ESPYs does 1.1 Million Viewers in 2021 Down From 7.7 Million in 2015 - 2015 is when Caitlyn Jenner Got the Arthur Ashe Courage Award


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Full article:
ESPN no longer hides its disdain for you*. Unless you* find yourself on the far-Left, which I have a hard time finding in real life. (Where do these people hang out?)

But when did it all start? What launched ESPN’s pivot to this toxic place that views its employees only by their skin color and sexual orientation? Some would say it was when the network decided to no longer give white guys under 40 an opinion on-air. Others would point to the 2015 ESPY Awards.

ESPYs Ratings 2021-07-12.png

The NBA Finals are also down over 50% in just 4 years.
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Roona killed the majority of people who watched this crap.

Just kidding.
Wouldn't be too surprising if that was the case tbh
... Covid? Maybe if we locked people in their homes harder, people would start watching our stuff!!! /s(?)
Speaking of COVID, not even people staying at home could aid the viewership of these televised events. I sense people are more interested in true crime stuff than elitist award shows.


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I predict the Olympics is going to do relatively poorly as well. Boosted by men being allowed into womens ranks.
Foreigners culturally-enriching the native Japanese will either drive the country to isolationism or kill off the Olympics in its entirety. Possibly both.

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*sigh* get woke, go broke.

Its so obvious and yet these morons continue to indulge in this shit because they think it will make them money, which it never does.
ESPN is owned by Disney who has so many assets that print money for them (their back catalog and licensing it out) they can afford to lose money on propaganda. Most "get woke go broke" stuff is like that.

Rather surprisingly, Patrick Kane won best NHL player despite some random woman buying a rape kit and waving it at him thus making him instantly perma-guilty of rape in many journalists' eyes.


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I feel it's the same for Netflix and new tv shows and movies.

An average media enjoyer such as myself has no interest in new shows and movies because of their pandering and would rather shitpost on Kiwifarms for entertainment now.
My plans for the immediate future are to buy a shitton of classic movies (such as Robocop, Total Recall and all that 80s to 90s goodness) on blu-ray or DVD. Possibly Gone with the Wind and so on too, just cause I don't want one day realize it has been memory holed.

Fuck new shows, fuck new movies. I will not sit through any more movie or show made by tax-dodging sex pests living in culturally homogenous gated communities trying to tell me I'm a shitlord for being a white male and thus having committed the original sin of sexism and my only way to wash away that blemish is to swear fealty to Anita Sarkeesian.

Fuck that noise. I'll consider buying new and good shows like the Expanse after I have checked out whether they are worth my time and money.

If sports go the same way as general entertainment, so be it. At worst, I'll watch reruns of iconic moments if I can find them online... and if not, I'll just rewatch Robocop.

I predict the Olympics is going to do relatively poorly as well. Boosted by men being allowed into womens ranks.
Are you kidding me? If this year's olympics are the first to allow faggots to compete with women, it'll be a riot.
Just watch as every fucking record in female sports is broken by losers who couldn't cut it in male sports.

I have the optimistic (and rather naive) hope, that this will act as a catalyst for some to overthink this bullshit in woman's sports. I almost expect a big surge in the TERF-domains.
And if not, it only affects women's sport, nothing of value will be lost. Women in sports are like donkeys in a thoroughbred race.

I mean its either that or cord cutting...
If they feature Caitlyn Jenner, it'll be the choice between watching a cord cutter or cord cutting.

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