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Sexy, in a Howdy Doody sort of way.
Jesus, why does she always cram her face into the camera like that? Is the point to look as monstrous as possible? If so, she's succeeding.
Her attempt at a goatee is nauseating. For fuck's sake, if you can't grow actual facial hair, keep it clean shaven until you can. Plenty of natal men don't have abundant facial hair, and after the age of 14 or so, they stop pretending that they can fool anyone into thinking they do. Maybe a patchy, grubby looking goatee is cool and badass if you're the first boy in seventh grade to start sprouting facial hair, but everyone else thinks it looks like dirt.

I'm beginning to think that refusing to remove a disgusting, miserable patch of facial hair is a hallmark FTM cow behavior, just as bragging about one's vaginal depth appears to be something that the MTF contingent thinks True and Honest women do. Real men have beards, real women have vaginas, and the details of either don't matter at all. It's just another, subtle example of how gender socialization cannot be undone, no matter how many cross-sex hormones you shove down your bullfrog gullet.

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Update: Elizabeth is still talking about conversion therapy and fatphobia, and is still insufferable.
Thin people with EDs weaponize their ED against fat people? That's not really fair to ana-chans to put the assumption on them that they hate fat people. Their issues may all be internalized. This is another deathfat who avoids the word BED like a plague and claims to have recovered from an ED by getting huge and implies it was a restrictive ED just because they didn't always binge like they do now. Despicable really. Imagine seeing yourself as a champion of minorities while you kick the most vulnerable of society like anorexics.

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"Non-monogamous" = "too fat to fuck each other" and/or "only really into dick, not Aidens"


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> I can't even walk home without being perceived

What the actual fuck? She's mad people look at her or something? If this tier of sjws ever get really powerful, awkward eye contact is going to become a hate crime.

Her face is so fat and smug and gross. Im inclined to say "punchable" but ones fist would probably be rebuffed by the pudge. You guys ever make ooblek in science class in middle school? That's what she reminds me of.


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It's a shark. That's on land. Motherfuckers.
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What is this even supposed to be? If you have a vat of clay, you should at least end up with a vase. THE LAZINESS! This is the result of child rearing that began in t he 1980s
It's never meant to solidify. Its just a silly science project for kids

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