Everything Chris told me about his girlfriend - a/k/a hindsight is 2020

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July 5th, 2021
Now, I also have a major update to share with you; Strictly Confidential.

The past week up to Sunday the 27th has been a major game-changer for the positive with me. I tell you this in Strictest Confidence, and trust; I do not want word of this on the Kiwi or going public.

But, I had sex with someone last week; someone of this half of our universe. I worked thoroughly and compassionately with her beforehand, and at present. She's physically older than I. If heard, one may say it's something out of an anime or fan fiction. But, yeah, keeping her safe as well. Also, next appointment with my doctor is on the 20th, so I'll get checked then, to be safe. Condoms are being used in the intercourse.

This relationship was something I have extensively given much, much deep thought and within myself. I had foreseen this among the infinite possible outcomes long ago. I no longer believe in labels that would hinder, and I do not listen to those shadows. This was of my own choice and acceptance, and I have no regrets. This feels right and good with I, and her.

Really? How'd you meet?

Well, I’ve met her a while ago, and was not fully aware at the time. And my ally deities guided me to seek her out and make things go further with great effort. We have talked off and on during the time in person. Behind a considerable camouflage, she was, but she was honest in her emotions. And she wanted to be with me as well; mutual feelings on good rapport. This relationship has been, from the start, offline and in-person, I assure you.

Do you have a picture of you and this girl btw?

Woof! Pressing hard for details. I do have photos of my lady friend, but I feel it too personal at this time. I did mention she was older than I; she’s in the over 50’s. And she definitely does not want to be spread around. As one of my more curious followers may have found through my Amazon by now, I even recently purchased a valuable and informative book to add additional guidance.


I'm not trying to press, just curious. It's good you're both into things like anime

Actually, she doesn’t watch much anime, or animated series, or even television these days for that matter.

Adam West was one of her favourite people back in the 60’s, however, as it was for her son back then.

Well that's cool, I hope it works out

It is


I have found great appreciation for her in reading her deeply, and in listening to her stories and life adventures. Her High School days were quite fun for her. An intellectual, she is; worked a lot in numbers and accounting.

Also, you may note what I have told you of my lady friend so far and in future; I kinda want you to figure it out for yourself, as also the few others I’ve confided strictly with this detail. Don Lashomb and Wildcat are the two others who have additional clues as well. And I’ve mentioned this to my Doctor as well, without mentioning her name directly at all in any event. I will see my doctor on the 20th, so I will get tested to confirm lack of STDs then.

She and I have our romps in the sack every three nights at the present.

It does give her something to look forward to. She is very grateful, and I am also appreciative in being able to enlighten her with sex play she missed out on from even her exes.

You should definitely not tell anyone who she is. It'll only complicate the relationship if people start harassing her.


It's a good sign you've kept it secret so far but don't risk it

Yes. Shhhhh.

We are safe, as long as none of this, even the obscure details, get leaked at all in public view or on Kiwi.

Good idea, I'd honestly advise not telling even people you trust that you have a girlfriend at this point.

Not telling anyone else after you, I do promise.


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