Eric Harnishfeger / Erika Jo Teag / NekoArc / Crystal Rose - A disgusting furry and tranny camwhore with chapped lips that Kengle lusts over, former /cow/ Admin

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lobotomy chic


lmao @ Laurelai jumping on Neko's ass. What a great friend!


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Phil: "yeah, but fuck you, this is about me." Phil, again: "also about me". Phil, third time: "about me again".

Pure, unadulterated autism, every part of that thread.

I raped a dog 2day
Antifa would deny all knowledge of Phil, "we don't know this fat poser dude."
Sounds about right. I mean, he's already been kicked out of Occupy Philadelphia and a dirty, hippy bookstore and even other homeless trannies don't want to associate with him, so it wouldn't surprise me at all if antifa doesn't want anything to do with him, either. Phil is really good at getting kicked out of places that claim they're accepting of anyone.

Derp Potato

Just a Spud doing spud things
Nothing like a skinny, yet flabby fat long-haired guy.

Did he get actual implants or are those just his moobs?