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Jun 13, 2016
Skyclad, "My Naked I"

A song about lusting after someone who's way out your league.

I wish that you could know one day the secrets I've been keeping,
Of the demons I have locked away they prowl a one track mind.
If you had thought this tongue in cheek was just reserved for speaking
one hour at my sweet mercy would be sure to send you blind.
Speeding through the darkness of this endless Friday night,
In a body with one drunk and careless owner.
There is nobody home but all the light are shining brightly,
How I'd love to wake beside you when it's over.

Yearning serpent sharp foretooth,
I ache to taste of naked youth.
The fleeting glance I can't forget,
Could make of me an agapet.
The reins that bridle my desire
grow flimsier than your attire.
Feeling brave? then come and try to stare into my naked I.

Like a spider with a fly upon her web
come wrap those legs around me.
Deflower me devour me,
My veins aglow with blood like liquid fire.
I'm a willing victim gagged and bound down on your altar of seduction,
Awaiting my destruction in the all consuming flames of raw desire.

I fear I should be boiled in oil just for these thoughts I'm thinking,
If you'd be my new hobby I could give up DIY.
I've just one vice in life but how its jaws long to be sinking,
In the flesh of Eden's apple with some subtle succubi.
I'd say without a doubt you're the best sex I never had,
Cause in my dreams you wear a necklace white and pearly.
Make mine a triple bromide on the rocks please (stirred and shaken),
Should I wait 'til it's too late or come too early?

Yearning serpent sharp foretooth,
I ache to taste of naked youth.
The feeling glance I can't forget,
Could make of me an agapet.
The reins that bridle my desire
grow flimsier than your attire.
Feeling brave? then come and try to stare at my naked I.

Actually, lots of Skyclad songs have brilliant lines.


space worm drugs are pretty cool
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Sep 8, 2016
I won’t let you go if you hate me, just don’t amputate me
I won’t try to kill myself today as long as you save me
These drugs are for babies, I’ll manipulate you crazy
Just to get you to crave me

- Cage "Strain"

So we talk and it turns out we don't believe in abortion
And sex outside marriage is against our religion.
And when I try to tell 'em I'm eighteen years old,
They say, "Levi, it's too late,
You gotta do as you're told."

I say, "Mother-in-law? No, we ain't getting married!"
They say, "Soon you will, boy; she just announced it."
I get on my dirt bike and ride to my girl's home,
Gonna lay down the law
And tell her what's going on:

I'm a fucking redneck,
I live to hang out with the boys, play some hockey, do some fishing
And kill some moose.
I like to shoot the shit and do some chilling I guess,
You fuck with me and I kick your ass.

Ben Folds "Levi Johnston's Blues"


Jul 10, 2016
Your eyes are heavy with sleep
The grass is deepest green
And the flowering world lush around you
Have no fear
Have no fear
You shall change in the blink of an eye
Into the beautiful dancing dust

Our mother has been absent,
ever since we founded Rome
but there's gonna be a party when the wolf comes home

You see my face in the stars
You don't know me
You write my name on your walls
But you don't know me
I feel you tracing my scars
But you don't know me
You don't know me at all
I see you down on your knees
But you don't own me
You don't know me at all

You should have built have a statue, and so I did of you

And you were ungrateful and slightly offended at the dimensions of it
You said you looked less like the Venus de Milo, and more like your mother in a straight jacket
I think it's great that you're doing fine now, but enough is enough
And I've had enough


Jan 8, 2021
Genesis - Domino
''Sheets of double glazing help to keep outside the night,
Only foreign city sirens can cut through,
Nylon sheets and blankets help to minimize the cold.
But they can't keep out the chilling sounds.
Will the nightmare soon give way to dreaming
That she is here with me?''

a-ha - The Sun Always Shines On TV
''Please don't ask me to defend
The shameful lowlands of the way I'm drifting gloomily though time''

Michael Jackson - She Drives Me Wild
''Black jeans
And a turtleneck sweater
I know the girl is fakin'
'Cause I've seen her look better
She composition
She statistical fact
Got it ready for the willing
Got it kickin' at the back''

Duran Duran - A View To A Kill
''First crystal tears,
Fallen of snowflakes on your body
First time in years
To drench you skin of lover's rosy stain
A chance to find the phoenix for the flame''

Damien Thorne

Jul 11, 2020
Guns N’ Roses - It’s So Easy
You get nothin’ for nothin’
If that’s what you do
Turn around bitch
I’ve got a use for you
Besides, you ain’t got nothin’ better to do
And I’m bored

Dwight Frye

Sep 27, 2019
Blind Guardian - The Bard’s Song
Now the bard songs are over and it's time to leave
No one should ask you for the name of the one
Who tells the story
Tomorrow will take us away far from home
No one will ever know our names
But the bards' songs will remain

Jethro Tull - At Last, Forever
And who was I to last forever?
I didn’t promise to stay the pace
Not in this lifetime babe
But we’ll cling together
Some kind of Heaven written in your face

Jethro Tull - Pibroch (the whole damn song)

There's a light in the house in the wood in the valley.
There's a thought in the head of the man.
Who carries his dreams like the coat slung on his shoulder,
Bringing you love in the cap in his hand.
And each step he takes is one half of a lifetime:
no word he would say could you understand.
So he bundles his regrets into a gesture of sorrow,
Bringing you love cap in hand.
Catching breath as he looks through the dining-room window:
candle lit table for two has been laid.
Strange slippers by the fire.
Strange boots in the hallway.
Put my cap on my head.
I turn and walk away.


Trash panda and trash boat
Jun 19, 2019
"Hope that we feel this way forever,
You can plan a pretty picnic, but you can't predict the weather." - Outkast
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