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Money Financhu Crisis / Chris sells his stuff megathread5/8 - Barb and Chris beg for mortgage money

Discussion in 'Christian Weston Chandler' started by The American Hedgehog, Apr 9, 2018.

  1. image.jpeg Why did he take all his eBay posts down?
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  2. I don't think Chris would've taken them down willingly. Any guess is that either people reported all the crap he was selling, he got in trouble for the whole "$500 for 1hour of hangout time, more for a blowjob/anal", or dummy has finally collected enough money for the loanshark that was coming after his dumbass for not paying.
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  3. Sure he is now. But even if he was in the past, he let his duck's hunger for tom-tom blind him lol. Even if you ignore the outsider perspective, you shouldn't freely give your personal information (addresses/passwords/etc.) to people you don't know. That's all I'm saying. Engaging isn't the issue. Divulging is.

    And I realize you didn't say anything about friends. I was trying to make a point. Chris clearly wasn't doing very well in school (socially or academically). I'm not trying to put you on the spot, but by what metric was he doing okay? He didn't have friends, was failing classes, having outbursts, and it doesn't seem like he learned much. I mean if he didn't actually learn much from an academic standpoint, and didn't learn how to socialize, or live with his autism or be independent, etc. then what was the point? Sure, you could say that normal kids might fail a class, or yell at their teacher or something, but the difference is that they don't have autism. They've learned (or are in the process of learning) to socialize properly. They don't need to learn how to be independent or how to manage a disorder. There's a clear difference. My point this entire time is that Chris should have went to a special school. That's all.

    Because let's be real, mainstreaming Chris failed. Look at where we are. Look at where Chris is. The proof is in the pudding. And I'm not saying he'd be some upstanding member of society working a 9 to 5 had he went to a special school... I'm just saying maybe he would be better off than he is now. Even if he wasn't, there's no fucking way he'd be worse off. Because right now, he's pretty damn close to the bottom. And sure, while he might be e-famous (or rather, e-infamous), having an entire group on the internet fascinating with laughing at you doesn't seem like the road to a happy, healthy, productive life. Idk.

    As for the 'Song of Christian', "threatening" wasn't the best way to describe what I was trying to say. I more or less meant "expressing loud, agitated animosity". Because that's what he did. Calling it "grumbling" is a bit kind imo. He straight up goes off on his English teacher lol...


    And sure, it's all just meaningless speculation, I'm just a bit confounded when people say Chris didn't need to go to a special school, because I honestly think that was probably his best chance to have a semi-normal life, and I see no possibility that he could have ended up worse off as a result. It's just a strange stance to me, that's all.
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  4. Chris being egotistical is along the lines of little kids having a degree of unwarranted self-importance. Chris thinks he's the single player in a video game and everyone around him are NPCs. That's why he gets thrown off when people don't do what he wants/expects(remember how he would get fussy when strangers wouldn't pay attention to him out on the street).

    Anyone who has been in Chris' good graces long enough can tell you that he eventually starts making demands of you because he thinks friends should just do things for you just because. If you tell him no he gets fussy.
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  5. The idea that Chris was mainstreamed is just a myth. Mainstreaming doesn't involve letting people sleep through all their classes, or receive low passing grades for infantile work submitted as a senior. He may have been physically present in mainstream classes, but in reality what he got was simple neglect.
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  6. While that's true, I know some fucking idiots that graduated high school. Including a girl who thought Alaska was an island. I bet everyone knows a few people from their graduating class that couldn't find Australia on a map.
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  7. I guess where I am coming from it at is this:

    The goal of mainstreaming someone with serious special needs is not that they learn to fit in and be virtually indistinguishable from the other kids. That was never going to happen with Chris. The goal is to put them in with everyone else, because in order to have any sort of success in the real world they are going to be thrown in with everyone else. The argument is that if they go to a dedicated special needs school, it can be hard for special kids to learn how to deal with situations that aren't specially catered to them.

    It didn't seem to work, but I am just not convinced that it was obvious at the time it wasn't going to work. Because the standard I would apply is "Is Chris largely overwhelmed, miserable, and disruptive?", which I don't think he was. He was able to function on a day to day level within a structure that wasn't created specially for him.
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  8. I think we are getting a little off topic here in regarding this thread. Anybody know anything about the Ebay situation?
  9. Since Bryan publicly gave Chris permission to sell the book, he'd potentially be in breach of contract if he suddenly changed his mind. However, I think a DMCA takedown notice would be at least temporarily effective in halting sales. If Chris chose to fight it, or ignore the DMCA takedown notice, then Bryan would have to take up the issue in court or just drop it and give up.
  10. Idk man. I disagree. Either way, it doesn't matter whether it was obvious or not. Hindsight doesn't suddenly make a mistake any less of a mistake.
  11. So, to get back to the original discussion that prompted this:

    I was arguing that Chris giving out his information wasn't the issue. He was catfished.

    Chris was not targeted because he was an easy mark. He was targeted because he was an attractive mark.

    If he was still Chris, but just smarter and less gullible, all that would change is that instead of taking two weeks to get in his good graces, it'd take six weeks.

    I say this because getting into his good graces quickly became more complicated than the cwcki lets on. The public documentation of christory doesn't clearly show the challenges involved. We obviously don't have articles on all the failed plans. Like the phone calls where he didn't pick up, for example. Or the phone calls where he calls us a troll and hangs up.

    Additionally, Chris switched up his defenses after each troll saga. People act like he kept falling for the same plan. Not true.

    Chris fell for different plans each time, and each plan had to be increasingly more sophisticated or take new routes in.

    Chris is like a liquor store in the ghetto. First it was a really pretty storefront with fancy liquors. Then the locals start stealing all the expensive stuff; just snatch and run. Fuck it, just sell 40's. Now they're coming in and holding us up with shotguns. Ok, fine, let's get bulletproof glass. Oh, and now the guys we've hired to unload the trucks are robbing us. Fine, we'll only have family do that. Ok, great, now we're getting held up when we go to open the door in the morning.

    All better autism classes would've done is skip the first two steps.

    Like, after Ivy, you couldn't troll Chris without an IRL connection. Back when Bob died, I predicted that no one would be able to troll Chris anymore without having some sort of IRL connection. (Having a local friend meet him to verify you're a real person, or having met Chris before at church or some shit.)

    Heh, I was almost correct (almost all trolling plans since then have required an IRL component). The big exception has been Idea Guy, and that's mostly because I didn't predict that cwc followers would become autistic enough to throw thousands of dollars at Chris to solicit his attention.

    The lesson I'm learning is: never underestimate autism.
    Context man. That happened in 2017. Not 2007.

    By that point, every possible relationship he thought he had was torpedoed. Imagine being a 4x widower. I'm sure any guy in that situation would be cursing fate or god (or in this case, trolls) for fucking up his life. Not "our life", his life.

    Being pissy about being a 4x widower isn't selfish, it's fucking justified.
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  12. If he had better autism classes, he would quite possibly have been much less obviously abnormal on the Internet and therefore attracted less attention.

    It was the extreme level of his autistic behavior that attracted the attention in the first place, not the mere fact that he had autism. I really don't think he would have become legendary had he been even slightly more normal.
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  13. Agreed, although that's more of a butterfly-flapping-its-wings theory (but a pretty realistic one at that).

    I'm explaining what I know for a fact would've nipped this in the bud: the people in Chris' life being less incompetent.

    If Chris was still a weird motherfucker, but was smart enough to better identify trolling plans in the wild, it wouldn't have done him much good. Is my point.

    It's not Chris blabbering that he lives at 14 Branchland Court that did him in. It was him getting catfished. We would've gotten that information out of him anyway.
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  14. i would argue that this kinda behaviour for him has been consistent for his (attempted) sweethearts regardless of how many he's chatting up at a given time or his total e-body count, but ive only been really following chris for about a year myself (although i've known about him since around 2011) so although ive been reading in to his history im much less informed than most. a lot of his behaviour wrt sweethearts can also be caused by any number of factors, i do agree with you on your point though for sure.
    i still do believe though that given chris' history it's more likely that chris will end up too drained between trying to coerce more money off of people, dealing with what i must imagine are a fuckton of calls/letters/whatever, general laziness, too busy because playin with toys etc to give the same kind of affection that he so craves, and similar traits can be pretty consistent with autistic people
    it most likely wont hinder chris for too long however, if he gets a real life, tangible sweetheart who isn't a troll he'll soon realise that effectively you get as much as you give. he'll either catch on and start dishing out the sweet lovin' or he'll keep his love quest going for someone with even less self esteem who is perfectly fine with the mere notion of being with someone
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  15. But you're kind of missing my point... I'm not specifically talking about Chris being trolled, but about Chris's life in general. Maybe if he'd had a better education that allowed him to better deal with his issues he wouldn't have been found in the first place. It's a pointless thing to ponder, simply because it's unknowable, but I stand behind my initial assertion, if only because I'm an :optimistic: idiot: Intentionally withholding Chris from an education that could have taught him to function better in society was probably a huge mistake on his parents part.

    Like I said, maybe you're right. Maybe he would still be a lolcow. But maybe he'd also have friends, and relationships, and a job, etc. Maybe he wouldn't be in such a sorry position (even if he did still react like an idiot and fall for catfishing attempts). We can't know what would have happened (hence my continued stance that this discussion is kinda meaningless lol). I just feel that there's no way that he would be in a worse position had he attended a school like that. For all I know absolutely nothing at all would have changed...

    It just makes me wonder, you know? Where would Chris be if he'd been raised and educated better? Would he still be who he is today? Would he have a semi-normal life? It's an interesting topic.


    I'm gonna respond to this too, simply because that post basically sums up my entire point, but way more efficiently...
    My entire point is that you might not have ever found out about Chris in the first place. There are tons of weird motherfuckers out there, you know? If Chris had went down a different path and hadn't put himself out there so much, maybe he wouldn't have been discovered. If he hadn't started the love quest, I don't know if we'd be here. That's what I've been trying to say.

    You're right that the people in his life could have prevented this. But I'm of the opinion that if he had been raised/educated properly, there's a chance that he himself could have prevented all of this too...
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  16. The classes wouldn't have helped Chris because Borb wouldn't have reinforced the lessons they taught. It was easier to buy him a pack of cards or a video.
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  17. So just because Chris was convinced he was in some imaginary relationships that most idiots could spot as fake, he's totes justified?
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  18. I'm not sure you're following the conversation.

    The original complaint was "chris is being selfish because instead of complaining about 'our lives being ruined' he complained about 'his life being ruined'". If the issue was that the relationship was imaginary, neither one would make sense.

    The whole conversation was predicated on looking at the situation in-universe.

    The question is: in-universe, is it OK for Chris to say 'my life is ruined' vs 'our life'. I'd say yeah. If some guy lost 4 wives and the fifth died, saying "why does god hate me?" sounds a little selfish, but I can sympathize.

    That Chris is a tard and got into this situation in the first place is a different issue.
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  19. Also he has one of the worst voices in existence
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  20. My favorite posts are when @Marvin gives context and history into the background of trolling Chris. It's actually really fascinating to learn more about the psychology behind Chris autism, history, and how it shapes his behavior. Are there any trolling plans you wish had succeeded, which failed? Any moments when you were surprised by Chris acting genuinely smart, even for a brief second?
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