Drug Abuse and Managment Nepotism -

Harlan Wick

Last week a contractor I know was regaling me with some fucked up shit that he witness. Work was slow for him in February so he took some tools to a local repair shop. He walks into the service area and see one of the techs losing his god damn mind, yelling at another tech, and throwing shit. After showing off his spergy autism, the pissed off tech stormed out. The contractor just laughs off the insanity he's witnessed and jokes with one of the other staff in the store about what he saw. The other staff member just shrugs and explains that this kind of shit happens every six months or so.

The tech that was being screamed at, he comes to work baked, he's does shatter in the bathroom, and he so wasted that every week he has to relearn his job because he can't remember how to do it. Oh and he been mentioned in five letters of resignation as to why they are quitting and one assisted kill (the guy had a heart condition and the stress of dealing with this guy lead to his death). Even better stoner tech is related to the management so the worst that happens to this guy is he gets suspended for a week and then turns around does the same stupid shit again.

In sparsely populated Lewis and Clark states, where I live, shit similar to this seems the norm just the chemical abuse is different. Wondering if other people have to deal with shit like this?


idk about your actual point, but the start of your story reminded me of something I witnessed in college.

I was doing a summer course, and was in a computer lab. I guess it was the main one, since there was a glassed off area where a bunch of server racks were running.

Anyway, I'm doing my work, all of a sudden from that area, I hear one of the IT guys just shrieking his damn head off at whoever he was working with. I dunno if he thought there was no one there because it was summer, but holy shit, it was enough I had to leave. Never found out what the male banshee was upset about.