Money Financhu Crisis / Chris sells his stuff megathread -

What's your favourite Chris excuse for wanting money?

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This thread is for short begging updates and announcements of Chris selling random stuff of his. If an update contains new information (i.e., if Chris or Barb get sued again, or Chris comments about his strange life views), feel free to make a separate thread.

Major Updates

10/1 - Chris makes an Amazon wishlist.
8/23 - Barb's blankets for sale
8/22 - Barb-autographed Snorlax plush
8/19 - Selling Barb's autographs
7/14 - Barb begs for ebay sales to cover a trash bill
6/20 - Chris offers "JULAY!" autograph for $150
6/13 - Chris begs for 400 dollars to go to a gaming convention
5/9 - Chris scrounges up the money to make his mortgage payment. Blames Seterus for being "Shitty Money-Gouging Assholes."
5/8 - Three videos - Barb and Chris beg for mortgage money, Chris begs for sales, Chris stresses over risk of foreclosure. Chris offers a celebrity visit with him for $500.
5/1 - Chris whines about his Patreon backers reducing their pledges, offers an extra Sonichu license plate on ebay.
4/23 - Chris lists porn drawings, including shecameforcwc, for $1,000 (it is sold the following day). Also claims a bill collector is after him and he has until the 27th to pay up,
4/17 - Chris begs on video. Later, a fan gives Chris the money he wanted to attend BronyCon. Chris thanks him (video).
4/16 - He admits he wants money to buy a ticket to BronyCon.
4/14 - Chris offers the Amnyfest high school ring for sale
4/13 - Chris sells off more stuff / Video (Buy Right Now from ebay)
4/9 - Video (Barb begs, says they want money for mortgage bills)

All eBay listings from this year

Stats on Chris's Patreon
Ironically, his Patreon income has hit its highest levels during 2018 - he received $770 in April, for instance. (

Dubbed the Financhu Crisis, the display of poor money management by the Chandlers has been going on for years now. This thread picks up from April 9th, 2018, in which Barb appears on-camera to beg for the 7th time.
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Chris should have turned off comments for that video.



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It's been speculated before that Chris is manipulating his mom into doing these videos for our sympathy, but I'd bet that it's at least 50% Barb's idea. And that the money ain't going to their morgage. Or her teeth.
Also goodness gracious Barb looks horrifying. Not as horrifying as some past videos since she looks a little less skeletal.

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