First concert - it's ok if mommy took you


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My mom took me to an OAR concert when I was in high school.

I loved it, not least because the music was genuinely fun to listen to.
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It's great, it's crack, it gets you really high.
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either the Christian musical act Carmen, or some other christian group like Plus One (it was a family gathering)
Only Carmen I still remember vividly

First I have fond memories of is Weird Al

My absolute favorite is either Kenny Loggins or Roger Waters The Wall tour
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Dinosaur Jr. When Green Mind came out, 91-92 time. Mascis was a mess, a few songs got abandoned. They played a few blinders nonetheless.

Bonus trivia: Boo Radleys were the support act. They played their socks off,

Dutch Courage

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Simon and Garfunkel free concert in Central Park, New York, Sept. 19, 1981. I was a high school kid then.

This was my little Woodstock experience. Well, mine and couple of hundred thousand others'.

My first paid concert ticket was Bob Dylan, Meadowlands Arena, New Jersey, Oct. 27, 1981

(I could find no video of that, but this is from the same year)

And yes, old guys can navigate the internet, kids. At least some of us can.

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Enema-era Blink-182. My dad took me.

A lot of parents dragged their brats out due to the swearing and dick jokes, but my dad thought it was hilarious.
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My older brother took me to see Bush with The Toadies and Hum in '95.

My first solo was a Halloween concert in '98 with Sevendust, Machine Head, Chevelle and Orange 9mm.
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It was either Doomsday Festival or Rock am Ring in 2000, I forget which was first. I was around 16 and my brother and his university friends took me and my friend in a camper van. They were going to take me previously but this was the first time my parents allowed it.

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My mom and grandma took me to see Raffi when I was 4 or 5 and I still remember it vividly. My first big boy concert was Godsmack.

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