Elisa Ann Schwartz / Elisa Jordana / Kermit and Friends Podcast - Gunt-enabling host of the unpopular "Kermit and Friends" podcast; former keytarist for Cobra Starship; fame-seeking ex-girlfriend of Howard Stern Show writer Benjy Bronk

Jordana had the actor Jessie Heiman on in the most recent show, and what a show it was. At this point I suspect that Elisa Jordana is relatively sane but surrounds herself with vulnerable people, with the intent of taking advantage of them. Her show is part of that, as I believe she just intends for this to devolve into internal drama that she can gain clout with, and use it to draw in more famous people to get a leg up.

Some highlights were Jordana introducing Jessie to Andy DIck, who Jessie recognizes. Jessie says it's a pleasure meeting him and sounds somewhat starstruck. Dick then goes on to confuse Jessie as a transsexual, starts talking about how he hopes Jordana is a lesbian, as he is going to get his penis chopped off, put it on Elisa and get fucked by her. Jessie nopes out of that problematic conversation pretty quickly.

Andy shows that he again has transexuals on his mind, as when asked what advice he can give someone who is having a mental breakdown.

Jesse comes back on a to have a final say, only to have Trumpster Bob accost him about his open border desires and accuse him of being a paedophile.

The lady on the right accuses Trumpster-Bob COO of Kermit and Friends of calling her and harassing her, and also calling the police because he thinks they're all paedophiles or something. T-Bob does the masterful redirection, and instead talks about his hallucinations.

On the topic of Sharman Smith, I wanted to look up all of these people as a few claim to be 'big' people/hasbeens. Sharman has the claim, of the claim to fame that she was a presidential candidate for the democratic party in 2020. She apparently ran on the platform of killing paedophiles, violent rapists and murderers. While that's based and redpilled, do not rest easy for these are the eyes of the God-Emperor that see through the past, present and all future possibilities.
sharman eyes.png
They see you, and they know you're guilty.
Sharmin may have been called Eslynne, and has since changed her name since 2015 (Her book release). Sadly/Unsurprisingly the information on her presidential candidacy is very scarce and aside from her herself putting that forward, the three references I found were a radio show interview on "Talk Life Radio", A youtube video from "Nature Of Reality Radio" and a book review which I lost the link to. Speaking of the book reviews, I found some interesting ones on goodreads (Archive) calling her completely insane, a liar and an abuser.



Sharmin Smith -Biography​

Sharmin Smith is on a mission to share her wisdom gained through her unique experiences. Shining a light in the darkness that exists in some of society is her calling! She is an abortion survivor and was raised by a mother who did not want her. She shares her story to help other people who have dealt with family trauma get through their pain.
When she reached adulthood, she became a financial services expert. Sharmin has met many teams of people in the industry and is sought after for her experience in the financial industry.
Due to childhood trauma, Sharmin was diagnosed with PTSD. Eventually leaving the financial industry, Sharmin took up writing as a form of therapy. She launched the book, “Taming The Tida” in 2014. The book is meant to uplift and encourage other survivors to reclaim their lives.
In early 2015, Sharmin published the book “Taming The Tida,” about a reality tv show called “Who wants to be president?” In this story, a childhood trauma survivor runs for President against Hillary Clinton and runs on an anti-pedophile platform. Sharmin highlights serious changes that need to happen in our system, intending to make her readers think outside of the box! What started as one book turned into three! Sharmin later continued her 2015 book as a series, calling it the “Change the World” trilogy
Her campaign for the “Change the World” trilogy landed her on Newsmax in May of 2015. Trump announced his campaign in June of that year. Before the end of 2015, oddly enough infamous Bill O’Reilly and Dennis Miller were hosting a nationwide talk show called “Who Wants to be President.”
Sharmin did not write her books to make millions of dollars, she wrote them with the purpose of making the world a better place and it felt like she was watching people in power steal her dream and prosper off it.
Words cannot express what it is like watching a dream turn into a nightmare. The series of events that unfolded over the next few years after her 2015 book launch will be detailed through the final two books in this series, “A Midsummer’s Nightmare” and “Shep and Sharmin: True love isn’t Romeo and Juliet who died together”.

In June of 2018, Sharmin filed for divorce and launched a campaign for President, as she felt like she was called to serve her country. She then hired a marketing company that was, unbeknownst to her, heavily connected to QAnon. They quickly “marketed” her to senior campaign advisors for Trumps’ 2020 campaign, to which she had not agreed to.
Sharmin hired a campaign manager that quickly set about destroying Sharmin’s life. The campaign manager became a central figure in Sharmin’s divorce and permanently altered her long-term relationship with her children. The Presidential campaign then disappeared, but Sharmin’s participation in protests began. Her struggles opened her eyes to things she knew but had never seen before.
As the QAnon conspiracy theories exploded during the summer of 2020 she fully realized she had hired some of their members who set to brainwash her readers and destroy our nation with their harmful rhetoric. She feels personally responsible for messing things up and wants to help set the record straight and heal our nation. The full details of this experience will be in book 2 of the series, “A Midsummer’s Nightmare”.
It is her personal belief that the hold QAnon has on our country can be broken through learning the truth. Part of the key to unlocking this puzzle is seeing and knowing you were lied to by reading the words with your own eyes in the first book, “Taming The Tida”.
Any similarities to actual events that are in her books were not planned or coordinated. She wrote the book the way she did because she believed that we are more similar than we are different. Sharmin believes that most people are true, good, honest, decent, kind, hard-working, and are poorly represented by their elected officials. Now, more than ever before they deserve to know what their elected officials are up to.
Through her life, Sharmin has connected with some truly amazing souls who are also on a mission to expose the truth and have committed to helping them tell their stories too. She is now relaunching her brand and looks forward to a bright future ahead of her. The work continues!
https://sharminsmith.com/bio/ - https://archive.md/W7QOQ

Andy claimed that one of his trap-house-mates secretly drugged him, by placing THC concentrate into some orange juice that he drank. This is the wrap up of the argument.

And of course, another Eric Riggs masturbatory video. This guy is another who claims to be very rich, but alas I cannot find any information. It's right on the heels of the above clip, so Dick's microphone is still on and the black guys hadn't finished expressing surprise at the cartwheel. I hope I'm wrong and they are watching the show.
I also hope we can get more info if that pedophile zoophile is actually her father and if the rumors are true. So far nothing shows up on google except what was already posted here.
In her most recent stream, she did deny that Honest Frank was actually her Father. I'd deny it too if that was the case, so maybe or maybe not. It happens at 1 minute into the Trumpster-Bob video above.

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