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A lot of people have been wanting a thread on NekoArc and she's been brought to our attention because of her association with Laurelai. Several days ago, I capped several of her tweets in the Kiwi Farms review thread where she was clearly seen tweeting Sarah Nyberg and saying something about Null in there too. I didn't know who this was but I knew they were somehow part of the massive tranny rat king that we have going here that also encompasses people like Richard Jones and Tyler Thorp.




Whoever they are, they are part of the rat king.


@Hellfire gave some great information in the thread that I want to also post here.

That is someone Wesley/Laurelai Bailey tried to fuck over in the past.

Edit: Also one of Wesley's contacts at some point for personal army requests.


The Elizabeth in question may be one of the people who took this thing into their home and got shit on.

Then Hellfire also posted this interesting quote that might be helpful in understanding what the hell's going on here.

I think it's high time Laurelai be outed for who she is...

I made the stupid mistake of accepting Laurelai into me and my boyfriend's home (relocating her from Iowa at a whopping cost of $1000, which was whatever as we had just sold our house for considerably more) three months ago, around New Years Day. I can't believe I made this stupid mistake. We thought she 1) got the short end of the stick as the FBI visit was wrongful (she wasn't in Lulzsec -- I swear this part is one of the few true things she has ever said), 2) she wasn't so bad (this part was bullshit). I will now explain why I don't believe either of these reasons were true.

Now, I proposed Laurelai come here and use her many contacts to market a product that was really a front for the other things the company had planned. I should make note of that -- she wasn't doing anything major. She was literally there to be a social networking whore. That's all. Instead this sort of backfired, but we take responsibilty for that aspect. She was also sort of here "for the lulz" as we thought it'd be hilarious. Well, it was... in that I get to reveal this much about her.

For starters, she abandoned her kids in Iowa with her ex-wife who she bragged about how she slept with just before she left even though her ex-wife had a new boyfriend. She also bragged a lot about her she pimped out her wife -- which is public record, but still, that's fucko. She liked to talk massive shit about her kids and how they drove her nuts and couldn't stand them, then subsequently get pesudo-angry when anyone called her out on it. Yeah.

Something Laurelai markets as a point of pride is the fact she is a massive social engineer. She is such a great engineer she makes a point in telling this to me and my family. My mother, who had just moved here a few months ago, didn't have much to give anyone. Since her cigarette addiction, well, costs a lot of money (she will tell you she smokes a pack a day -- a more realistic number is around 4), she had to get smokes from somewhere. She used to take them from the people who had the least: my family (a very low income family, which houses 5 of my siblings), random bums on the street (yes, she took cigarettes from bums), and random people in parking lots who were people I wouldn't want to interact wth normally. Here's the even more despicable part: she used to engineer food from people by claiming we didn't feed her. This is all bullshit. She will tell you her fat arse lost weight from not eating; here's the truth: she slept 14 hours a day after smoking weed (she would take what little funds she got (as she did no real work for our company) and just buy weed and sleep) and was insistent on not being woken up. She in fact, would scream and verbally abuse us for such, and warn us not to do so lest fear physical violence. Now see, in this household we generally eat out a lot (>10x weekly). The reality is she wouldn't get up and come with us to go eat. She would rather sleep, or when she wasn't sleeping, Skype. She would then go on the internet and try to get us pizza (which we didn't need) by engineering people and tell them we were starving her and she had lost weight -- which was good, it made her almost look like a woman and less like Fat Bastard. When we did make food at home, she would often let it sit on the counter for hours at a time to the point where I just ate it -- in retrospect she would wait for me to eat it -- and then whine about how I had eaten her food that had sat there getting cold for 5 hours despite being told there was food.

Which leads me to my next point. She was VERY insistent on privacy, which is cool and all, but apparently even peeking my mouth into a doorway to tell someone food is ready because they aren't listening is an egregious privacy violation (the truth is she didn't want her friends finding out we were feeding her... yep). She would then storm out of the room naked (picture a short, ugly 30 year old transwoman who is quite overweight and has a really tiny cock) screaming at me to knock or "else." Yes, in my own house, she had the gaul to get in my face because I told her friend she had food. I acted calm but the reality is only self-restraint and a knowledge she would be psycho enough to press charges kept me from hitting her in her face, and I'm generally very nonviolent.

She also tried to break up me and my boyfriend on numerous occasions by starting really bad fights and setting us by the ears. She would often suggest we needed "couples counselling" or "to break up" -- strong words coming from the woman who bragged about pimping out her wife (which I called her out on when I had enough of her shit). Ever since she has left our household me and my boyfriend have gotten along better than ever and have both realised what Laurelai was doing -- starting stupid pointless arguments and blowing things out of proportion, and riling us up at key moments. It was generally, as they say, bullshit. My best theory as to why she was doing this was because she wanted the resources I consumed for herself. I come to this reasoning because she liked to point out how I ate her food all the time (see above) and consumed lots of drink (I didn't consume any more than she did, in fact, less). Yes, this woman has a few screws loose, but that's to be expected from the likes of her.

I would like to remark she is not a very good transwoman. Most people who encounter her find her to be a joke of a transwoman. I am transgender and a bit of a tomboy (yes, transwomen can be tomboys, there's no rule against it :p) but she did not take her transition seriously. Her HRT consisted of black market spiro only which without estrogen will result in brittle bones and could result in a hip fracture and associated complications like osteonecrosis (as an EMT in training I know). She enjoyed living under the radar and didn't want taxes withheld (for reasons she wouldn't disclose -- mostly 'cause she was a chode) so she would have never gotten it fixed. She likes to go around bitching to people that off of HRT she is whiny and awful and paranoid. This is all false. She showed up here without HRT, and was fine. Laurelai doesn't want to be a transwoman. She wants to be a chick with a dick and get the privileges of a woman plus the feminism. I think it's part of some attention gathering scheme.

She also liked to claim she was deeply involved in OWS and claimed she was in NYC several times. She tried to claim Occupy Tulsa was not run by hipsters or hijacked by out of towners -- both of which I witnessed first hand. I mean, I only live here, and have lived here longer than she has, I think I'd know an out of towner, whilst she's just a pilferer-descended sociopathic lunatic from Arkansas who liked to refer to the Benton County jail as a "supermax" (it was just a regular jail -- again, just a stupid chode).

She especially likes to use the tranny thing as a bargaining chip in arguments. If I ever hear the words "cisgender piece of shit" again in my life I will blow a fuse or two. She really, really hates cisgender people -- or so she claims. I think she's doing it for the attention and the controversy, like the claiming to be Raziel bullshit. In order to get more people into her percieved imaginary army (yes she feels her friends are a personal army -- even us, which well, we broke her of that REAL fast), she considers anyone with any gender dysphoria transgender for the sake of argument and controversy. Never mind this includes 60% of the planet who have at one time or another have had some form of gender dysphoria. Just because you have an occasional moment where you feel you want to be the other gender does not make you transgender, what makes you transgender is when you're putting on the opposite gender's clothing and living as such. I think the fact of the matter is she sees being transgender as a social club and she wants all the privileges, e.g., manipulating poor community members, using it as an excuse for doing stupid shit as she "has lived past her expected life span" (she hasn't for America), etc.

Also, her drama from Reddit kept spreading to my IRL social circles. I know a Reddit administrator who warned me in fact that people were witch-hunting us and threatening to burn our house down (which isn't surprising given our part of Oklahoma has a large gay community that felt marginalised in /r/lgbt and a LOT of them are seriously fucking scary). Make no mistake though -- in the end her resignation was forced, partially due to us threatening to disconnect her from the Internet, and partially since people and Reddit admins had enough of her shit. Plain and simple.

She also has a serious internet addiction problem. We got her a company laptop (which wasn't for her per se -- it was the company's laptop, but I'll get to why we let her keep it). Using your laptop in public is one thing. Using the damn thing at a cheque cashing place in the hood is another. There was a bloody pawn shop across the street. She just sat there in the cheque cashing place using her laptop with black people staring and all (in her world, nobody was around). she also would randomly start using it when walking until the hotspot was turned off. What was she doing the entire time? Reddit and IRC. Mostly Reddit.

One thing Laurelai did once was bring her friend (who was a hooker -- not even kidding) from Colorado here to our house and smoke PCP-laced weed (my brother, my ex-pothead boyfriend, and I all concurred, having smelled PCP laced weed before, her weed had dust in it). Her friend brought a giant German Shepherd. Now, we have this old Savannah cat named Notch. For those of you who don't know what a Savannah is, it's a cat who is 1/4 serval, a type of African wildcat. Cujo as I affectionately referred to him as was attacked several times by this unauthorised dog who just thought it was ok to do that. They left in a hurry and Laurelai ran off to Colorado for a week, only to come back on Greyhound when this friend realised "lol this was a bad idea" after coming off her high. Did I mention this hooker lady has a kid apparently? And does drugs? Yeah. Truly enlightening individual.

Now, towards the end of her stay with us, she ran off with this one FtM chick from southern Oklahoma. Unfortunately, this person found out about Laurelai's past and returned her to sender about 3 days later. Laurelai stayed with us for 24 hours before running off to Arkansas. What triggered the running? Well, her phone started working out of the blue -- not even kidding. It just started working again for no apparent reason, being able to make calls and everything. She told us that she was apparently wanted for testimony by the US Marshalls. As it turns out though, Laurelai could have ran off with these people at any time and not frozen to death in Iowa. Congratulations me, you got played by a total fucking shitcunt. As for the $1500 macbook we let her keep? (btw, total bill of expenses for her: $4,000, in the grand scheme of things just a pittance) We let her keep it. It has a GPS chip in it anyway and we don't care about it anymore. We just didn't want the feds showing up and seizing it.

So yeah, post-exit, Laurelai has apparently been hiding in Arkansas but I've heard other things like she's with this other IRC friend or whatever. I don't really care. I think Laurelai has found someone else to use for now until they realise she's a piece of shit and a puddle of piss.

All I can say is, if Laurelai ever says anything, take it with a grain of salt, and good riddance to the bitch. -- Elizabeth Myers

Today there has been even more information found. @Null posted some shit in the main Laurelai thread that explains why this dumbass is so butthurt.


The best thing about this quote is that NekoArc and Laurelei both ran /cow/ at some point, but shut it down in a butthurt rage because /cow/ started making fun of a transtesticle that they didn't approve of.

"Better class of troll" == subservient to them.

ED page for more information:

Current Facebook page:

Who this idiot is married to. Also appears to be another disgusting trannycow themselves.



Kengle follows Neko too.


I will try to find more information later but this is everything that I could find right now. There's obviously going to be a lot more out there.

Main Laurelai thread, will update this post if there are more cows found in the Laurelai rat king network that are found:


Richard Jones:

Izzy Galvez:
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What's up with this cow being a gamedev? Is he as cringy as Klace?
@Clown Doll told me this but sent me a PM saying that he saw something about it from Kengle, so this cow may just be a geek. I'm going to change the title when more info is found.

I'll look through the Twitter to check.

As far as NekoArch goes, I don't know if they're actually a video game developer, that was probably me misremembering shit because I think Kengle retweeted some shit about their videogame streams or something back in the day.
It looks like they might be just a geek and not a developer, at least I didn't find any evidence of them being a vidya developer.


More to that tweet that Null posted.


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Okay, first of all I need to admit that I haven't a fucking clue who this person is, but I noticed a very peculiar piece of trivia about them in Laurelai's thread. The "FWA" that you see in this person's Twitter name stands for "Furry Weekend Atlanta", a popular East Coast furry con. So, sadly that means this tranny disaster at least has his toes in my neck of the woods and I feel compelled to come to bat for my fandom.

The first thing I found out is that NekoArc appears to be a sort of "self-hating" furry. His website used to have a vanity page on WikiFur (Wikipedia for furries) created by NekoArc himself (his only contribution from the IP but it was deemed non-notable and was deleted by an administrator, its Talk page still remains. The site seems dead and doesn't reflect the contents discussed on the Wiki page, but there's a link to a Twitter list that appears to be a minor circlejerk of people. I don't quite "get" why this person is in the fandom yet maintained a website whose rules included "NO FURFAGS" and "All types of gore is fine. (I like dem dead dogs)".

According to ED, NekoArc ran something called the "NekoArc Network" and managed to run a website called RockstarChan into the ground. The page talks about "furry invasions" on the website. Previous iterations of this page include "Furry slaughter" as part of the site's "epic wins".

It looks like NekoArc also went to Midwest Fur Fest in 2014 and 2015 as I was able to find his "Sched" pages for those cons (a website used for planning and organizing what you want to do at conventions and events). We can piece together a pretty good psychological profile by looking at the panels and events that he either attended or planned to attend these two years:
  • "Transfurs" ("Transgender furries")
  • Trans 101
  • Furry Pagans
  • Sub-Hypnotic Journey
  • Guided Meditation
  • Cards Against Humanity
And finally if you have an afternoon to kill you can go jerk off to his nudes on Chaturbate. Gross.

tl;dr: NekoArc you're fucking disgusting and you're the cancer that's killing my fandom. Kindly gtfo and eat a bullet.

(Thanks @chimpburgers for the heads up about this thread.)

edit: Now that this post is officially :spudking: CERTIFIED TRIGGERING literally my reaction when I feel like I should elaborate my stance a bit. NekoArc, I don't know who you are. I don't care who you are. Everything I've posted here is stuff that I drudged up in about 10 minutes of googling your name and the names of your websites.

I am easily the least threatening person in this thread, and I'd be more concerned with the rest of the Kiwis here who are legitimately trying to dig up your personal information and get under your skin. If you're that pissed off by someone retelling your past sins, then maybe you have a little bit more atoning to do for them.
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Okay, first of all I need to admit that I haven't a fucking clue who this person is, but I noticed a very peculiar piece of trivia about them in Laurelai's thread. The "FWA" that you see in this person's Twitter name stands for "Furry Weekend Atlanta", a popular East Coast furry con. So, sadly that means this tranny disaster at least has his toes in my neck of the woods and I feel compelled to come to bat for my fandom.

Have some feels, Super. :heart-full: I have a few pretty solid acquaintances in the fandom and they too whisper of various horrorstories of people like this.

  • "Transfurs" ("Transgender furries")
  • tranny 101
  • Furry Pagans
  • Sub-Hypnotic Journey
  • Guided Meditation
  • Cards Against Humanity
This... this is hands down the weirdest list I've ever read. I totally get the Transfurs thing because there might be some tips and pointers for people who have a female fursona or what have you.

But then just a tranny 101 thing?

Then three panels that wouldn't look out of place at Woodstock.

Then CAH. Wouldn't this trigger these kinds of weirdos?

tl;dr NekoArc you're fucking disgusting and you're the cancer that's killing my fandom. Kindly gtfo.

Just quoting for truth there.


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You mean he's moved on from lusting after Gloria Tesch and Pixyteri for this rat faced piece of shit? Just wow.

Back around Feb when Kengle went crazy and started reaching out to sick fucks like nyberg and terra jones he started tweeting cam shows by fat face. Since kengle went on another burn everything spree i cant find it but maybe @Peace and Harmony has it.

I swear that rat face making excited woofing noises is burnt into my subconscious.
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