Ethan Ralph / TheRalphRetort - Host of the aborted #Killstream, mixes liquor and xanax, imported an 18 year old meth head to live with him


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I would like to remind you all that the info about the BF was in this post a while ago.

It also notes that Fai claims he is a stalker and that she has been gathering blackmail on him if he doesn't back off or tries something. She has been talking shit about him for a while. This one for example

So he is the one saying they are still together while she is saying how he is a creeper and stalker, but behind a locked account so nobody saw it unless they really looked through @Squire of Gothos' post and the timeline screenshots i got that was posted in there. The sources that helped me get the screenshots also said that she had talked about the ex-bf to them and told them to block him. How he abused her and stalked her.

This is too much.
I am now convinced Faith works for PPP/Godwinson, there's just no other way this makes any sense.
Or are we supposed to actually believe that out of all the barely legal, straight out of highschool girls out there in the country, Ralph ended up with a dominatrix with a raceplay fetish? This is just insane, this is not good writing.
It makes more sense that PPP and Godwinson found a barely legal methwhore and had her seduce Ralph than whatever the fuck is going on.


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Fuck it. Time to drop these i guess. When i worked with @Squire of Gothos to get the screenshots of Faith's twitter timeline i was in contact with some people (her simps) that gathered the screenshots for us since her account was locked (I don't want to go into how i convinced them to do that). One of them that i just talked to for a short while said this when i mentioned the ex-BF. He didn't deliver screens, but this info was pretty worth while for the short time we talked.
This is the evidence i have that the ex-bf talked about in the tweets is in fact the latino that is saying they are still together.

(Faith, if you read this, don't blame this person. I lied, cheated, manipulated and tricked them for the information. They did not work with me and they did not know what this was for. They all thought it was to make sure you were okay and not harmed by Ethan in any way.)


Edit: Added the screenshots i failed to attached first
Edit 2: Expanded on the original post to not lump people too much together.
Edit 3: Note to Faith.
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I’ve looked through the forum and haven’t found an answer to this question. What is the lore behind Ralph and Arby’s? Am I just being autistic and not seeing the humor or irony? Or is there an actual fucked up story behind it?
So does this mean......Ralph is a cuck?
If Faith is cheating on Ralph with her meth dealer ex this is going to be hilarious.

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