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FB 10/12 - How to build trust

Discussion in 'Christian Weston Chandler' started by MoogleVoodoo, Oct 12, 2017.

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  1. I trust you Christine.

    Now where is Q&A 2?
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  2. Building trust to Chris is giving out every embarrassing hurtful truthlevel piece of information you can humanly think of to a complete stranger.
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  3. It seems that everytime makes a Facebook post trying to show off his wisdom towards basic life principles, something happens within a week to show his utter ineptitude at that principle, making an ass out of him.

    Of course there’s already enough documented proof to immediately disprove any notion that he has any grasp on any life principle, let alone the ability to lecture others upon it.
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  4. You can trust me Chris. We should face to face some time.
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  5. Chris is a great problem solver. Remember that time he figured out where to put the coffee maker so it could be close to an outlet yet still close to a source of water? He solved the fuck out of that problem.
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  6. A good way to earn trust with a woman from how Chris teaches us is when she says don't touch her go right for the motorboat.
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  7. sydnee saga when
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  8. If I remember correctly that one was actually Barb's fault. The house was so cluttered he didn't have much of a choice.
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  9. If I recall the true and honest information correctly, that one was actually Keurig's fault.
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  10. Chris seems to think basic human decency requires rewards. It probably has something to do with Barb's parenting strategy.

    Barb: "How many people did you try to rape today Chris?"
    Chris: "None."
    Barb: "YOU get a cookie!"
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  11. Words are powerful. Actions are even more so.
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  12. I don't know about building trust, but Chris sure knows how to destroy it.
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  13. Did Chris give out his Facebook password again? I can't believe someone would be this un-self-aware.
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  14. Not really. Chris plugged an extension cord into the bathroom then ran it through top of the door where it would become damaged and frayed whenever someone used the bathroom. It's worth noting that at this time his bedroom was unoccupied and most likely had plenty of outlets. Barb is the main reason the fire shot up like crazy though.

    Barb provided the fire hazard and Chris provided the fire.
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  15. kiwifarms.is
  16. OMG someone needs to convince him to do makeup reviews!
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  17. You know what builds a lot of trust? Having the weens hack into your lover's Facebook account from idiotically signing onto the farms knowing you're practically one of the main targets.
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  19. One way to build trust is to promise to have a Classic, CWC Original Rugby Shirt professionally repaired, then (after talking to real alterations experts and the like) make a True & Honest video if you sewing it together with your soft lil hands.

    Also, Sydnee, whoever you are, I love you. As a friend. But I still love you.
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  20. More Solid Advice From Chris.
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