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Its a MOOKBANG! 🌈 I am shooketh

Video starts with a fresh pot of sloppy sad looking can beans and gorls fav SAUSAGE! Ambers looking hella rough, no eyeliner, no makeup, just a rotting carcass of the face.

1:07 Gorl left her favorite water container in the bedroom, clearly its not important enough to warrant getting up to fetch it.

1:17 Our fav healthy youtuber admits to being obsessed with chicken sausage.

1:35 Amber doesn't consider this to be a mookbang as its not large qualities of unhealthy food, these videos will be called EAT WITH ME, just a lil chit chat with your fav gorl while she consumes a totally healthy meal :)

3:57 Amber addresses the elephant in the room, she has been to hell and back ya'll, (insert annoying mouth open tongue smack), also Healthylynn "you're not supposed to drink liquids while eating meals guise"

5:00 She actually addresses where she has been, kiwi farms called it, it was mental theengs, well more like mental cage, people dont take her mental issues as seriously as her physical state, which is NOT ok guise. Lots of depression talk. :'(

6:25 amber wants to be present with everybody, she has filmed some videos during her depressheen, but this one goes up first because she has to tell us that she loves her supporters but she is just going to be herself now, a cunty cow, without shame. ( Want to laugh in the faces of those idiots who spammed her videos with positivity)

8:19 We will still get weigh ins, (YA sure), she is still going to exercise, still going to walk outside (from the car to wommart and back0

8:49 "This isnt a big F U to you guys its more so like a hi I am amberlynn expect all types of content from me", "I dont want to be scared of showing my true self, I was scared of filming certain videos, ( MOOKBANGS) because I was scared of the feedback"

10:13 Rarity sighting, poor baby looks lost and confused, plate is almost gone, she respects everyones opinion yada yada, yeah right gorl we have seen your cunty replies to your ambabies. But guise she doesnt mean to come off in a "mean way"

13:14 "Im not going to derail my progress, I've made way too much progress mentally, within my weight" ..... "I just want to come out and be raw and honest, I just miss feeling free on my own channel"

14:45 "I can only walk for 3 minutes" "Twinkie has more fun walking herself". This in context to the highly asked for " Walking Twinkie video" Amber admits that the dog isn't leash walked everyday, and they just open the door to let her out.

16:48 Gorl loves hiking, when she was younger she used to go to the "Redwood Forest", she lived in California for 18 years of her life if yall didnt know now you know, our gorl is a cali babe.

17:21 "Nature is beautiful, its a lil scary but its beautiful", "I get requests to do shopping vlogs all the time, I just cant walk long enough to do that but one day I will." ( shoves a big bite down her gullet, gorl is so full, practically bursting at the seams ) :hambone:

18:40 " I love you guys so much, from the bottom of my heart, mouth is burning, I used to use siracha all the time and now i dont, I need to start so I can get used to it again, need to clean the kitchen and chug a ton of water"

The End. Finally. :stress:

Excuse me, I need to go blow my brains out. :deagle::cryblood:
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I am your Fairy Wish Prince, at your service
Her face looks fatter than ever, guess she found those pounds that she lost.

Shitty Summary of a Shitty Video
The fuck do you know about going to hell and back Amber? Guess she walked there since her feet are bothering her.

Could it be argued that your skull is a mental cage? :thinking:

Isn't your mental state part of your physical state? I mean both of hers are pretty shitty so...

Pronounced debilitating correctly and I am le shocked.

Amber acting like a mad woman is a pretty hilarious mental image. I imagine its the last thing a midget sees before getting trampled/devoured by a hippo

Sucking her supporters dick because we don't want a replay of The Great Subscriber Loss of 2019.

She wants to be herself a.k.a a gargantuan land whale.

Fucking Christ, she is laughing like Chantal now, I can't even.

Making more false promises than a politician.

Do worry guise this isn't an F you moment, more like a pulling back of the curtain to see the "real" Amberlynn moment

She is scurrred you guise. because of negative feedback? I thought she didn't care about comments?

Her sleeping schedule is fixed? Whew, now the "real" progress can start

A wild Rarity appears

Seems the theme for this video is being true to yourself. Isn't there a Disney song about that?

Respecting peoples opinion and criticism, despite her acting like a cunt when someone points out she is doing something wrong on Twitter.

(I am flagging you guys this is breaking my soul)

Don't watch her videos if you don't like them!!!!11!!!one

She wants to do all the things.

More insane Chantal-like giggling

Used versatile correctly (man, she is killing it today)

Super jelly of people doing the "people in front of me decide what I eat at a fast food joint"

Going back to her roots kids, she needs to feel free. Which is kinda hard when you can't walk for two minutes ,excuse me, three, without sounding like you have been jumping rope in a hot attic.

Why the fuck are you letting Twinkie out into a yard that has no fence and is next to a road?

Twinkie Storr is having the god damn time of her fucking life outside you guise, so much exercise you cant even imagine it. Guess the little fucker has a thyroid problem because she still looks like a bowling ball on chopsticks despite all her outside time.

Liderally cant film extensive exercise, because she cant do it (lol), but she will get there don't ya worry. So buckle up kids because Amber is gonna take us on that magical journey of self-betterment and we will be there when she accomplishes this goal. (And we will all clap when she is done)

She loves hiking? Especially when she was an ahem "little girl" Hm..that doesn't seem like something the child of meth monkey parents would partake in, but what the fuck do I know, I sell shrimp out of the back of a van.

Damn nature you scary...but also beautiful.

She is gonna be making this particular slop again because its soooo good. Less than 500 calories? idk I can't remember what she said I am fading in and out.

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I'm just a dry gorl
She's been getting quite bold with the clickbait lately. After a week or more off youtube she's back with something to stir up the haders. She's like a fat Big Brother leading INGSOC, "I'm a innocent gorl who's healthy, just big! I'm doing my best!" one day, "A gorl's gotta eat, this is MY jurnee and no one knows what's best for me but ME! Watch me eat all this food!" the next. There's always an enemy - it just changes each week!

Imagine dying young because you ate platefuls of walmart chicken sausage and canned greens. If you're going out at 600lbs at least do it eating something good. Especially when you have the income she allegedly has. Although judging by that break and how she chose to return it looks like the bank account is running a little thin right now.

Anyway, glad to be back gorls! :story:

Gracie's Ghost

Bish put me in the grockbot
This bitch eating at the counter top because moving shit to the table would be to strenuous for the dainty kween
I'm semi-wondering if she needed help to get to the kitchen in the first place, with her cooking sitting down (you know she did) and then just eating right next to the stove, plus refusing to get up and get her water.

Not that I envy anybody she had to lean on or whatever, and I realize that setup could be just more of her trolling to fuel speculation, but yeah.

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