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(Tiktok video source)

Elizabeth Blodgett, from Vaush's hellhole hometown of Tacoma, WA, is a theater major attenting Syracuse University with no personality. She fills the void that is herself with copious amounts of food and social-justice ideology, which is likely what resulted in her deciding to go by Eli and use he/they pronouns - she's basically the quintessential trans-identifed female. When not mainlining carbs to maintain her svelte figure, Blodgett spends her time making TikToks to ~clap back~ at the haydurs. She identifies as a "disabled, queer, polyamorous artist + activist." Most of her posts are typical SJW gibberish, with typical troon e-begging sprinkled throughout. It's unlikely any part of her identity or personality wasn't lifted from someone else's Twitter or Tumblr account.




Blodgett recently gained a minor degree of notoriety on Tiktok and Twitter when conservatives began spreading one of her TikToks (a) about obesity around to make fun of her ludicrous claims that "the obesity epidemic isn't real," fatphobia is "rooted in anti-blackness," and "fatphobia in healthcare" is why fat people die, not their extreme weight.

(Original video source - has 150k views)

In typical lolcow fashion, Blodgett likes to make grandiose claims and accusations, often without evidence. She posts multiple TikToks a day, most of which are boring but a few of which are mildly funny because she's sensitive about pretty much everything. She appears to have become more active on TikTok after the podcast (a) she co-hosted fizzled out.

Clapping back at a guy's comment about her hair:

(Tiktok video source)


(Tiktok video source)

User Vulva Gape uploaded an archive of all her TikToks to the thread.

TikTok Archive!

MEGA ARCHIVE (you can watch in browser without unzipping) - last updated 2/28/21

LOCAL ARCHIVE BELOW (you will have to unzip the folders to access the files) - up to date until feb 2021

She hates Lana Del Rey for criticizing cancel culture, and framed Lana's criticism as "attacking black women":


She e-begs, like every other troon:

Family Drama

Why does she e-beg? She was disowned by her parents in July. It's hinted that this is because they didn't react well to her transition, but a clear reason is not given. She didn't post much during this time, just that her mental health was suffering from "transphobia" and financial insecurity.

(s/a) (s/a)(s/a)

Her mom seems genuinely concerned about her, which she just brushes off with assumptions of her presumed bigotry:



When Blodgett's parents did not support her chopping her tits off and shooting up testosterone, she immediately ran to her hugbox:

"I'm Disabled!"

Despite being incessantly pro-obesity, Blodgett also claims to be disabled despite not having any visible ailments aside from her girth. She wields this as a cudgel to attempt to paint those she picks fights with as being ableist. This exchange began when someone called out a wheelchair user for sexually predatory behavior, and Blodgett interpreted the callout as attacking him for his disability:


(TikTok video source)

Blodgett claims to have "shutdowns" commonly associated with autism. She says she's autistic but it is not known if she's been diagnosed.

(Tiktok video source)

Fat and Trans Stuff

Blodgett, whose waist is 60" per the items on her Amazon wishlist (a), is unabashedly pro-obesity, and claims people need to work to "unlearn" their fatphobia. Her fat activism mostly consists of TikToks of her spewing social-justice jargon or otherwise being a keyboard warrior, but unlike most fat activists, she did manage to take her crusade IRL by founding a body positivity student group at her university. As is the case with most SJWs, I couldn't find evidence of Blodgett doing actual accessibility-related activism, just raging online at the evil human-weight people and their ~oppressive systems~.



Of course, she's wrong about that; obesity is a leading cause of fatality in COVID cases.



Not sure what there is to love about being three times your ideal body weight, but you go girl!

Here's one of the events her "Students United for Body Acceptance" group put on:



Ah yes, because historic civilizations definitely cared about plural pronouns and weren't just using gender as a means to shun gay people, lol.


And of course, a "YOU ARE VALID":


I swear, everything she's ever posted has been copy-pasted from some other troon or deathfat on this site. It's like she's trying to have the least original takes on the internet.


Blodgett supports Antifa, big surprise there. While she uses her nebulous unidentified disability as an excuse to avoid going to protests, she openly promotes their violent rhetoric across social media.




Cow Crossovers etc

Crossover with Ashleigh Shackelford:


Crossovers with Juliana "J" Aprileo:



She needs a seatbelt extender to fly:

Here's a picture of her with her equally corpulent girlfriend, who is also transitioning to male:

Here's a picture of her pre-troonout:


And some Islamic Content:



Accounts and Links

Twitter (a) (archive from 3 years ago)
Instagram (a)
Facebook (a)
TikTok (a)
Podcast Twitter (a)
Pre-Transition Twitter (a)
PayPal she uses for e-begging, proof of deadname (a)
Podcast about fatphobia she guested on (a)
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Good OP. You are right, she said nothing in any of this that I hadnt already heard from another trender (or two, or ten).

She’s really just an unoriginal compilation of all of them: fat, ugly, troon, grifter, antifa, disabled, parent-hating eternal failures. She’s only original in that she’s not wearing dangerhair. Yet.


NIbblin' bits since 2006
Bowties. It's always bowties. Why is it always bowties?
People on tumblr were REALLY into that Dr Who doctor who in like 2012 wore one and made quips. about it, the one I think before the one who looked like Leonard Cohen and the girl one which I think is when the shows popularity dropped and people found other shit.

He would make some boring British burn like "everyone looks better with " or "everyone loves a bowtie" and it was his thing a power thing for him or something.
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Why do troons always use racism for oppression points? "The binary is RACIST", why do they think colonized societies didn't know what women and men were?(lol). Also aren't trans and non-binary opposites? Has she finished her transition?(voice being what it is and face gives it away)
Why beg so much? do they not work?
Because they're spastics. They see shit like ladyboys in Thailand and Hijra (sp??) in India and the fact Afghan men like to arse rape little boys and instead of thinking "well, this is how these cultures 'tolerated' gay people" they see it as "LIKE OMG GUISE THIS TOTES VALIDATES MAH ECKSISTANZZZZZZ!!!". This is be cause they're that fatal combination of retarded and narcissistic.Toss in a lifetime of participation trophies and being told constantly they are special and matter, apply that lunacy to an entire cohort, and here we are.


I'm a spooky ghost! Whooooo!!! Ectoplasm!!!!
Can't wait for her to find the thread. The Extremely Online cows always do.
I love it when they blast in thinking that their request to take this off the goddamn internet is going to be heeded.

Also. She- fucking she, I love that being factually accurate is what triggers troons hardest- is totally autistic. She has a super broad philtrum. Plus I mean yes, eye contact is hard for her because she is so fat it scrunches up well eyes but theres definitely the tism going on there.

She is a good walking ad for why we need an in utero test for autism because parents deserve the chance to abort a fetus that could grow up into whatever the fuck that is. That, or we need post birth abortion to 360 months.


God forbid she forget to add the air quotes from even a single phrase in quotations when reciting it. It might make people listen to whatever bullshit she’s actually saying, rather than just thinking about stepping on her fingers (top hats, I know).

Do all anti-capitalists have Amazon wish lists with Apple watches on them? Don’t answer, I know the answer.

Good job, OP. She’s hideous.

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