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Epic Fisting Man

Hello fellow Kiwi Farms members
Fart? A simple, quick and fun way to have fun!

You ever farted while playing? No…? That’s odd, Fart is a fun game about the fart you have just farted, so it would be very weird if you have never farted!

Fart is very simple to play. You are in a dark room with the lights turned off. Your objective is to find the fart. You start from the fart in which you farted and you have to get to it. This is why you see the light and have some fun noises. Your farts, however, emit a very specific noise, it has a very specific quality that distinguishes it from the others. You can only guess if the fart came from the left or the right. So to solve the challenge, we will have to play Fart.

In the game, you have no idea how long the mission is going to last and how far you have to go. But you are not alone! It’s easy to pass the fart to the fart that comes after it. Each player has his own farting time and can also pass it to the fart that comes next. Fart has an addictive gameplay, which makes it popular on Facebook and on other social networks.

You can play with other people or just alone. In the game, it is important to pass on the fart to the fart that follows. You have 10 times to find the fart, in addition to the 10 times you fart, in your own. The fart that farted last fart also wants to fart the fart in front of it. That way, your opponent will have to pass on the fart to the fart that comes after.

Solid Snek

True & Honest Fan
The worst fart I ever had was in high school. It was outside and still cleared out the entire area.
I was kind proud of myself tbh.
Back in middleschool, a friend of mine got a weeklong ban from riding the schoolbus after he farted so bad it made a girl puke. Flatulence ran in the family; apparently his father had done the same thing, many years before.

I'm not sure if this was funny, or cruel, but our homeroom teacher decided to use his farts as a teaching moment. One day, he ripped a fart so bad that we had to open all the windows in the classroom. As her lesson plan had been derailed for several minutes, our teacher decided to give us an impromptu lecture about the gaseous state of matter, and what that meant in relation to the fart. When she explained that we could smell the fart because particles from deep inside his butt had shot through the air and were now floating inside of our nose, several more girls came close to puking.