First concert - it's ok if mommy took you


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There are a few threads on the concerts you've seen and many members listed the first/only show. But I thought lets focus and list the first shows no matter how little you were. Let's set a tiny rule, post natal, lol.

If you wish list both first ever and first solo.

My first show ever, I was a tiny kid and saw Little feat. My mom told me as an adult, they just had my younger brother and smuggled 2 spare bottles of wine in knowing he was gonna sleep lol.

First solo show was a show I saw a few times before but the misfits.

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My first concert was a small show in Boomtown casino. After losing most my money trying to score tickets for prizes, I decided to get some food before we left and watched a local rock/country band near the game room perform late at night at the bar. I even recall security telling me I couldn't sit there because my age, but you I could stand, yes stand, near the children's area while I ate. And there were plenty of open tables for me to both sit and eat my late dinner. Fucking butt-much!

Thankfully Smash Mouth, Weird Al, and three, yes 3, Tesla concerts later were really fun! Out of the three mentioned I do prefer Weird Al, but it was nice having my friend give me of his winning tickets, then we partied two old drunk ladies while Tesla rocked the Ace of Spades!


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It was likely this singer, now an exalted figure in Hong Kong pop music (as well as one of my favorite singers in the world), then a saloon singer. I vaguely remember I offered her candy.

Yup, mommy took me.

As for the first concert that I bought my own tickets, it was Himekami in an arts festival. This, "Summoning the Swans", was the encore piece he played. I desperately tried to memorize this melody because back then I only had two or three of his albums.

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I went to Metallica when I was 14 (many years ago). Lamb of God opened for them. I got to mosh with some big ass biker-looking guys (way bigger than I was and they all had some huge beer bellies). One biker guy grabbed me in the mosh pit and said "Kid, you sure you can handle this shit" and I said "Hell yeah". My dad took me there, but he helped me sneak down onto the floor (find the laziest looking security guy, there's always a few) with the hardcore fans. Shit was great.

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my first real concert was panic! at the disco and weezer on their tour back in 2016 (my reason for not going to any big ones before that is because well, crowds and sound. oof) there were some gigs i saw before that but we don't talk about those.