IP2 Dylan Seth Volk / Chaggot / DieLawn / RealDylanVolk / RealChaggot / RealDielawn / Chad - Autistic Baked Alaska hanger-on and Jewish white nationalist meth head wigger with a terminal case of jungle fever who wants everyone to know that just because he had sex with a 13 year-old doesn't mean he's a pedophile.

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Apr 19, 2019




If you follow Internet spergs and the drama that surrounds them in recent years, you may have come across Dylan Volk, better known today as Chaggot (The Chad Faggot) at one point or another. Chaggot's first memorable appearance in these circles would have to be on the crossover stream between Baked Alaska and Mr. Metokur at the height of Internet Bloodsports in 2018, in which Chaggot (going by the name "Chad" at the time) plays an awkward background character who is pulled to the front of the pack to defend his lady SweetErin's honor and get roasted by the TTS chat, which causes him to quickly lose steam.

In this stream, one can already glean a general understanding of Chaggot's character: the squeaky, lispy voice coupled with the gaudy earrings; the incoherent rambling; the dead fish expression showing how little rattles around in that noggin; the limp arm gestures he uses in a flaccid attempt to play Baked's hype-man. At the time, anyone would be forgiven for mistaking him for just being one of Erin's gay friends or some otherwise unexceptional background sperg. However, within the span of only two years from that stream, and with just a little more research into Chaggot's personal life, that perspective would develop a much more confusing one.

Chaggot the Autist (Early Life)​

From heartbreaker to child-taker

(Image provided by @Ero)

Dylan Volk is the eldest child (of four) and only son of Jewish former Republican state senator of Maine, Amy Fern Volk and wealthy merchant businessman running a corrugated box empire and wannabe podcaster, Derek Volk.


It's quite easy to find details about Chaggot's early life, thanks to the fact that his father hates him enough to write an entire book chronicling Dylan's (and ultimately Derek and Amy's own) many failures as an overmedicated autistic retard called Chasing the Rabbit: A Dad's Life Raising a Son on the Spectrum. The book contains many heartwarming anecdotes of Chaggot's childhood and adolescence, such as "Something's Not Quite Right with Dylan," "Empty Folders in his Brain Files," "The Little White Pills," "This Month's Diagnosis is… Tourette's," "Boarding School? Is That an Option?" "Robberies," "Peeing in Cape Elizabeth—Wrong Place, Wrong Time," "Two More Cars Bite the Dust," and "Pepper Spray Leads to Utah." It must be noted that Derek wrote this 260-page book in secret, sent it to his entire family, and finally sent it to Chaggot himself for additional notes, something for which that the brain-dead Chaggot is eternally grateful. Derek speaks about his book here:

Derek even sells cards (which of course, Chaggot is loaded up on) that you could purchase and give to people to explain what they are WITNESSING (Derek is a very good parent, just trust the card):


After failing out of college twice, Chaggot would also go on to publish his own book, not about what it's like to live with an autistic failure, but what it's like to actually be one, titled Bad Choices Make Good Stories: My Life with Autism, displaying his rapper name "DieLawn" so prominently on the cover that it completely breaks the design and composition of an otherwise not-offensively designed book cover:


He proudly proclaims that this book is the first book to use emojis! It also containes some interesting vignettes of Chaggot's early life, including "The Short Bus and Middle School," "(Almost) Kicked Out of Boarding School," "Aspergers Bootcamp," "How Do You Get Fired From McDonalds?" "Gay Friends and Gay Club Music," "Gay Guys and Blond Hair," and "Maine N' Meth." Chaggot also created an audiobook version which is entirely narrated, cover-to-cover, by himself. If you have the stomach and brain cells to spare to listen to Chaggot for that long, you can hear him sperg out in real time recounting all of his misadventures.

It should also be noted that the title and logo of Chaggot's book were plagiarized from a book series that released a year prior about a heroin-addicted whore who catfishes a German superhacker.


Chaggot gets bullied in high school:



Chaggot stalks a girl until she gets her boyfriend to beat him unconscious. His "friends" leave him on the side of the street like a dog:




An identical incident happens 2 years later, as described by Chaggot in his own book:





A handful of excerpts courtesy of @Perspicacity:

The Volk's go doctor shopping so they can feed their son anti-psychotics at 11 mirroring horrorcows like the Schofield's.


Forcibly drugging their son into somnolence with anti-psychotics.


Torturing Dylan.


No Disney Cruise for Dylan as he sits suicidal in the psych ward. His father brags it was the best family trip ever.


The Volk's decide they don't care what Dylan learns in school.


Chaggot (age 21 at the time of incident) pepper sprays his 14 year-old sister and is kicked from his parents' home:



Chaggot describes the same situation in his book. There's no real follow-up to this, he just minimizes his actions as much as he can by repeating that "she was hitting me." He would later go on to elaborate on the PPP debate further down that "She's a softball pitcher, so she actually had tremendous arm strength":


Chaggot's obsession with furnaces and plumbing. This is what clued his parents in to the idea that he might just be retarded:




Some photos included within:


Chaggot's Facebook videos from the time, shortly before he would move to Texas and try to become a YouTuber:

Chaggot the YouTuber​

In 2015, Chaggot began a vain attempt at a career in YouTube. His content, located on a now-defunct channel, consists of self-produced music videos, pick-up artist videos (in which he fails to pick up anyone and instead just makes random women on the streets of Austin, TX visibly uncomfortable and afraid at his approach), unfunny sketches, pranks, and promotions for his celebrity idol turned boss, Lance Bass (the member of N*SYNC who is best known for being the Gay One). But don't worry, even though he's bad with/hates women, wears earrings, is desperate to befriend and hang out with gay guys, and has a stereotypical lispy gay voice, it's not like thaaat:

It can be seen in these older YouTube misadventures that aside from definitely not being a flaming homosexual, Chaggot also desires nothing more than to be a black man (or perhaps a black woman). In this video, he performs a rap song about how obsessed he is with "black bitches" while dancing with a handful of "black bitches" whom he likely picked up from the trap house where he buys his meth (more on that further down in the OP).

More Chaggot worshipping BBC and chewing gum:

Chaggot wigging out and showing his video about his jungle fever to every black woman (and of course a handful of black men) in a 5 mile radius in hopes that one of them will go home with him:

Chaggot really wants to fuck his cat:

Women cower in fear when the Chad Faggot invites himself into their homes:

An autistic approximation of comedy. Of course it's couched in Chaggot's wiggerness:

Harassing people on the street to convince them to listen to the washed-up gay N*SYNC singer:

Chaggot riffing with his boy band idol and boss of his gym:

Chaggot the Criminal​


Chaggot has spent a lot of time behind bars, by his father's and his own admissions. In 2011, at age 19, he was picked up in Florida for 2nd Degree Petty Theft, and then later in June for underage alcohol possession. Most recently, in 2017, Chaggot swerved off the road in Scarborough, ME, where he was found by police and arrested for a DUI, but the police officers found meth stored in a headphone case in his car. He would plea guilty to possession and (his parents would) pay a fine in lieu of prison time.


In his debate with PPP, Dylan would describe his time in prison as enjoyable, claiming that he spent time with pedophiles who were "just normal dudes."

Chaggot the Autism YouTuber​

By 2019, perhaps due to the effort required in maintaining a channel that produces highly-edited content and man-on-the-street-styled videos, or perhaps in an attempt to make his name a more marketable brand, Chaggot had abandoned his old channel in favor of one in which he could film hundreds of much less interesting Eliot Rodger-esque vlogs in his car or otherwise basic milquetoast videos from his desk in which he talks about Autism, politics or how much he hates women and libtards. Here is a short sample of what passes for Chaggot's content nowadays (most videos here have between 100 and 1200 total views)

Chaggot would also give numerous public speeches about his autism delivered in a very clear and un-autistic manner, one of which is uploaded on his youtube channel as an advertisement for his book and his public speaking engagements. In this talk (the video title claims it's a TED Talk, but it's difficult to find any verification for that) Dylan explains how his many, many, many job terminations miraculously got him a position working with disabled people, and he also claims that he brags about his disability at every opportunity if he believes being autistic will prevent employers from firing him.

And in case you were curious, yes, you can still book him!

Chaggot also (possibly) hired an escort, Rachel Lynn Cherniack, to pretend to date him and act as a shining beacon of hope that autistic men everywhere can also score themselves a 5/10 girlfriend, as explained on this May 19, 2019 episode of women's daytime television talk show, Face the Truth:

Despite receiving a warm applause for willingly dating a retarded criminal, Rachel complains that Chaggot constantly denigrates and belittles her while also admitting to her own weaknesses. This attitude is a stark contrast to her defensive stance toward her "boyfriend" taken on other platforms.

During this period of his life Chaggot would become employed by conservative talk show host Jesse Lee Peterson, doubtless with the help of his well-connected conservative parents. In JLP's employ, Chaggot's duties included booking guests (he takes responsibility for booking the awkward Destiny interview), sucking Jesse off and telling him all about what black people are like.

Chaggot was fired from the JLP show twice for reasons he explains in his debate with Destiny (further on down in the OP). The first time he claims was because his personality was a little too "overwhelming," and that he had held up a guest from appearing on the Fallen State. After being re-hired, he was fired again for saying on one of Baked's streams, "We shouldn't punish female teachers who sleep with male students." He was eventually hired a third time several months later, where he continued to make numerous mistakes and was nearly fired again after trying to book Gazi Kodzo on the show. This attempt to romance the gay black Hitler apparently resulted in Kodzo flying out to and arriving at the studio and causing a huge shitfest once there, which nearly resulted in Chaggot being fired for a third time. However, Chaggot would find a way to convince Peterson to keep him on, probably by exploiting his own retardation, only to resign in disgrace a few months later.

On Chaggot's Autism YouTube channel, he offers plenty of insight into his personality and why he is the way he is, but perhaps one of the most telling videos is this one from Jan. 4, 2020, titled, "I'm a VICTIM!!! 🎉"

Chaggot the Groyper​

Bringing things back to the Metokur stream, which in some way seems to be the impetus for all of this, in the time following Baked Alaska's move from milquetoast political commentary and Internet Bloodsports into the upper echelons of Nicholas J. Fuentes's America First/Groyper movement, Dylan, no longer going by the name Chad after having now adopted the mantle of "faggot," clung to his master and rode the coattails of Baked Alaska right up the Groyper totem pole alongside, eventually being invited as a special top-tier guest to the Groyper convention FEDPAC 2. In this ascent, Chaggot adopted, or at least began publicly displaying, extreme white nationalist and anti-women views. One might be forgiven for thinking that having a Jewish drug addict obsessed with black people in a high position in a right-wing white nationalist movement with an emphasis on strict adherance to Catholic ideals is strange, but Chaggot's usual line when asked about this is "I've changed my position and matured as a person," despite to this day still talking wistfully about black men's abs and indulging in booze and party drugs. It's around this time that Baked and Chaggot become ingrained in the IP2 (Ice Poseidon 2, no relation to Ice Poseidon) sphere. A little more context to the earlier days of Chaggot in IP2 and IBS is provided by user @anuscabbage12:
There's a bit more lore it it

- Chaggot has a comedian webpage/podcast

- Chaggot was a producer/booker on Jessie Lee Peterson's show the Fallen State

- Chaggot had a tedtalk and is a former public speaker

- Chaggot believes that all female teachers should have sex with young boys aged 12
Mister Metokur talked about this video, I dont think it exists anymore

- Chaggot was part of the TRS crowd in 2017 its where his name comes from because Dylan called Richard Spencer "a good looking guy," and used the name “fash streetboys,” "And they thought I was gay, hence 'chaggot'”

- Chaggot first got introduced to Blood Sports with the Emailing doxxing drama around andy warski which starts here in the baked thread https://kiwifarms.net/threads/baked...onet-anthime-joseph-gionet.28182/post-3260310
Dylan's emails, threatening Andy Warski and Ethan Ralph
View attachment 2219543View attachment 2219544

View attachment 2219545

- also chaggot was on Rv6 and had this amazing encounter with ONLYuseMEBLADE
Chaggot has a meltdown and leaves the RV:

And then makes his own video about the situation and living conditions therein (Oct. 22, 2020):

More RV videos:

As of early Summer 2021, Baked and Chaggot can be found frequently walking around whichever city they happen to be visiting (most recently as of writing, Phoenix, AZ) and harassing nearby women and/or underage girls. In this video, we can see some young women trying to put some distance between themselves and these older men by tossing a dart in their direction, after which alpha-male Chaggot squeaks about how they're oppressing him as a man.

The Chad Faggot is beat up by this diminutive girl so badly, he wants to call the police on her and put her face on the FUCKING GROUND in handcuffs.

Chaggot the Debater​

During this time, Chaggot gained a little more attention when Ashton Parks/PPP began covering Baked Alaska's degeneracy, stumbled upon this goldmine of information on Chaggot, and brought it to the attention of many. PPP would go on to make two full streams about Chaggot and his father Derek, culminating in a live debate with Godwinson acting as Impartial Moderator on Feb. 24, 2021, in which Chaggot came on smug, composed, and prepared but quickly devolved into screaming "QUOTE ME ACCURATELY" for an hour when asked why he pepper sprayed his little sister (to which he initially responded that he felt like an appropriate use of force against a 14 year old girl slapping him was to spray chemicals in her eyes to blind her, and that he wishes it hadn't been his sister, but rather a random woman on the street so he could relish in their pain without the guilt of it being his own flesh and blood).

This blowout would be followed by two absolutely seething videos from Chaggot about how PPP and Godwinson had mind-raped him:

Since this incident, Chaggot has found a new obsession in PPP, believing that he must own the fat Canadian at any cost. This unhealthy competitiveness would lead him to slide into and overreact to Ashton's Twitter messages on the night of the Inciting Incident (see Chaggot the Chester section below).

On May 12, 2021, Chaggot would appear on Destiny's stream to debate gender politics for an hour and a half. Chaggot's anti-women arguments mainly consist of recycled MRA talking points and sweeping generalizations about the nature of women, but early on before things get pedantic (around 6:10), Chaggot discusses why being called gay is a bad insult, and that people should stop using that as an insult ("because I'm not gay," he adds quietly at the end). He also reveals that he knows, through personal experience his entire life that white guys just don't have many friends.

Chaggot shamelessly plugs his Twitter and his book multiple times while Destiny sounds completely bored and miserable. At the end in an uncharacteristically humorous edit for Destiny, Chaggot tries one more time to shill his Twitter account, but is cut off partway by Destiny's stream highlights editor.

Chaggot the Chester​

And here we have the inciting incident, the reason for the thread's existence.
HOLY FUCK chaggot is autistic, he is with Baked Alaska and Woozuh.
Baked, having NO views or content, makes chaggot dance for him
chaggot talking about his pedophilia to random people
(Chaggot was 18 years old and the girl was 13 years old) Chaggot thinks it was justified, Asks people about it
View attachment 2202715

chaggot had also asked 15 year olds about the situation
View attachment 2207011

Chaggot wants baked to defend his honor
View attachment 2207013

Chaggot upset that baked isnt trying hard enough

also Chaggot having an autism meltdown
View attachment 2202717

Chaggot explains his position on pedophilia
View attachment 2202782

Chaggot tries to explain it more, (circle of friends, other people did it so it was ok, she was mentally older than me) shit excuses

also from eariler in the stream, how it started
A tts donation triggers chaggot, by asking chaggot about the time he fucked a 13 year old
View attachment 2207012

They staff wants Baked and Chaggot out.
View attachment 2202724

Baked had a call with Attila, Loulz and Stop Speeding, invited them to his house
Baked freaking out/being cringe that some girl kissed him, what isnt he 32-36?

both baked and woozuh know who PPP is. Call him "fat retard".

chaggot explains black privilege and why he wants to be black

From here, the next day (links to post itt with clips + stream archive), Baked called the cops on Chaggot
View attachment 2207323View attachment 2208016
link itt to full stream archives of baked & chaggot fighting/cops
On the night of May 26, 2021, Chaggot and Baked were livestreaming as normal when suddenly, Baked Alaska's TTS began asking questions about an incident where Chaggot admitted to molesting a 13 year old girl when he was 18 on a stream. For the rest of the stream, TTS commenters troll Chaggot, calling him a pedophile and spamming "13 18," which frequently cause him to have autistic conniptions as his brain overloads and short-circuits. Knowing that Chaggot has had much experience with the law throughout his life, one might expect him to shut up, leave the stream, go home, and wait this out until the heat dies down.

But Chaggot is a retarded sperg, so of course that's not what he does. Instead, he and Baked walk around downtown Phoenix for about four hours asking people what they think. The first group that the two approach is a pair of fifteen year-old girls, who are seen visibly uncomfortable and who walk away quickly after telling him that in fact, yes, he's a bad person and should have known better. Multiple people on the streets of Phoenix either condemn him or try to quickly walk away, often awkwardly offering him small defenses such as, "if you were in high school too maybe it's not the worst thing," (he had already graduated, though) or "if you didn't know her age and she lied to you," (Chaggot reveals that he knew her since she was 12) which Dylan shoots down, possibly in some attempt to focus on just the act and the fact that it was a long time ago or that he's mentally retarded so molesting children is alright. Baked even mentions that Romeo and Juliet laws might allow it, to which Chaggot responds, "Oh no, this was definitely outside of the law." At one point, Chaggot can be seen punching a lamppost so hard that he shatters his watch in a rage after a perturbed mixed-race couple tells him off and walks away. He even shows off photos of his victim at one point. In defense of his actions, he repeatedly tells all of these people that he's autistic and therefore was mentally a child at the time, that the victim was mature for her age, that she took advantage of him (after he had allegedly given her weed and alcohol, of course), that they were both technically teenagers, and that getting upset about a 13 year old girl being molested is extremely anti-male and misandrist.

Following this insanity, the group returns to Baked's Meme Mansion, where Baked teases and tortures Chaggot for hours about his height and weight. It can be plainly observed that Chaggot is extremely self-conscious of his body and having his height of 5'8" (lol manlet) and weight of 187lbs (lol fat) upsets him and cling to the possibility that his measurements were misread within a margin of error. On the following day, the two venture back out into downtown Phoenix, where Baked finally fully turns on Chaggot, taunting him all day, ending when they get into a minor scuffle in the car, twice, both times ending in Baked calling the police on Chaggot.

Sure can.

Chaggot and Baked fight in the car
View attachment 2209270

Cops show up Part 1
View attachment 2209300

Part 2, if you're just here to see Officer K. Zak posing for "Fuck the Police" this is the video for you, also Baked sings "We Love Our Cops" at 09:45
View attachment 2209314

Back in the car with Chaggot.
View attachment 2209317

Cops are back again
View attachment 2209345

Unfortunately, due to the nature of IP2 streamers getting banned from YouTube constantly, at the time of writing there are currently no good full archives of these streams, and the best option to see them in their entirety is to view PPP's commentary over them (both clocking in at over 7 hours). If commentary-free streams surface, I will replace the following streams with them here:

After the night of Baked's snakening, Chaggot would appear on to Ethan Ralph's Killstream in order to defend himself against Ralph and Dax Herrera, which would also cause him to seethe and sperg for an even longer period of time as he begs Dax to defend him and give him some sick owns. His call is followed by a call from another streamer who was at the house where Chaggot first admitted to allegedly molesting a 13 year-old, and the caller offers some more context to the interaction, including the fact that Chaggot was drunk at the time and appeared to be imbibing a colorful drink with a strong chemical odor. It has been theorized by user @Ayaa that this beverage was in fact a type of paint thinner which breaks down into GHB within a person's body. Like the streams above, I don't have a better archive of this at the time, but it is available on Ralph's website (behind a paywall), and if a clear stream is provided, I will update this post.

On Friday, March 26th May 28th, Null would also offer some additional commentary on top of PPP's stream.

As of May 27, 2021, Chaggot's name and face (along with Baked Alaska's phone number) have been added to the Predators Watch website using his mugshot from the 2017 meth arrest.

They already added him on predatorswatch.com

More props to @anuscabbage12 for trawling the IP2 boards for some more gold:

Chaggot the Farmer (Admission Fallout)​

Not even a week after this thread's inception, Chaggot's possibly paid escort, tard handler, and fellow pedophile-apologist, Rachel Lynn Cherniack, joined Kiwifarms to shit up the thread with an entire page's worth of uninterrupted replies, promising legal action against all of the trolls and bullies who deformed her client's character. @Vetti would quickly merge them and threadban her (later unbanning her), prompting Chaggot himself to join the thread to talk about how sleeping with a middle schooler after he finished high school was "cringe" but otherwise not a big deal. This OP also got Chaggot's own seal of approval for accuracy (for the most part). He then immediately went back to what he usually does on the site: lurk in PPP's thread for the chance at a sick own.


On June 2, 2021, a phone call was made to Null threatening serious legal consequences for the deformation and threats on the Kiwi Farms. After a minimal amount of digging, it was revealed that the call came from a number registered to Rachel Lynn Cherniack, and a couple of cursory web searches of the name revealed her to be the same Rachel seen in the Face the Truth video above.


Chaggot is an absolute reprobate, and really an artifact of a bygone era for lolcows. Not only does his long criminal record speak to this fact, but so do his extreme proclivities to oversharing in a terrible attempt to grow his name and disability into a marketable brand, which often mark him as the subject of much mockery and potential criminal liability. Certainly there will be more insanity to come, as he appears physically incapable of making intelligent choices and even less capable of keeping his ill-considered decisions to himself. Doubtless any tomfoolery will be bankrolled or otherwise encouraged by his parents who either feel so guilty for how badly they raised their son or just feel like giving a little back after the money they've made marketing his mental debilities to the point where they continue to support their retarded son.

Text message conversation between Chaggot and his mother Amy Volk about his behavior after joining America First:


Text message conversation between Rachel and Baked about Chaggot, showing that Baked might be trying to extort Chaggot for... money? Content? This reporter isn't quite sure:


All of my findings from Chaggot's hugbox Telegram group in this post.

Chaggot explains the Blessing and the Curse of the label 'HIGH FUNCTIONING'

Kiwifarms Profile: @RealChaggot
Paid Escort "Ratchet Rachel" Lynn Cherniack's Kiwifarms Profile: @Racheecee

Twitter: @RealDylanVolk
Telegram: RealChaggot
Facebook: RealDylanVolk
Website: https://dylandielawnvolk.com/
Instagram: @realdylanvolk
IP2 Boards profiles: u/RealDylanVolk (archive of u/RealDylanVolk) | u/RealChaggot

Rachel's Twitter: RacheeCee12 (Private)
Rachel's Instagram: RacheeCee (Private)
Rachel's Telegram: racheecee

Derek Volk's personal YouTube channel: dsvolk
Amy Volk's personal YouTube channel: Link
Amy Volk's Facebook: SenatorAmyVolk

This private information is unavailable to guests due to policies enforced by third-parties.
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Chris is king! Judas Moon Canto XXXIV
Jul 28, 2019
I think he payed Baked so that he would hang out with him. He might have been raped as a kid and that turned him into pedo and gay. Jim Metokur was right.


Apr 19, 2019
I think he payed Baked so that he would hang out with him. He might have been raped as a kid and that turned him into pedo and gay. Jim Metokur was right.
Actually, I did a little digging on Telegram over the weekend and it seems like Baked is holding something over Chaggot's head
Chaggot was having an absolutely real one on Telegram last night. Probably in response to his Telegram hugbox voting overwhelmingly no when he asked them if he should press charges against Tim.
His hired escort spent her evening defending her client's honor on a level even the slimiest lawyer would find admirable. Apparently Chaggot's internal struggle of whether or not to press assault charges over Tim's light tap in the car had some ulterior motives.
View attachment 2213883View attachment 2213887

Rachel claimed that her attempt to blackmail Tim (cautioner on Telegram) was a response to some other blackmail Tim was holding over her and Dylan.

View attachment 2213939

To that response, she sent the messages in a private message. The first screenshot she shared was this one:

View attachment 2213893

But when asked for a less-cropped screenshot she provided the full conversation, with identifying information at the top:

View attachment 2213894

In the meanwhile, Chaggot popped into the comments to beg Tim to take him back (but not on-stream, probably at Rachel's request)

View attachment 2213914View attachment 2213896

I guess there's not really a ton here, but I do think it's funny that Baked has been blackmailing this retard for at least 6 months and Chaggot is still in love with the guy, and that Rachel is just willing to share whatever with anyone who asks if she and Chaggot are butthurt enough.

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"May you live in interesting times."
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Feb 6, 2021
Wasn't Dylan fired from his job with JLP after he made a remark about female teachers that statutorily rape their male students deserving medals and the IBS audience sent it to his employer? If it wasn't that, I'm pretty sure he was fired for one reason or another

Edit: Chaggot also had a debate with Destiny one time over MGTOW stuff, if you want to include that in the Debator section:

Megaroad 2012

Sep 13, 2019
I actually felt an ounce of sympathy for him reading his dad air that shit out in the book.

I think I have pity because there's something in his head that knows better but that savage creature in control of his body overdrives any logical impulse.

Of course, 13 year olds dude lol.


Apr 19, 2019
Wasn't Dylan fired from his job with JLP after he made a remark about female teachers that statutorily rape their male students deserving medals and the IBS audience sent it to his employer? If it wasn't that, I'm pretty sure he was fired for one reason or another

Edit: Chaggot also had a debate with Destiny one time over MGTOW stuff, if you want to include that in the Debator section:
Thanks, I've added it! I'm still listening to it (first part when Chaggot talks about how often he's called gay was quite funny, later on it just gets kind of dry and repetitive)

I want to own a paperback copy of one of those books for the lulz
View attachment 2219252

The photos included in the books are just golden


"The Weak Should Fear the Strong"

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Mar 12, 2020
Holy fuckballs. The lore on this guy goes on and on... why the fuck did he think it was a good idea to pop his head out of the foxhole?



My monkey brain just connected the dots that Chaggot is the autist from the IBS stream. How does Baked keep getting away with it? How many agencies does that fucker work for? He attracts retards like a moth to a flame and feeds on their energy to keep himself out of prison.
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Jul 25, 2020
some autistic clips from the podcast he was listening to yesterday

(taken from the IP2 thread )

During the stream he also admitted to having sex with a 21 year old girl when he was 16 , unfortunately we weren't able to clip that moment , my apologies


ya'll often get the deets wrong
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Dec 10, 2019
There's a bit more lore it it

- Chaggot has a comedian webpage/podcast/does STANDUP COMEDY :story:

- Chaggot was a producer/booker on Jessie Lee Peterson's show the Fallen State

- Chaggot had a tedtalk and is a former public speaker

- Chaggot believes that all female teachers should have sex with young boys aged 12
Mister Metokur talked about this video, I dont think it exists anymore

- Chaggot was part of the TRS crowd in 2017 its where his name comes from because Dylan called Richard Spencer "a good looking guy, and used the name “fash streetboys”, and they thought he was gay, hence “chaggot””

- Chaggot first got introduced to Blood Sports with the Emailing doxxing drama around andy warski which starts here in the baked thread https://kiwifarms.net/threads/baked...onet-anthime-joseph-gionet.28182/post-3260310 on behalf of Baked Alaska
Dylan's emails, threatening Andy Warski and Ethan Ralph


- also chaggot was on Rv6 and had this amazing encounter with ONLYuseMEBLADE

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Sep 7, 2020
I love this thread. I couldn't believe it when I got to the parts about how his dad wrote a book about his retarded son, and the retarded son wrote a book about what its like to be retarded. How can this even be real? The OP is my hero.


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Jul 7, 2015
POV: You're a Girl Scout troop and hear autistic screeching behind you

@MoeChotto Great OP. Chaggot has so much lore I almost think there should be a Dielawnpedia.
One of the symptoms of GHB is reduced inhibition, hence why Dielawn overshared so much that night. Another notable user of GHB is Big Lenny, who also loves airing his illegal sexual fantasies. In addition to being a date rape/party drug, GHB is also used by bodybuilders because it increases growth hormone.

Dylan could have gotten to know GHB as a both a steroid and a party drug - he's a gym rat who is very insecure about his body, and during the PPP debate stream he said he was on like 8 different supplements (he literally couldn't hold them all). Overmedication is a defining theme of his life, and he knows drug dealers, so it makes sense he would have GHB.
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