Ethan Oliver Ralph / TheRalphRetort / Jcaesar187 / the "Killstream" - Chronic fat alcoholic, abuser, deadbeat father, obsesses with male genitals, owner of a gunt

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There are Bosnians outside of my house.
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where does bleeding his lifes savings to avoid going to jail possibly unsuccessfully for revenge porn of his microscopic dick fit in to all this masterful planning?
It's easier to piss away money when you have substance abuse problems. I've seen people burn through 10 grand in leafbux in a long weekend feeding their habit.

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i wonder who this is aimed at...
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I'm not sure about that. It would make sense if Elrich only popped up around the time the Faith/Ethan drama started but he's been here since the beginning of last year.

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I don't see Vickers creating an account here that early, also judging by how he's acted on Twitter he would have just made an account with his name and started posting instead of trying to hide behind a different name.
I thought this had been settled? He's an associate of Kenny Jones, with a history going back at least until 2018.

naught sock account 1

After he melted his brain with booze and xanax I seriously doubt it.
when you're as much of a colossal fuck up as ethan, being able to recall the last couple years of failure must seem like a long time...

Do pigs have good memory? I thought that was elephants.
He also always seems to forget to wear undies
paypigs don't think, they just want their pre thought out worldview validated.

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i 100% belive that genius anus is Mr vickers. Last night he went on a several tweet monolaouge about how faith is a good girl and ethan is a monster.
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He says he has them all.
He's demonstrably not. Genius Anus, aka Elric of Melnibone, has had an account on Kiwi Farms since 2019, well before the Ralph/Faith/Vickers stuff. He was involved in the Kenny Jones saga even further back. He even appeared on a stream in which his voice is audible.

Unless Matt Vickers has been a Kiwi for at least a couple of years and has a pretty decent voice-changer, it's not him.


He also always seems to forget to wear undies
I don't know why I'm doing this, it's probably a good thing I completely missed this but... is there a story to this? :cryblood:
After he melted his brain with booze and xanax I seriously doubt it.
He'd literally be the first obese, diabetic, severe alcoholic with a good memory in the history of the world.

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To whom it may concern,

You are at fault. You sir deserve blame. We see how Faith is and that's a reflection on you and your wife. What would compel a 18 year old kid, YES SHE IS A DANG ON KID, to run away? You carry out this war because of PRIDE. All Faith ever needed was love and a firm hand or discipline. My pappi put me to work, said idle hands are for the devil.

That's all I'm going to Monday morning quarterback this but Nature or nurture? I'll never truly know so you get a pass from me sir. I will criticize how you handled this situation. Now I can let slide your ignorance but as soon as you realized what the IBS community was like, you should have ghosted. You got some really bored people taking other people's pain as entertainment. Not all mind you but too many. You think you'll ever beat Ethan? How naive of you. Ethans a predator posing as a house pet, the only thing that spared you from his wrath was his love of your daughter. You handled this in the absolute worse way. So now to the purpose of the letter, if she decides to come back don't go to war again. It only hurts your daughter, it was you that painted her as a liar and mentally unstable, not Ethan. You did more psychological damage to her than Ethan did because I do believe Ethan loves her. Ethan hated you because of faith but you're blind to her manipulation and blame Ethan.

Stay gone and be gone

Godwinson was a mod in ade and Tachy’s server and got demoted for kicking weev out.

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This is a meme. Ade kicked a guy called 'Ihazcandy' who posted the above response. Godwinson reactivated his twitter to post the copypasta, triggering a bunch of other people to do the same.

All the evidence has since been deleted, and I didn't bother capturing anything, but this is what happened.

Godwinson was merely making fun of a mod, not in fact a disgruntled mod.

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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) you should really calm down
where does bleeding his lifes savings to avoid going to jail possibly unsuccessfully for revenge porn of his microscopic dick fit in to all this masterful planning?
>$50k Gets him the house, the house can get a lein but a straight up foreclosure is unlikely. He figures he will eventually have another round of Bumper crop shows, and there is a chance he might. This will sheild the $50k he can borrow against in emergencies.
>May splits bills and most likely he is using the Dax cult to recruit roomates.
>If a judge rules on his child support payments based on recent earning that child support check will be a joke.
>He still gets to do his show, still gets to "Milk Simps", and gets to claim victimhood for not being allowed to see his child while lashing out occasionally.

Only lose condition for Ralph is he no longer can do his show and make money. Ralph is shameless and even when most people consider something an embarassing loss, he struts around declairing himself the victor with Dax and Gator cheering his every move and wiping his ass.

My opinion is this is gonna be a criminal case loss, but a civil case win. The idea of being financially ruined and having a lein on your property is horrifying to an adult, but to a manchild like ralph here is what he sees
>LOL I have a house and a bitch who pays for all my shit while I fuck other bitches. Who cares if it has a lein, I ain't going anywhere and only paid $50k for it!
>Yeah I don't see my kids, courts won't let me. It's cause I'm a christian hwhite man. Plz give gibs simps.
>Gain MRA and autistic edgy christians as new audience when he begins pandering to them and booking the nobodies in these circles as guests and works his way up the social foodchain
>When people rub his well documented fuck ups in his face he will scream "It's not Truuuuuu"

Of course if he goes back to jail that will be in L in his book and destroy everything, but if not in Ralph's mind he is winning. This isn't because he is an IRL winner, it is because the bar for victory is so low. He see's himself as a winner despite living at home well past the age of 30, and most of us would see this as fucking embarrassing.
Once you see things as Ralph sees them, you'll get it.



Ralph begging her to not abort the retort at 14 weeks was pure Kino *chefs kiss*

I am morbidly curious what a 14 week abortion entails, im assuming if the fetus survives the process he becomes a weeb with an anime profile picture.

Edit -just caught up with thread what in the fuck is with this Japanese thirst posting degeneracy. This dude just admitted to being a snipped cuck and no one comments?

This was my social observation about the japanese. from the 1990's.

A bunch of autistic weeb schizo posting

Marry a thai woman as an older man whose been snipped. but somehow your wife gets pregnant? its a miracle? who does the baby look? why his much older brother of course....

Anyway I am sad there will be no baked alaska.

Why the fuck are you powerlevelling about how your a slant pussy chasing, eunuch cuck, and of course burger fag and the animus have there likes all over your post

Seriously is everybody else fucking asleep at the wheel to notice these disgusting fucking degenerates?

Final Edit. That flashy profile picture is a literal red flag for what a giant attention hungry faggot you are

I seriously couldnt believe that every single poster that seemed like a lonely sperg has changed there profile picture to match eachother and signal to everyone else how disabled they are. Huge overlap with the weebs in this thread as well.
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