faking my weigh in? walk with me, opening up | weekly vlog - 03/09/20 -

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Kick the autistic, punch the beanbag
horrifying cackle @ 7:37

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In fact, this joker style laughing fit came after she gasped and said "I thought that was destineeeeee" while in the car with Bex. Probably saw a chubby teenage boy outside. Becky looks away, can't tell if she's amused or not and says monotone "That was pretty good" then Amber squeaks "IT LOOKED JUST LIKE HER"
gorl is losing it


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Amazing how videos of her sitting in a torrid tarp upload just fine but all this exercise and healthy eating she’s doing gets “corrupted”. Also if we have to hear about her fucking hair one more time I swear to god...Becky please just do us all a favour and hack her hair off when she’s asleep.


Amber cry for views but she never has the balls to go all the way with any of the drama/shit that she starts.
She also can not fully commit to a diet plan that makes sense so for her viewers nothing really changed.

She wants to be this nice persona - but nobody believes her anyway so why does she keeps trying and crying and boohoo poor me.
I wish she would just shut it and be a cunt. Reactions on her will bearly change 🤷‍♀️


Is mayonnaise a gender?

Always nice when someone has photos of all of their loved ones around.

ETA thoughts on video:

The thumbs reaction to the Destiny "joke" would almost be heartbreaking if she hadn't put herself in this situation because she's a lazy piece of shit.

You can absolutely tell Hamber is cutting her own hair. Looks like she left it in a ponytail and just cut across the straight.

Just FYI, she likes her smoothies better through a straw. She's so quirky!

I love how she knows the things people want to hear and the things she's "supposed" to say but she refuses to do those things and will make excuses/pretend like she never said those things later. She can talk the talk but she, quite literally, cannot walk the walk.
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Nothing Big Al does shocks me, but I was actually in awe she was able to do this.View attachment 1179929
TBH if I had that much weight strapped to my leg I doubt I could do that, it's lowkey impressive that she got her leg up that high. I wonder how much weight she would lose from doing that a few times a day, and a few arm raises too. Heck, even laying down and raising her leg up so she has more support and less risk of falling. All of that assuming she can make a sustained effort, of course. 🌈🌈


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Amberlynn you lying cunt, and no I did not watch her shitty video because


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Nothing consistent in your life except you tube? Why, Big Al, that's just not true. There's the fat. There's ALWAYS been the fat. The fat has been there since you were a little Big Al and will be there til the day you die...
Also--yeah, yeah--tucked up your dress shirt uh-huh, but what about the change of socks? Got an answer for that you boring liar?


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So I guess Amber is really seeing her YT bucks plunge? I've never her seen so eager to try and please viewers and give them what they ask for. I smell some desperation. I guess other death fats sitting at home all day realized they could give the viewers all the drama, waddling and weigh-ins they wanted on YT if Amber wouldn't do it.

Nothing Big Al does shocks me, but I was actually in awe she was able to do this.View attachment 1179929
Have you ever seen how most death fats have to lay in bed? I saw a 900 lb who was in a permanent split position that would make an Olympian proud. The fat from their gut, combined with the ever increasing girth of their thighs keeps their legs forced wide apart and pretty damned stretchy. That's Amber's getting in and out of bed position.

I will give her credit for managing to hold all that weight and stay balanced for one second while standing though. A leg lift should not be an achievement for a 30 year old though.
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She has forgiven herself for being a trainwreck, you guyz, because that's what matters. It matters that she has forgiven herself and not that she should seek forgiveness form other people and try to actually change. Fuck off, Amber.
Her behaviour really re-enforces to me that all addictions are basically the same. The problem with eating disorders of her specific type seems to be that people do need food (not as much as overeaters consume) in order to live. No one needs heroin to live. But all change in behaviour begins with acknowledging the issue, and continues with daily work.