DuckDuckGo has blocked Kiwi Farms -


Alternatives: (what I use)

Update: I've been told Bing, Qwant, DuckDuckGo, AskJeeves, and many other small engines are not reliably showing our site, but Yandex and Google are.

DuckDuckGo gets its search results from Oath (formerly Yahoo/AOL) and Bing. DDG doesn’t operate their own indexer. Thus if Kiwi Farms has been delisted on these, it will disappear from DDG as well. So it’s not really their fault, beyond relying on third parties for their results. I’ll also point out that they have only ever claimed to not track you and to not filter your results based on any tracking. They haven’t claimed to have uncensored search results, since they don’t actually operate their own indexer.


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This is bizarre. Did they just revert this in a panic, or is something else going on?

EDIT: Looks to just be caching/CDN issues, DDG seems to be converging to what Bing is doing upstream- excluding from search results when you make a normal search. If you include '' in the search it uses some other search engine.
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This is bizarre. Did they just revert this in a panic, or is something else going on?
I am being told by a very, very small number of people they can still find KF on DDG -- which means they are altering search results depending on your user profile, which they claim they never do.


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I always said CuckCuckBlow is absolute fucking garbage.

Do not ever use this shit site. It's worse than Google because it now literally decides what you're allowed to look at. It's a censorship site. It probably actually tracks you for Mossad.

I'd consider it a honeypot at this point.

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