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She explained what the incident where she was "made into a spectacle" was:

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Well, Elizabeth, when you make yourself as grotesque and repulsive as possible, people are going to notice, comment, and judge. And some of them will say rude shit.

It's not paranoia, or hypervigilance, to imagine that she's being watched and judged every day. She damned well knows she is, and she knows it's because she does not look cute (and hey, how many actual men, no matter how soy-fed, insist upon their own "cuteness"? Like, zero).

People are going to notice and gawk at and comment on her in the same way they do around people with extreme body mods--because frankly, her obesity and hormone-fucked appearance are extreme body mods. She might as well have facial tattoos, or encrust her face in piercings, or get devil-horn implants and a forked tongue. She may not be in Farrah Flawless territory of "holy shit, that person's fucking mental," but the visual evidence for her profound rage and self-hatred still disturbs the shit out of other people, in a visceral way.

But rather than stop and think, "Hey, maybe I'm manifesting my ugly girl's self-loathing and internalized rage in a really unhealthy and self-destructive way, and people are going to gawk at that; maybe a different approach is in order," her cope is to pretend it's not really happening (except when somebody is rude enough to remark on her appearance), and to keep aggressively reassuring herself she's "cute," or "hot," and not actually destroying herself. Only she can't stay in echo chambers forever, and reality does have an inconvenient way of intruding and reminding her that the comforting lies she takes refuge in are just that--as it did in this case.

The next phase of life should prove interesting. I expect with the pandemic, long established theatre companies are struggling along with much of the entertainment industry & have long lists of experienced crew they can call on.

It would be tough for any new grad in the theatre fields to find enough work to pay rent & feed themselves. Somebody as problematic as Eli?

This could provide some interesting arcs.

She couldn't be graduating at a worse time for performing arts majors--especially technical theatre. And her fatness will poison any chances she might get, because she is physically less capable of doing the actual job. And while the theatre community tends to be deep in the Woke, I doubt her scripted, badly-read scoldings about fatphobia on social media are going to make anybody say, "Yeah, she seems totally reasonable, and not likely to make absurd demands."

Somebody in the last page or two predicted she'd use grad school as a means to avoid reality for another couple of years, while she gets an MFA. I'm inclined to agree. Yes, it would mean a lot more debt, but look at her--does she look like somebody who thinks through the long-range repercussions of her actions? Hardly.

Okay, on another note, I did a little more digging, and yes, she did attend a Catholic high school--a Jesuit prep school that costs $18K/year and is not easy to get into (the acceptance rate is around 50%).

I don't know why she made the shift, but that school does have an especially strong music and performing arts program, so that may be why. Which would only reinforce what I gleaned from her dad's Facebook--that her parents were very supportive of her musical and theatrical ambitions.

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There's been a lot of speculation about Elizabeth's family life and religious upbringing, but last night I realized that nobody's really looked into who her parents are, and if there's anything about them that might explain how she's ended up the way she is. So while waiting for my car to be serviced, I might as well get my sperg on:

I'm not going to post her parents' names or provide links here because they are not cows. Seriously, they seem like very nice, normal people, very grounded, salt-of-the-earth types, who don't deserve the autistic spotlight (or their insane, crybullying trashfire of a daughter). I honestly feel bad for them.

Both have minimal social media presence. I got their names by doing a public records search on Elizabeth, and found them on Facebook, but neither one posts anything very personal in public.

Mom scarcely posts at all; her timeline is pretty much profile pic changes. She's 56 years old, and a Nurse Practitioner. She has 10 Facebook friends, which led me to Dad; Elizabeth is not one of those friends.

Dad used to post a lot of corny, wholesome old boomer memes, fundraisers, and the occasional news story, but hasn't made any public posts since December 2019. His friends list is hidden, so I don't know if he sill has Elizabeth added (I doubt it). His public posts suggest somebody who is kind of a big softie, who adores his wife, and who is conservative, but he makes no explicitly political or ideological posts. He's 70 years old, and a retired Navy vet who went on to spend 25 years as a recovery room RN at a children's hospital before retiring in August 2013 (he seems to have continued working part-time, however, because despite a 2013 post announcing his last day of scheduled work, his profile says he left in 2016). He lists his occupation as "stay-at-home parent"; Elizabeth was 14 when he initially retired, and I wonder if he retired because she was really getting difficult at that time.

Scrolling back through Dad's timeline, more personal posts appear. From these, I gleaned he following:

Mom and Dad married in July 1989 (she was 24; he was 38 ). Elizabeth came along a full decade later, and is an only child. Everything Dad ever wrote about her suggests she was very much wanted and treasured and adored; given that it took her parents a decade to have her, I wonder if infertility was an issue. If so, I can see her being seen as even more special than usual, and doted upon accordingly.

Dad has a 45-year-old son by a previous marriage, and while he would love to be a grandaddy, he has no grandchildren. Unless his son decides to be like his dad and bust out a late-in-life child, he's sadly out of luck.

Elizabeth strongly resembles her mother. Mom has always been slim, and while she was never a beauty, she looked pretty in their wedding pic, which Dad liked to re-post every year on their anniversary. Elizabeth, however, has always been chubby, especially in the face. You know how Tess Holliday always had a skinny-girl face despite a massively fat body? Elizabeth was the opposite. She was never skinny, but even when she was merely overweight she's always had fat cheeks, and by the time she turned 12 had a double chin. Her face has always looked like it belonged on a much fatter girl. And I hate to say it, but she was not a pretty child at all. She's cute at age 10 when she has a genuine happy smile on her face, because happy kids at that age are. But by age 12 she doesn't look so happy. There aren't many pics of her after age 12, and her smile looks strained. That's also when she starts noticeably gaining weight.

Frankly, I would not be surprised if she got picked on for being both fat-faced and homely, and kind of a dork. In her middle-school marimba ensemble pics, she looks like the dorky misfit. I can't help but feel bad for her younger self, even as I see her current self as being a lost cause, because hey, I've been there.

The family is Lutheran (the more conservative Missouri Synod), and Elizabeth was confirmed in May 2013. Dad's obviously more than just a pew-warmer, but he didn't fill his timeline with religious memes and Bible quotes. He's by no means fundie-crazy.

Elizabeth attended Lutheran schools through at least the 2013-14 school year, when she was at a Lutheran high school. There is no mention of her later transferring to a Catholic high school (which maybe she could have done to escape bullying, but her dad never mentions it). She participated in the choir, and was also part of a local youth choir/chorus. Dad was an enthusiastic choir parent, and posted potato video of rehearsals and performances. In middle school, she was in the marimba ensemble.

Nowhere is there any indication that Elizabeth ever participated in competitive dance, or dance lessons, period. Dad posts about lots of music and choir-related activities, but not one single, solitary word about dance--which is very strange for a man who clearly dotes on his only daughter and loves to see her doing things that make her happy. By the time she got into theatre in high school, his public posts, and posts mentioning her, had dwindled; his last significant public mention of her is in April 2014, and he doesn't even mention her graduation.

Along with having a pair of dogs, Elizabeth also raised a couple of baby goats in 2012, and there's a pic of what was probably her childhood backyard play structure that has been fenced in and repurposed for the goats. It's a really hefty log play structure, with a separate playhouse, and had to be expensive to install. It's kind of surprising to see that big of an outlay for an only child, but it gives an idea of the kind of life her parents willingly gave her.

She grew up in a nice house on a big lot. It's nothing stylish or ostentatious, but it looks like a comfortable place to live. Her parents appear to be very comfortable, but not what I'd call wealthy, unless it's well-hidden. They did have enough money for private religious schooling, music lessons (Elizabeth played violin as a kid), family vacations, pets, and traveling regionally for choir performances--I get the impression that money was simply not an obstacle to giving her a really comfortable, but not overindulgent, life.

Her parents obviously loved her very much, and gave her a great life. So what went wrong? How did she go so totally off the rails? Because teenage rebellion is one thing, as is becoming a smug, know-it-all little shit in college, but what Elizabeth has become is just so deranged. I'd speculate, but my car's done.

This is great work. And maybe things really were this good and gentle, so I dont want to cast aspersions on her parents because sometimes kids get influenced by outside factors and turn into shitlords.

But man, it is very possible for things to look hunky dory on the outside and meanwhile (for example) the mom is a massive narcissist and dad is the useless enabler, or they're emotionally distant alcoholics (the upper-classy type who dont get messy about it and it's always cognac or wine, but the damage is still done to the family), or any other number of scenarios of emotional neglect/abuse that can desperately fuck up a little kid in a way that would have them lashing out later on.

I started wondering about this kind of thing when she started claiming she'd been to conversion therapy. I dont buy it, like other farmers I think she probably talked to some pastor or church group like Courage, that's all. But I think the reason she brings it up is because it is the ONE thing she can put a finger on regarding her parents. She probably wasn't outright molested or anything so clear-cut, and there isn't as much social cache in saying "my parents were (jumble of small fucked up stories and descriptions which, combined, can make for a severely fucked up kid, but in isolation don't really express your pain and people dont get it)."

Dont get me wrong: Elizabeth is a fucking asshole who needs to take responsibility for her behavior and get her shit straight, regardless of how she got this way. And maybe her parents are genuinely lovely people who are baffled as to where it all went wrong. But a sunny facebook and nice outside narrative doesn't really mean anything.

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Wants to work in theater, but she's bothered that people look at her and notice her weight. Okay then, LOL. Anyone that's been fat can tell you that comments are normal and it's par for the course. It's embarrassing, but it could have been worse. They could have been saying things to her face.

Also, Elizabeth, that shirt is too small and no, you are not cute
She needs an undershirt if she's going to wear a sheer white top. I know she has muh male privilege now, but even True and Honest men wear properly fitting undergarments, especially for a semiformal occasion like graduation portraits.

Obviously, there's no way even the thinnest undershirt will fit under that skin-tight button down, but perhaps when she goes to buy a size up, she can pick up a six pack of Hanes A-shirts.


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I'm going to take Eli in good faith, as someone who's frequently on the end of "LOL HOW IS THE WEATHER UP THERE?" jokes. Most people are just noting your differences/making small talk. I believe someone was probably like, "Oh holy cow, you're pretty big," but also, who cares?

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How do these people go on living in the world? I mean, really? I consider this every so often but can never come up with a solid reason. Just overhearing a random conversation from a group of strangers is enough to ruin their day, week or even month. We are truly regressing as a society when "who the fuck cares what others think" starts to become a foreign concept. This is something you learn as a kid or teen, not as somebody in their twenties.

If you want to be a man, start acting like one, Eli. Not that you'll ever truly be one, but you can at least put in some effort to take big poo poo meanie words in stride.

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Elizabeth, Mother's Day is about loving and appreciating your mom; it is not about coddling you.

I'd love to hear what her mom thought of the conversation. I'll bet, if asked, she'll never mention feeling "unsafe," because she's a grown-ass adult who doesn't need to be sheltered against any questioning or disagreement. Instead, I assume I'd hear about how worried she is about how Elizabeth is destroying her health (okay, sure, and what little potential she had for being attractive), and how she doesn't understand what has happened--how her little girl became such a hectoring bully.

She'll be like every other mother whose kid has joined a dangerous cult, in other words, who can no longer carry on a pleasant, normal conversation because they'll just be seen as the enemy no matter what they do, and get bombarded with cultspeak.

Elizabeth, I'll bet your mom cried on Mother's Day. Maybe she even did it while you talked. But obviously you haven't given any thought to how she is feeling, and why she has legitimate causes for grief--or if you have, you've dismissed her, written her off, decided she's the one who is deluded, hateful, and wrong.

I doubt this bloated, poisonous toad of a human will ever have that adult awakening--that one in which you realize that your parents were actually right about some of the things you rebelled against as an adolescent. But she's going to be in for a shit time of it if she ever does.

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this bitch has a truly amazing ability to make anything they're talking about sound like utterly ridiculous complaints of a spoiled toddler. they could tell me they've got a literal bone-eating cancer and three months to live and i'd just roll my eyes in contempt.


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I'll bite. I am fatphobic. I am terrified of working several floors up in an office building, being on a train, plane or a bus, and being trapped behind these disgusting fucking abominations. I am scared I could lose my life because these botched abortions will block my safe egress out of a burning building.

So yeah, I am fatphobic, and I have learned that if it came to it, I have no qualms about kicking these disgusting wastes of resources in the backs of the kneecaps and marching over their fucking carcasses to get myself out safely. I cannot, and I will not, care about someone who refuses to care for themselves, not now, or ever.


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I'll bite. I am fatphobic. I am terrified of working several floors up in an office building, being on a train, plane or a bus, and being trapped behind these disgusting fucking abominations. I am scared I could lose my life because these botched abortions will block my safe egress out of a burning building.

So yeah, I am fatphobic, and I have learned that if it came to it, I have no qualms about kicking these disgusting wastes of resources in the backs of the kneecaps and marching over their fucking carcasses to get myself out safely. I cannot, and I will not, care about someone who refuses to care for themselves, not now, or ever.
That's not what fatphobic means. It means, "Won't condone obesitty because of believing there are serious health consequences."

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