Ethan Ralph illegally files DMCA takedown notice -


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Seeing as he hasn't bothered to DMCA any of the reuploads of the amazing hot takes between him and Gator he really doesn't give two flying fucks about his copyright and was just trying to fuck with Null. If @PhoBingas is interested I could get the gunt guard to supply the latest hot takes so they can be restreamed transformatively and uploaded to Odysee. We'll get to see if Odysee cucks for gunt by claiming his copyright is above everyone else.
I've been waiting for my streaming to be enabled for a bit. Ralph was able to get people approved on air, so I doubt I'll even be considered. Also he's flagged my snipes that weren't even his pateron content. We all know Ralph a fat flaggot.


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Filing lolsuits is the domain of lolcows. Nool is correct to save highly speculative claims like a 512(f) for a counter claim, not to file a lolsuit himself.
thats fair. I guess my point was more to try to facilitate a settlement rather than going to trial, but I do recall that YouTuber law did once successfully use the threat of litigation under 512(f) to get another channel to remove a false DMCA.
If he actually filed such a claim, he would lose the ability to have it is a riposte or a threat, and would then have to litigate a highly technical intellectual property issue that, as he pointed out, has only succeeded twice in the history of the DMCA, and then, in only one venue.
That can't possibly be true that it's only succeeded twice, can it? There's hundreds of cases that have invoked that provision, and you mean to tell me that only two decisions in the Ninth Circuit successfully invoked it? Do you have any sources for that, because I'd love to learn if that was true.

Also he's flagged my snipes that weren't even his pateron content.
fuck ethans excuse of patreon content all together, this fat wigger doesnt write the law and he kissed nulls fucking feet the moment he bent over and said "yes daddy null my content isnt worth fighting over you may cum over it and use it as you please". ethan ralph has legally ceded any claim to his shitty already copyright infringing tucker watchalongs. fat piggy fucker has no right and never did to flag that shit and he admits it now by refusing to challenge it legally like any other content creator who didnt file illegal notices would do. if anything ralph should thank null live for fair use of his content and keeping him the tiniest bit more relevant like he thanked his cell mates for fucking him., and he should thank ppp and godwinson for their commentary of patreon content too.

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