Sonichu FB 6/11/17 - Chris Apologizes Very Much - and wants your fan art

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I don't give a honk.
So a long time ago, I found a certain Sonic picture, I recolored it yellow and showed it to the chat, about 10 alterations later we got this beauty.

GV 998

I wonder what sparked this?

Also, he's giving free reign for original characters, donut Steele to be considered canon? This seems uncharacteristic of Chris.

I disagree. It's very characteristic.

I will give him credit. He has been doing good drawing the comic, so far. However, his laziness is starting to kick in. He is ALREADY getting tired of having to take time from his "busy" schedule to draw.

But then again...them sweet Patreon bucks...

So he wants people to make "fanart" and "Fanfics" that will be considered cannon to the storyline, submitted to him, of course, for final approval. And then you can be sure he would then put that on his Patreon as paid material for subscribers, even though he didn't make it. And of course, he wants it to be "fanart" and "fanfics" so he doesn't have to pay anyone for doing his work for him.

Pawning off responsibility? Reaping rewards he didn't earn? Sounds exactly like Chris to me

I'd like to take this moment to point out that his Patreon banner is stolen fan art, and at least 11 fucktards don't seem to mind (the 12th is strategically leaking premium pics here, so okay).

Chris goes to comic cons, right? Here's what I think is going on (excuse how long this is going to be):

Chris has demonstrated many times over the past couple of years that he doesn't understand how corporate sponsorship works. Example; his constant shilling for Blue Apron. Obviously a company has to approach a content creator to plug their product on whatever type of media they are producing. Web page, Youtube videos, comic books, whatever. The point is that the media content has high enough viewer-ship of the types of audience that the marketer wants to reach out to. This is why so many high subscriber Youtubers now shill for junk like Loot Crate, or Crunchy Roll. They get paid to do it based on their already existing success at reaching out to lots of people. Chris reaches no one besides us, and no company on Earth would want him as a spokesperson, unless they are using him as the face of 'why we need eugenics'. He doesn't get this, and sees Youtubers constantly stopping their videos to say, 'hey, how about that!?'. He's aware enough to know that they get paid for saying that, but isn't aware that they had a contract to say it first. So Chris plugs products in his dumb videos hoping he'll somehow get money for it. That, or more dishearteningly, he just thinks that hearing content creators plug products is what audiences want in their videos, and he's just imitating what successful content creators do.

Why do I bring up comic cons? Most comic cons are full of artwork featuring popular animes, comics, video games, and cartoons. Almost all of this artwork is made by people who don't work for the company or studio who own those franchises. Sometimes the artwork is made by very local artist who market it as fan art that you can just so happen to buy prints of. Lots of money changes hands at cons selling this unlicensed artwork. It's actually a bit of a problem, and some cons don't allow it, but almost all of the big ones do. I hypothesize that Chris, who attends cons, has seen lots of fan art being sold and now wants in on that money. He may think that the original creators of those franchises get their cut of the sales, and he sees this as a way to expand Sonichu into a lucrative source of income without ever having to hire employees, or invest any of his own startup capital. Little does he know that this is all unlicensed artwork, and most content creators consider this art theft. If this is what he's planning he will never see any money from it.

Patreon is pretty lenient on its creator obligations, because in reality Patreon is just an online tip jar. However, if he's thinking that he can use fan art to buff out his Patreon in order to meet his obligations I'm certain that even Patreon would eventually shut that down. All it would take is one of those fan artist to make a claim of art theft, and Patreon would step in.
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