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Jul 20, 2020

To whom it may concern,

You are at fault. You sir deserve blame. We see how Faith is and that's a reflection on you and your wife. What would compel a 18 year old kid, YES SHE IS A DANG ON KID, to run away? You carry out this war because of PRIDE. All Faith ever needed was love and a firm hand or discipline. My pappi put me to work, said idle hands are for the devil.

That's all I'm going to Monday morning quarterback this but Nature or nurture? I'll never truly know so you get a pass from me sir. I will criticize how you handled this situation. Now I can let slide your ignorance but as soon as you realized what the IBS community was like, you should have ghosted. You got some really bored people taking other people's pain as entertainment. Not all mind you but too many. You think you'll ever beat Ethan? How naive of you. Ethans a predator posing as a house pet, the only thing that spared you from his wrath was his love of your daughter. You handled this in the absolute worse way. So now to the purpose of the letter, if she decides to come back don't go to war again. It only hurts your daughter, it was you that painted her as a liar and mentally unstable, not Ethan. You did more psychological damage to her than Ethan did because I do believe Ethan loves her. Ethan hated you because of faith but you're blind to her manipulation and blame Ethan.

Stay gone and be gone

This is why you never trust an ex killstream fan, once a gunt always a gunt.

You are correct about vickers being a scun, but your neglecting to mention the part where ralph groomed a senior in highschool and helped fuel the delusions that led to her running away

Btw: I really hope the flashy gif profile picture is a honeypot used to thanos snap everyone participating. This thread would be improved 1000x
Not open for further replies.