Ethan's Mansion - Address, Material Living Situation and Related Drama


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Other cow boards have relevant stuff like their living situation stickied, or in the first page of their thread. Feel free to leave it as is if there's a reason there isn't or a limit on how many threads can be stickied.
I wouldn't be particularly opposed to it myself, but I'll leave it with @AltisticRight . We've talked before about how many things should be stickied and what would feel like overkill, so idk if he'd want another thing pinned. Most boards have like four or five threads stickied I think so it wouldn't seem ridiculous to me for this to go up.


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Yeah gluing this thread is fair, it has close to zero traction compared to others and in general the fair sized board itself, though I have it as my signature already and I'm always helping the case of "Concerning low quality threads" with my spergy nonsense.

Something else we can do is just edit the 3600+ paged thread to reflect the new information.

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This is from tumblr. Not sure of when this incident occurred. Think its Ralph?

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