Eric Harnishfeger / Erika Jo Teag / NekoArc / Crystal Rose - A disgusting furry and tranny camwhore with chapped lips that Kengle lusts over, former /cow/ Admin

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I raped a dog 2day
He must be a humiliation fetishist of some sort. Otherwise why would you post these gross, embarrassing things?
When you have an army of troons, all telling you how cute and beautiful you are, even when you have a comb over, this is what happens.

Seriously, dude! Why do you keep posting this shit!? Nobody wants to see it!


I just can't get past the Homer Simpson level comb-over.....

It looks like someone took a mat of woven hair and just clapped it on top of this dude's dome, with some spray-on adhesive. And the adhesive has started to release.