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What a hypocritical bitch.
It's ok and morally right for her to publicly speculate about Amberlynn's mobility and hygiene because she is also obese and has more right/insight to talk about it.
But if random numbnuts in a group on fb speculate that she is gaining weight well holy shit hang on to your fugly contact lenses everybody cuz Charlie here is mad.

And here come all the other reaction channels to fluff at her and virtue signal people laughing or making fun of someone hurting themselves because "disability is serious!" yet they can't see the glaring irony staring at them because they're too worried about licking each others sweaty taints to do some self reflection.

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These screenshots right here say all you need to know about Charlie Gorilla. She revels in the idea that her fans are in love with her and get wet with every step & every breath she takes. Just take a quick look at her comment section on all her YT videos: “YASSS qweeen”, “we stan you gooorl”, “you’re such an inspiration!”, “Your makeup is popping! You look so good in everything!”, “You can never do wrong, let me suck your dick!”, “You are nothing like Amberlynn!”, “Chantal is so jealous of you!” (That one is her favorite; she really loves to believe Chantal wishes she was her)

She is taking full advantage of these imbeciles and believes no matter what she does, she’s never wrong. She’s putting up this concerned, well-spoken, independent-black-woman façade to get more views and asspats. It’s almost… as if… she’s a narcissist?! Yup. As soon as everyone started questioning her and catching on to her bullshit, she rages like King Kong, showing her true colors. And some of the people questioning her aren’t even being dickheads about it, but just straight up questioning. But nope, she can NEVER do wrong. And how DARE her servants begin to even think for themselves. I’m hopeful the near future brings us some wonderful feuds between her and other reaction channels. :optimistic:


Point blank PERIOD.
No one who commentates or makes youtube content about Amber is a nice person. Point blank period.

You can try to act like you are but ultimately you bring negative attention to her because none of Amber's "fans" will ever Stan or like someone who is nice to Amber. They'll rip you to fucking shreds for even daring to say nice things about a transphobic, animal abusing rapist like Amber!!!1!:cryblood:*sigh*

There is no moral high ground when it comes to reacting to A. At the end of the day you're still talking shit and picking on a mentally ill morbidly obese woman. Just own it.

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I guess Shaquanna Jefferson was right about Charlie Gold...
I loved shaquana out of all of them. The haydur community forming that army against her over fat gorilla gold was gross
Shaquana was a cow, but yes, she was right about Charlie Gold. I guess being a bipolar sperg without filter makes you spit some truth every now and then.
shaquana was a scrambled-egg-headass, fully insane bipolar criminal fuckstick. that didn't make her screeching chimpouts into her potato phone without entertainment value or hilarity in their own way, but she has a Thread on the Farms dedicated to her as a lolcow herself for a reason. she is just a big of a dumb stupid hick (and went out the way she came in, greasy jobless and 300lbs lmao) as Amberlynn herself

Was she right when she was the first/only one to go against the grain and make a few anti-Charlie videos? totally. and the fallout was amazing....the rest of the haydurs pissed themselves. but the problem was - imho - she invalidated herself (like usual) with her usual raving and ranting nonsense and rambling insanity. Her Charlie videos were all HURR DURR RACE BULLSHIT MUH BLACK GIRLS AND THE DARKIES AND WHEN I WAS IN JAIL WAH WAH BLUH BLOO etc etc etc. She made a fucking fool out of herself and tarded up any good reasons Charlie is a crap Youtuber and crap person.

the whole thing was still funny tho.