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The Internet world is both a blessing and a curse. A curse because it's a world buried in data misinformation, misleadings, stupid hashtags and parasitical memes. A blessing because lurking within that world are treasures bound to be discovered and cherished by any unassuming individual. These treasures come in many shapes and forms - books, movies, comics, cartoons, architecture, paintings, artifacts, places, animals, videos et al.

But most of all, it's become a safe haven for fans of music. Not just any music, all music. And most specifically, rock music. I am proud to say that 75% of my favorite bands and artists I would not have discovered or heard of if it wasn't for the Internet. Rather it's branching through music sites like AllMusic and RateYourMusic or listening to some suggestions on my iTunes account or YouTube or reading interviews from specific musicians and artists, this exploration helped expand my musical taste and knowledge.

Unfortunately, because this is also the Internet, these favorite bands or artists also tend to be either ignored, forgotten or just plain overlooked for various reasons. But mainly because the mainstream and companies are pushing a selected group of "artists" and ignoring many more. So what could be an instant discovery for me is ignored by many. And sadly, this is becoming the norm.

I created this thread because I want to provide a list of some of my favorite artists of all time that nobody has ever heard and artists whom I feel deserve your attention if you're looking for something new or if you're sick of listening to the stale bread and butter that's dominating your radio stations. But also, I'd like to hear what your favorite artists of all time that nobody has heard or listened to before are as well, because if music history has taught us anything, there are mountains of buried treasure that could only be dug out if the word is spread.

Enough of that pretentious intro, let's get started with my three picks. I'll add more in future posts.

Lee Harvey Oswald Band: just look at the name. It's enough to send PC wimps into a frenzy. Naming yourself after the assassin of JFK is rock and roll in itself. But it's not just shock value. This is a very powerful, musically muscular hard rock, noise rock band with hooks and melodies to rival T. Rex, the New York Dolls and early Alice Cooper and a charismatic frontman in Rick Sims that sounds like a cross between Iggy Pop and David Bowie. Releasing only two albums and one EP, the best place to start is Blastronaut, one of the most underrated rock albums of the 1990's. This album kicks 500 pounds of ass.

The Wildhearts: Speaking of ass-kicking rock & roll, I am ashamed that no one in America has heard of this group. It's baffling that in a decade dominated by Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Oasis, Radiohead, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam and Green Day that this awesome band never found widespread success or even a cult following here in the States. Led by crazed, self-destructive visionary Ginger Wildheart, this group merges juicy power pop melodies with heavy thrash metal riffs and a furious tempo to rival the greatest of hardcore punk bands. The guitars are electrifying, the vocals are harmonious and those hooks will be seared into your mind. Their first four albums are masterpieces in themselves, but Earth vs. the Wildhearts is the perfect introduction for those new to the band.

Jason & the Scorchers: What do you get when you mix country, punk, folk, Southern rock and power pop together? You get Jason & the Scorchers, the pioneers of that unfairly maligned but musically adventurous sub-genre, cowpunk. Don't be fooled by that admittedly comical name. The music itself is fantastic: it's like mixing the outlawish, Southern vibe of country with the iconoclastic, rip-roaring sound of punk and it's done so well that even if you're not a fan of country or country rock, you'll dig this group and their music. In fact, there are a lot of excellent artists from this sub-genre: The Long Ryders, the Beat Farmers, Rank and File, Lone Justice, Hoodoo Gurus, Social Distortion, X, the Del Fuegos, Rubber Rodeo and Kurt Cobain favorite Meat Puppets. But Jason & the Scorchers are easily the best of the bunch and their classic Lost and Found is a good choice for those who want to get into this type of music.

Ok, those are my choices (for now). What are yours?

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I know he's like popular in Europe, but over here in the states this was the "one hit wonder" that played on the radio at the time.

Unfortunately this absolute classic got "remade" into a shitty current year version with lyrics literally in the beginning of 2021

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Most of OP's flavor text leaves a shit taste in my mouth tbh. That said...

Ze Gran Zeft, a couple of French dudes putting out extremely danceable crunk/rock stuff, with some pretty tangible messages.

Closure in Moscow, Australians that I'm sure are pretty known in the scene, their last album was a concept album but if you want more like the song below, The First Temple is full of them.

Deadsy, remember the guys that made that song The Key to Gramercy Park? With the MV that was directed by Fred Durst? I don't, I wasn't alive then, but I like them.

Polyphia, not at all obscure, especially since they changed their image into being young hypebeasts that flex at every opportunity (which is great btw). As of now, they're putting out prog-jazz-trap...I guess.

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I know he's like popular in Europe, but over here in the states this was the "one hit wonder" that played on the radio at the time.
ATB's not popular?! He's a bit niche now maybe, but he's a classic. If you're into early 2000s progressive trance, then...

yeah, y'know what? You might be right. :(

Polyphia, not at all obscure, especially since they changed their image into being young hypebeasts that flex at every opportunity (which is great btw). As of now, they're putting out prog-jazz-trap...I guess.
Polyphia's pretty great.

I was gonna shitpost with Taylor Swift and The Beatles, but I started thinking about it, and I've actually got a few that might be on-topic. Here's one; they've got a real 90s triphop vibe, only without the "hop".

I also like this goth weirdo

And there's this dude. Does chill chiptune stuff; literally only known because the (also pretty niche) Youtuber 8BitGuy uses his tracks in the background of certain videos.

For rock bands, I dunno what's popular and what's not lol. Probably going to say these guys; they're a psychobilly band, and put on some of the best live shows I've ever seen. OP likes country/punk, so might be up his alley!

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This is probably the best prog album of all time. I can think of two or maybe three albums that are as good or slightly better than this.

The band, unfortunately, disappeared from the face of the earth, the fuckers don't even have a Wikipedia page.

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He was known back in 2012, but compared to today, I don’t see people talking about or listening to him that much.


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I know a lot of people have heard of The Smashing Pumpkins but not a lot people have heard the stuff they left on the cutting room floor. Their B-sides and rarities are on par if not better than their singles and hits.
I can't get my attached files to work, but some songs that I would list would be: The Groover, She Says, Star Song, Marquis in Spades, Stars Fall In, Infinite Saddness (not to be confused with Mellon Collie and the Infinite Saddness)


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Pretty Maids. They're a kickass hard rock/metal band from Denmark. I think they're moderately well-known in their home country as well as Japan (of course) but in America they're unknown to anyone who's not a superfan of this kind of music. They formed in 1981 and they're still going strong and releasing great music.


Medicine, aka the "American MBV" as they are sometimes called

Not an unknown band in certain circles, but nobody really talks about them. Best work is their 90s output - Shot Forth Self Living and the Buried Life



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Found Electric Yawn a few days back and have been very much enjoying his stuff; gotta keep reminding myself that this syrupy goodness is just one dude.

Australia and New Zealand have both been churning out some amazing groups lately, worth keeping an eye on the local music scenes from thereabouts. .


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