantasy character. His raison d'etre is whacking off to an image of himself with gargantuan BEWBS...what a lot of fucking nerve to turn around and whine on his main account about how dangerous it is to be a stunning/brave troon in today's world. Revolting.
That Twitter account LOL

"I'm not a pervert, it's not a fetish, I'm just trying to live my life as a true and honest whamen"

>Has an entire Twitter account dedicated to posting images of pixel chicks with giant cocks and boobs

To be fair, what do we expect? You're an older male with a high libido, and the current political environment allows you to live out your fetish and be a total creep with almost no repercussions, while good little handmaidens like Amanda Jette Knox are ready to bend over for your right to do so

Society tolerates perverted men to a far lesser extent nowadays, and women's sexual assaults are taken a lot more seriously - but if the perpetrator is wearing a dress that all changes

A violent rapist will claim to be a whaman, transfer to a female prison and continue to sexually harass inmates, troons will defund rape crisis centers because it doesn't accept people with penises, dominate women in sports and take their awards, all while the AJKs of the world still dedicate their lives to proclaiming it's bigotry if you even remotely question any of it

Perverted and aggressive troons are an issue, but the political environment which allows them is a far greater issue imo


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More on the epic name change un-drama that he's making a drama out of. It's RIDICULOUS that they ask you for any identifying information before you get to change your name and identity! Pure bigotry.


A whole $43 for the process. You'd think with the heaps of money he makes on his illustrious cycling and writing careers, that wouldn't phase him. Doesn't he usually use $20 bills as toilet paper?

*just as a hilarious side note. "Mari" is engaged to "Nikki Queer Poly Black Trans Lesbian"

both manly males of course.


Troons and their love affair with Islam.

Condemning a female politician for observing what everyone fucking knows- some Muslims from certain countries don't treat women very well. You and your hairy lumbering ilk don't have to worry about that Rhys, because you're men.
But how we would love to put you all on a plane and give you a one way ticket to Saudi Arabia or rural Pakistan where your life expectency would be reduced to about 3 months. Less if no one took pity on you.



Always sort of blew off when terves said how many of these basement dwelling creeps hated real women. I stand corrected.


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Trying to understand this:

Is he saying that he has not been trans his whole life and that being trans is a choice?

Or is he admitting that he did not even consider he could be trans in the 90s? Even if movie portrayals were wrong, surely he would have had doubts and been in denial? Is he saying he was influenced by trans culture becoming more prominant, not to encourage him to come out but to brainwash into thinking he is trans?

But this is only part of the reason?
He's saying he's finally found a way he can get back at the girls that beat him up in school.

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Always sort of blew off when terves said how many of these basement dwelling creeps hated real women. I stand corrected.

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Trans women are biological women because they are women and biological!!

Terves on Twitter are just cis male alt right trolls & bots!!

Their endgame is to erase all sexual and gender identities because heteronormativity!!

:story: :story::story:

They are so far gone that they think only alt right male trolls believe in biological sex.


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Always sort of blew off when terves said how many of these basement dwelling creeps hated real women. I stand corrected.

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Yeah, there's so many layers of fuckery at play here. We have the transparent self-hatred for being gay, the strawman arguments ("my twink ladyfriend isn't a cyborg, therefore real, reeeeeee"). When the TERF easily dispatches that argument, they don't even pretend to have a rebuttal, they just move the goalposts. This "conversation" is literally taking place under Ron's tweet implicitly threatening women with violence, so the notion that someone on Twitter - a woman, moreover - might not use an identifying feature like their face ought not be a mystery to anyone smart enough to tie their own shoes. The tweet states "make people scared to be transphobic", yet it has somehow never dawned on our two self-hating brainless homos here that the "transphobe" they're arguing with might not use their own face... out of fear.

Then there's the absolute, paint-stripping irony of "probably cis males, based on their behaviour"... coming from Two. Fucking. Guys. :story:

They're right about one thing, though - I would absolutely love to put the pair of them in a cage... And then kick it off a cliff.


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I don't understand what he thinks the name change is going to do for him. The only way he could keep it secret is never use it for anything. Even if his name wasn't associated with his teaching position, it's not like we wouldn't recognize him at a bike race and scan the list for his noo name.

And if he did have a super-secret legal name that no-one knew? What would that do for him? Nothing but sever his current name from his published body of work.
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