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Let's Sperg Dwarf Fortress Community Succession Fortress 2018Autism has never been so much fun

Discussion in 'Games' started by Alpha Loves You, Jan 18, 2018.


Where should we embark?

Poll closed Jan 23, 2018.
  1. Plains

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  2. Mountains

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  3. Jungle

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  4. Glacier

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  5. Island

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  1. @AnOminous were you able to save the fortress? If you could or couldn't let us know asap, we'll figure out what to do about the save afterwards
    Alpha Loves You

    Alpha Loves You Welcome to Bells End!
    True & Honest Fan

  2. I wasn't, and I've started another. It's in a frozen nightmarish wasteland with no trees or other vegetation, and while I thought haunted biomes weren't reanimating, this one is. It's snowing frozen human blood, there's a room full of severed heads and arms and even a nose that had to be walled off because they wouldn't quit attacking people. One guy spent literally months on top of a pile of dead body parts that kept biting him before surviving long enough to get to the newly built hospital and die there (and of course come back and attack his former brethren).

    And the situation is actually better than it was a few months ago.

    Winter is coming to an end and I'll have at least a save file tonight. I might hold off until the report until tomorrow, though. The totally incomprehensible, insane mess it is needs a bit of explanation, and you've seen previous abominations I made, accidentally or on purpose.

    I'll try not to destroy it in the next couple months.

    The good: it's packed with coal of all kinds, flux stone, and iron ore. So there's steel. Also we didn't starve and have underground farming up although that was actually after the dwarf caravan showed up, and before that, people were crawling around on their hands and knees eating vermin and drinking either vomit.
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  3. ETA duh, the save file:

    (I'll clear up loose ends tomorrow.)

    So there's no trees. Or plants. Just means we won't have to deal with elves and their bitching. Seems like an okay place.


    Oh. Well, at least it's not elf blood.


    Here's our embark location. At the end of the year, some of the stuff is still out there. The two important things are those wagon logs. If you burn the rest of your refined coal, we have no wood to jump start the process again. I've forbidden some of the refined charcoal so this shouldn't happen.


    Realizing we were likely to starve, I engaged on a rather hasty plan to flood part of the underground not connected to the rest of the fort from the brook, let it flow done several flights of stairs and fill it up, then let it dry. This didn't work as excellently as I'd hoped but there is now a rather large arable area completely contained underground.


    Those were the first two migrants who showed up, and their reaction to being attacked by zombie wombats, the main thing that "lives" in this area. These seemed like easy kills at first until one of them killed our expedition leader. The wombats were usually easy kills, but not the expedition leader. Or the guy he killed. Or the guy that guy killed.


    This is the coal stockpile, with about 70 refined coal in it as I left it. The bottom row is forbidden to keep it from being used.


    This isn't a fortress for clerks apparently.


    And things continued to get worse.


    I thought from the fact that we had a horse die on the map and nothing happened that it wasn't a reanimating biome, but apparently I was sadly mistaken. It's possible we could map out where it is and move somewhere else but I kind of trapped us.


    This isn't relevant to the narrative, I just like the idea of an architect biting someone's left lower arm in its left lower arm. This is the guy who ended up spending a couple months lying in a pile of dismembered body parts that would occasionally pimp slap him out of nowhere and then just die again.


    And did I mention my little flooding project wasn't drying out fast enough to create any actual farms on it? I drained it into another part of the fort in the hopes this would spread out the water a bit. This actually worked, but not quickly enough that people weren't crawling around eating vermin from the ground or quitting tasks to go eat vermin.


    Meanwhile, this poor dude is still lying in miasma while now-rotting severed arms randomly bitch slap him while he's already nearly in a coma.


    Skunkblood the Anger of Apes is mine. The rest is random. The Land of Paddles is our only hope at this point.


    Many people ignore these, but in our case, we have no wood, no spiked wooden balls or other exploitive crap because I picked the worst imaginable embark other than embarking on a terrifying glacier or something.

    In any event, the dwarves showed up and we were able to trade our stone crafts for what I hope will be enough to keep us alive. We now have 300+ simple prepared meals. They're mainly plump helmets and more plump helmets. You can eat them and they don't come back to life and try to eat you. Not that there's anything around here but zombie wombats.


    This is a room full of dead people and dismembered bodies that I thought wouldn't come back again, since they had already come back as ghosts.


    Next to last thing. There's a vein of coal right next to that part of the brook that freezes in the winter. However, it wasn't frozen when I started in early spring, so if you want to try digging around it be careful to get it dammed up again before spring.


    And the final final thing, directly north of that room you have the only lever that matters, which should close off the front drawbridge. At least, nothing's gotten in since I shut it a couple months ago to do some quiet coal mining.

    Now, why is the fort such a wreck? Everything in it was built in a blind panic while stuff was constantly attacking, and we spent more time fighting than we had to build anything. So it took a lot of hassle to get steel up, and coal, and farming (while waiting to run out of food and die).

    Also there's a hand wandering around attacking people. It seems mostly harmless but I can't figure out where it is.

    I recommend moving further downstairs and starting over. The fort as it currently exists is a horrifying catastrophe, but it has functioning steel production and farms, such as they are, and there is literally nothing upstairs but undead wombats that are obviously inedible. I have a Trade Depot outside the actual fort itself, but it's not going to be convenient to move it.

    We have 12 citizens, but one is a baby and three are still recovering from injuries. Also one of them is starving. I turned on feeding patients for everyone but it might take more tweaking to get one of these idiots to feed him before he dies.

    They also did wonderfully intelligent things like deciding a room full of evil dead body parts was a good place to sleep.

    And refusing to farm when they were instead starving to death and eating vermin.

    And carrying a dying guy who had just spent months being slapped around by severed body parts past three beds and a traction bench in a hospital to dump him on the far corner of the room.
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    #83 AnOminous, Apr 16, 2018 at 2:54 AM
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    AnOminous Laughter & love would beat out fear every time.
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  4. Great job AnOm, I'll fix the op later today and finish my turn on the fortress by 30th of April.
    Just a reminder that since we're at the end of our player list, if anyone wants a turn, please let us know so we can add you to the list.
    Alpha Loves You

    Alpha Loves You Welcome to Bells End!
    True & Honest Fan

  5. Just when I thought Dwarf Fortress couldn't get more metal it starts raining blood and piles of dismembered corpses attack dudes.
    Burned Man

    Burned Man Trans-Legion burnedgender Mormankin

  6. Okay, now for the end of Skink Fortress.

    I thought this was going to be bad, but it was obviously worse. And it got worse still.


    So we have 15 citizens, but three of them are children and another three are injured, one of them completely unconscious and another starving. So really only nine.

    It's only about two weeks until the next transformation, and nobody will do any tasks assigned to them. So I decided just to assume the injured were werebeasts and put everyone else in the remaining squad, Deagle Nation.

    The basic idea? Station them near the injured and just hope they killed them without getting turned. It wasn't a great idea but I wasn't able to coerce them into going into locked rooms.


    Also there's a ghost following everyone around haunting them.

    He doesn't seem happy.

    And this is what's outside.


    But more on that later. Facing doom from within and without, we waited.

    Finally, the day of transformation.

    This was even worse than expected. The few non-weres got killed nearly instantly. However, all but two of the skinks bled to death. This all occurred in less than a minute of real time announcement spam.


    This is what we're left with. Two wereskinks, a sleeping starving guy, and three children.


    And the only two semi-able-bodied adults have lost their minds and are attacking each other.

    I tried for a couple weeks to do anything, but the two dwarves were totally useless. They wouldn't do anything but wander aimlessly and attack each other on sight. The sleeping starving guy apparently starved, too.

    Fuck this, I'm pulling the lever. I had originally had a plan of waiting until were day and doing this, then seeing if the weres could take the undead, but they were apparently remarkably weak.


    They're happy we let them in.

    12.png 13.png
    As you can see, the militia commander has wandered into a dead end. The next picture is the corridor filled with undead elves.
    This didn't last long.

    Here's the last survivor. The expedition leader who was cowering and running away died first.

    And he goes down, still accompanied by the eerie spectre of HatlerJr.


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  7. As the old saying goes, losing is fun.
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    Hat Transwomyn of Color
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  8. My only regret is I didn't go with my original plan of stationing the entirety of the remaining group right at the gate and open it up as they turned into wereskinks.

    It wouldn't have turned out any better but it might have been slightly more funny.

    AnOminous Laughter & love would beat out fear every time.
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  9. Semper Fi Slink Fortress. And I'm very sorry.:semperfidelis:
    ... When's it my turn next? :optimistic::horrifying::optimistic:

    In seriousness moving forward, is the new Bloodrain Fort in the same world save, or did you generate a new world @AnOminous?
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  10. It's a new world. I'm annoyed I didn't produce it after I finally figured out advanced world generation parameters. I now have another world with a huge, gigantic volcano that goes down a zillion levels.

    If someone would prefer to play that I'd upload that save file, tho.
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    AnOminous Laughter & love would beat out fear every time.
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