Faith Vickers / Zoomer Girl / Fai Fai - Ethan Ralph's adolescent ex

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Faith Vickers is a Californian 4 who is currently bearing Ethan Ralph’s child. As the story goes, Faith and Ralph first became acquainted in late 2019, long before the public at large became aware of her in mid 2020. Early in the summer of last year, a few scattered posts regarding a ‘hot 18 year old’ that Ralph was supposedly dating had been made, but went mostly unnoticed before Ethan quietly confirmed that this was this case during his July 11th karaoke stream:

This clip led @Squire of Gothos to produce the first major post regarding Faith Vickers, where he provided further confirmation of her relationship with Ralph, and brought some of her pre-gunt antics to light.
The portrait of Faith painted by this post is that of a frumpy, depressive, juvenile teenager, who would in no way be an appropriate partner for the then 35 year old Ralph.
(Archive of Squire's effort post)
As July rolled on, Faith's glut of negative qualities and shortcomings made her an easy target for beatings courtesy of our fine users. Subjects of derision included but were not limited to:
  • faiths shitty drawings 3.jpgfaiths shitty drawings 2.jpgRalphChan.jpg
    faiths shitty drawings 1.png
  • senior 2020.png
  • faiths fucked teeth.png
  • faiths chicken salad sandwich.png
  • the abuse claims.png
  • daddyvdaddy.png
Speaking of boyfriends, it wasn't long into Faith and Ralph's relationship when Chris "thehalfwaycuck" Kerr, Faith's drug dealer ex, elected to make a Kiwi Farms account to provide further Faith intel. On August 11th, while Kerr was in the middle of a stream revealing his and Faith's DMs, Ethan Ralph messaged him a streamable link to the sex tape starring himself and the young Vickers.

Shortly after this, Faith recorded a now deleted video titled “My Statement”, in which, she denied that Ralph released the sex tape, and said that her father was leading an alog brigade against herself and Ethan.

Save the announcement of Faith’s pregnancy, Zoomergirl news slowed through the fall. Things picked up steam again when Ralph and Faith both confirmed their separation in early December:
ralph confirms seperation.png
faith confirms seperation.png
The Vickers family went on the offensive over the next few days, which most notably resulted in Faith filing a police report against Ralph, after she determined that their sex tape leaking was revenge porn. The gaggle of fat retards duked it out in court, with Ethan Ralph ultimately claiming a landslide victory, which you can read about in detail here.

As for un-gunt related drama, she was groomed on discord when she was 16.
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Video she uploaded to Youtube a while back called "My Statement"

Her atrocious handwriting
and my guess on the due date of the anointed corn child
If I'm right about this date Null has to give me my own achievement
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The demon baby will be fucked up by growing without father. His mother is a total schizo druggie who writes awful fanfic and his father is a pig who snorts shit. People pray that the baby doesn't become a school shooter when he grows up.


I'm going to unlock all the achievements.
no. vickers goes in his own thread. demon baby gets its own thread the day it's born.
Based and harvestpilled, scoop the Ediots.

Not gonna lie, this OP is pretty terrible. Its missing like 90% of her lore. Hopefully it is not the finished version and just a template
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I'm working on it but nothing on this board is particularly well developed. People are free to reach out to me if they want to assist.
This probably isn't much help since I'm not doing the legwork, but don't forget freaky faith, her erotic fanfic, and her BLM shilling attempts


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Does anyone know how Faith got interested in the Ralph Retort? I mean she likes Disney, karaoke, fanfic seemed to lean liberal...why would she be interested in a bunch of right wing Trump spergs? It’s not like Ralph is some uwu cute dude to attract a teen girl following.

I actually wondered if old man Vickers dicked around in the world of right wing podcasts and live streams and that’s where Faith found him. Matt Vickers seems a far more likely fan of the world Ethan stews in than Faith. Hell Ralph and Vickers are much closer in age than Faith and Ethan.