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Horrorcow Ebayisajoke / Charles W. FitchThe eBay Horrorcow, Stalker, & Con artist

Discussion in 'Lolcows' started by Bernard, Feb 14, 2015.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Chuck Fitch is very deranged horrorcow, con artist, and stalker. Basically, he's butthurt that he got suspended by eBay for being a risk to the their community and violating their terms of service. For example, someone left him negative feedback for selling them a defected item. His response was to threaten the buyer with bodily harm and a lawsuit. So, now he spends his lonely days to stalk successful eBay users.

    Mr. Fitch creates fake accounts on eBay to outbid legitimate buyers, hence forcing the seller's sale to collapse when he refuses to pay. He has an unhealthy obsession with the YouTube user, “crazeenydriver” aka Joseph DeMarco who is "HubcapJoes" on eBay. He creates weekly vlogs regarding eBay news. Allegedly in the past, Chuck contacted Joe to promote something of his. Joe refused, and Chuck began his stalking and harassment of Joe. He created fake eBay accounts to submit hostile bids on eBay and urged people to ruin Joe's small business. He also leaked Joe's address to try and scare him. He threatened to take Joe's YouTube channel down, because someone was filing false domain registration claims against his websites.

    Video removed Joe's address.

    He also ran a scamming website that was known as "Michigan Classic Arcade". There's a whole sub forum at: http://forums.arcade-museum.com/forumdisplay.php?f=84&order=desc that details his antics when he was running this scam. When he was getting called out by people, he would impersonate law enforcement and threaten to arrest them for slander in private messages.

    He even made it on Fox News:

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    #1 Bernard, Feb 14, 2015
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    Bernard That Lolcows Guy
    True & Honest Fan

  2. Less of a lolcow, more of a wannabe Anon, down to the guy fawkes mask.
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    Roger Rabbit

    Roger Rabbit A rabbit who should die

  3. I see a lot of cow here. This guy is a very exceptional individual!

    He is an internet bully and is suing a local tv station to be able to go back on youtube. Now that is some exceptional ism.


    Notice he is suing them for defamation, even though he openly admits he is the guy saying all these things on his face book.

    Here is his facebook. I am detecting the 'tism very strongly on him:

    And his website:

    I see a cow with a lot of potential!

    Also he has a book coming out about marketing your website using QR Codes. Forget ebay and personal marketing via social media. The Key is QR codes.


    Of course a few people at obscure magazines(like Advertising Age a top 100 player in the industry) see QR Codes as being dead, but what do they know:


    Its not like there are aps that make them obsolete. Good luck on the book Chuck!

    Also he faked having cancer.


    At his last weigh in he was 314 lbs.

    Edited: Added link with story about his January Lawsuit against fox 2

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    #3 SunLightStreak, Feb 21, 2015
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    SunLightStreak Elite Illuminati Task Force Agent for Cow Control
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  4. DN Michigan Street Team going to take down them yo! #DNMichiganGANG

    Ok pretty badass on FOX to play Godzilla when the guy comes on camera lmao....
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    Jackie Chin

    Jackie Chin The Man, the Myth, the Legend

  5. Not gonna lie I'm not seeing the cow...
    ...I'll fire up the grill.
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    Pikonic Now catchable in Pokémon GO
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  6. Anyone have experience with video capture off websites. I fear that once he starts getting noticed he might go into delete mode.

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    #6 SunLightStreak, Feb 26, 2015
    Last edited: Mar 7, 2015

    SunLightStreak Elite Illuminati Task Force Agent for Cow Control
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  7. For one, QR codes are not dead, they are on every product, which means every product has a potential buyer. People use QR codes to capture product information, they want to learn about products. My e-book 5 Simple Steps to QR Code Success sells for $2.95 and explains a great simple social media marketing method I came up with to promote products with QR codes for free.

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    #7 eBayisajoke, Mar 6, 2015
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  8. Good morning Ebay is a joke. Do you enjoy cyber-staking people and making bad videos with voice changers. You seem like a very interesting fellow.

    Also QR codes are dead, look in a magazine sometime. They are ugly and no longer needed.

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    #8 SunLightStreak, Mar 6, 2015
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    SunLightStreak Elite Illuminati Task Force Agent for Cow Control
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  9. How the hell did you get in here this quick?
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  10. Autistic-level monitoring of referrer logs?'

    Edit: No, the original thread is from ~3 weeks ago, he just showed up now in a quiet thread.

    He certainly puts the cow in lolcow.
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    Sarcastic Username

    Sarcastic Username BUILD YOUR OWN SONICHU


  11. Questions, how exceptional are you, how did you find us so quickly and did you know your profile image makes you look like a total tool?
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    Valiant Salty Space Bitch
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  12. Why should we fucking care about this?
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    Abilene [Unintelligible]

  13. the only qr codes used are mii transfer ones for 3ds.

    you ready to be beaten with logic by the wonderful members of this forum? by the time you're through, you'll be hemorrhaging autism.
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    Wilhelm Silverhaired Creep

  14. He's deleting his posts, @Null hallllpppppp
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    autism420 neg rate me = u admit to being a fagit cuck nerd ߷
    True & Honest Fan

  15. Looks like eBayisajoke is deleting his posts. I'm genuinely surprised he found us so quickly.

    Does this mean the guy google's himself on a regular basis?
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    Stratomsk Copdog gets all the bitches.

  16. @Glaive

    Sorry to bother you, but we had a cow show up and need an admin to undelete his post. Sorry to bother you and thanks!
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    SunLightStreak Elite Illuminati Task Force Agent for Cow Control
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  17. He would, he has had some success in malicious reporting videos to YouTube and eBay listings to eBay.
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  18. Sorry it looks like he actually didn't delete it himself.

    @Saney did and marked it as spam.

    Sadly I am on mobile and cannot see the contents nor undo it. Maybe Saney made a mistake though and didn't know it was actually glorious content and can undo the delete. Sorry for hassle.
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    Glaive Chadministrator

  19. Yeah, sorry, that was a mistake. Unfortunately, I'm also on mobile and I can't undelete it either.
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    Saney Slayer of the Love-Shys
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  20. I undeleted it for you guys
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