Sonichu [FAN STORY] Housebound - UPDATE [17/5/20] Hide. - A Journey into Madness - Now with a Progress Bar! [NEXT UPDATE 25% COMPLETE]

Does our protag have a pickle down there?

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Pick up what I assume is the "dreaming studio" placard, then use telekinesis (i.e. slowly tip it out of our hand) to send it flying through the window of the house.
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Your local living fossil.


There’s an unholy stench coming from this bin. It's also overflowing with trash that looks like it's been untouched for years.

You think about digging through them for a brief second to see if you can find anything useful but then think better of it when the acrid smell of what is most likely rotting meat hits your nostrils. Whatever’s been put in there probably isn’t worth trying to uncover...




Preferred pronouns: shit\shits\shitself
Brace yourself and take that long stick out of the trash. My point'n'click instincts tell me it could prove useful one day.

Alternatively, check your tail, see if it's nimble\prehensile enough to be used as a third arm. It could come real handy in situations where you have to grab, hold or manipulate items (keys, locks, levers, weapons) while your hands are otherwise occupied.
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