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In a way, yeah. Primarily because Nora had a promising future as a med student and Ralph had mentioned in the past that he was more or less going to use her as the breadwinner. Too bad the dumb fuck couldn't keep it together because of his ego and cheated, basically ruining what was a "sure thing" (I guess).

This might explain why he is so nice to Nora but hates @adezero with a passion.

Nora was literally his golden ticket. She being non-white too.

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I wonder what was cut out? There are obvious messages missing. The conversation doesn't flow right.


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“I stopped talking even about your family” damn it faith have mercy on the poor hunt can’t you see the sacrifices he makes for you?? He even stopped talking publicly about your family!


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Another leak that Anus gave to me


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Somebody just superchatted to ask when Adam Green is going to talk with Mike Enoch of TRS.

This message caused Ethan to seethe at the donator.

It's a good time to remind the thread that two weeks ago, one of Ethan's mods carelessly admitted that TRS has refused to respond to any of Ethan's messages since the release of his gunt tape:



I'm going to unlock all the achievements.

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