Erin Lynn Jeffreys / Ana Mardoll - Literary sperg, triggered by everything imaginable, now a trans man

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So years from now, when the whole trooning fad has finally died off (because it's going to eventually), when it's remembered with the same reverence we now give to Radium Cigarettes and Phrenology, when Ana still isn't a man and is instead a dumpy-looking woman that now has no tits (and still shares a name with someone who writes terrible smut fiction), where does Ana see herself?

Does she view herself, 20 years from now, as still doing this Twitterati shit?

She is literally shaking with fear of bat flu and so grateful that she can shelter in place... but must go to a hospital for cosmetic surgery.


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I thought her troon wife-husband’s tits had to go first?
I sometimes feel bad for Ana. She’s so easily influenced and manipulated.

Mardoll is one of my favorite personal cows. I'm so glad this thread exists.

I wonder, if she goes from girl to boy, and then eventually back to girl, did she never transition at all? Something like Schrodinger's troon?

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Now I guess Ana believes insurance companies are intentionally trying to kill people...?

Screen Shot 2020-06-26 at 2.40.30 AM.png

First she spergs about people daring to be indoors without a mask, then she admits she took up a valuable hospital bed/used resources potentially needed to treat COVID patients/people with real medical emergencies. THEN she chimps out about people daring to go out to eat. The lack of self-awareness is just legendary.

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If there is one fundamental tragedy to the story of Ana Mardoll, it's that it won't be enough. Nothing will ever be enough. You can see the pattern through her entire life online. Her flitting from one Big Name writer to another, looking for the perfect bestie. The way she started from wanting to be a good ally, to being bi, to being gay, to being "not quite cis" in the most milquetoast-nonbinary noncommittal way, to being a trans man if only in declaration, to the removal of her breasts.

Every time she gets a new toy, she's sure it's who "she really is" and then she plays with it for a while. And then she'll want something else. Some new evolution or rediscovery. I don't know if this is an addictive personality or what, but Ana Mardoll has the identity version of the plastic surgery fiends who keep going under the knife until they're unrecognizable. She is never going to be happy, while going on about how the latest thing will make her happy.

I'd feel bad for her, but it's tempered by what a tremendous shit she can be to people.

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Girl, if you really identified as a dude and didn’t want to be “misgendered”, you could at least cut your hair short, wear men’s clothes and choose a more masculine name than “Ana”, but what am I kidding. She lives for the attention that comes from being a unique snowflake, so misunderstood and oppressed.


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She decided to get the chop in mid-April, went full FtM at the turn of May, and had it done at the end of June. So barely two months, tops.

It is absolutely horrifying that someone can go from zero to elective double mastectomy that fast, with absolutely zero checks to make sure there aren't mental health issues contributing to the decision (there absolutely are) or that she won't regret the decision. Jesus.

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