Empathy Quotient - Shitty test online, we all know the drill


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These are worded so badly, it's beyond obvious what the "right" answer is.
They might as well have just had "I want to get a result that is autistic: Y/N" as question number one and skipped the rest.

Screenshot from 2018-04-16 17-18-16.png

Is it really autism when you know exactly what the other person's feelings are but just don't care?


Your Empathy Quotient score was 35 out of a possible 80.

Scores above 30 are generally not indicative of an Autism Spectrum disorder.


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Is it really autism when you know exactly what the other person's feelings are but just don't care?
Autism is traditionally defined by a lack of cognitive empathy (ability to recognise). However, a lot of autists I've encountered are also very deficient in affective empathy (the instinctual ability to 'feel' other people even if they pick up on facial expressions).

The line between the two is actually rather blurry, such as cases like my own; the observer does perceive the changes in people's facial expressions and body language, but the observer lacks the affective mechanism (the 'gut feeling') that tells them what that feeling may be or furnishes an instinctual response by the observer to a change in their interlocutor. Thus the observer has to deduce or induce the emotional state of their interlocutor based upon prior experience and general principles of human behaviour.

In truth, I think cognitive and affective empathy aren't truly possible to distangle. However, they're a useful explanatory device in generally trying to explain why an autist is distinct from a psychopath, so they'll probably stay around and it's probably for the better that we have them in our conceptual toolbox.
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48. A little socially awkward but very empathetic in all the general senses. Also I worry too much about what people think of me so that probably did some.



Scores above 30 are generally not indicative of austism.

"Generally not..." :thoughtful:

These are worded so badly, it's beyond obvious what the "right" answer is.
That's like every online test, though, it's why theyre fucking exceptional. But theyre still kinda fun for like 45 seconds just to see what you get even if youre not taking it seriously.
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